Nazis (the far right) and the end of the world

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September 27, 2019

This is the Truth underground, a place where both the "good" and the "evil" can confirm where they are in Life or death. Our common destiny is mass doom; the end of the world is well underway. Nature's punishment for our enormous sins of inhumanity against man (loveless abuse, cruelty, murder and genocide) is that we all go down to a horrific end of endless lies, slander, war, starvation, toxification, disease and genocide.

Nazis are on the rise and "here to stay" until the death and destruction of people and Nature that they personify is accomplished, i.e. the end of the world, or the virtual mass extinction of all Life on Earth.

Xenophobic Nazi mental dwarves and spiritual cripples can't see the forest for the trees. To be cursed at conception and birth with soullessness (not granted a soul by Nature due to having one dishonorable parent -- a curse called "the sins of the fathers") is to be doomed to a loveless, morally retarded existence. They degenerate who are blind to humanity's unity and who fearfully resist that Truth futilely trying to maintain a status quo that MUST ALWAYS CHANGE. To resist the inevitable apolitical reality that the white race will be the persecuted minority in Europe, North America and Australia is to figuratively be a "mentally disturbed person who fears anyone 'different'" (we're all the same inside, and essentially good however evil we are) and who seeks the "protection" of other Nazi mental cases. The intolerance response is to be an outcast or loser without any hope for a "normal life".

The minds of racists, terrorists, fascists or Nazis, bereft of the power of a Soul of Love, are subject to all manner of egoistic illusions regarding what they believe is Love or Life; they are vulnerable to any propaganda regarding what ignorant soulless "leaders" believe Life is, and what a worthwhile "life" (propagandized as murder of "enemies", false "jihad", suicide bombings, virgins in the afterlife, etc). In other words, Nazis' minds have no protection at all from ALL MANNER OF RUBBISH. In other words, racists will believe virtually anything they are told. Hitler's henchman Goebbels raved at huge crowds, and scorned them as fools for, I paraphrase, being ready to do anything he said.

Nazis, doomed from their conception as defective, incomplete beings, go down into delusion and madness. "Those that the gods would destroy they first make mad". False pride and a "pretense of normality or superiority" are also compelled in Nazis. Nature stacks everything against "evil" people, who are not meant to be conscious of their deplorable condition, and the "evil" always look like ridiculous clowns to "good" people, who can easily spot Nazis' obviously insane and immoral agendas. "By their works ye shall know them". Trump's ridiculous clown show always comes to mind; e.g. changing the weather map with a sharpie. LOL forever.

And when the fear and rejection of others turns inevitably into verbally or physically aggressive confrontations, such evil (racism, slander, dominance, violence) receives an equally evil karmic reaction. Humanity's eternal hopelessness is guaranteed by the karmic law of action and reaction.

For example, take the Antifa (anti-fascist) response to Nazis. The Antifa members are just another Nazi group themselves in reacting to evil with resistance; even if it may be nonviolent, it always tends toward violence, and verbal violence is enough to start a deadly conflict. I cannot condone the fascist-antifascist dynamics, but I understand it, because both groups are weak and compelled to do evil. "Resist not evil" (Christ) -- because an evil response to evil never helps. It's the group mentality or influence that is so dangerous. I'm a journalistic Nazi hunter, but I would never join a group who have no real idea of what they are up against (monsters), or what they themselves are (monsters), or the inevitable escalation into monstrous behaviour.

Nazis are "subhuman monsters" without any respect for their own and others' Divine nature. For any human to be ignorant of what they essentially are is a serious and punishable crime in itself, but there are few who can exemply what it is to be a human (spiritual being) and almost no one who actually knows what a human being is. Humanity has two sub-races: human beings with Souls; and subhuman beings or monsters without souls. The vast majority are members of the subhuman race.

Nazis are always on the highway to hell. There is no point in talking to monsters, and to face off with and yell at them is just plain stupid. Groups always intensify any evil thoughts or behaviour in their members; this is why all organizations, religions or other groups of people are inherently evil. Opposing or antagonistic groups' dynamics sets them up to eventually start murdering each other; it's only a matter of time and circumstances. I am "safe" from the Nazis in my own country because I'm not a joiner and don't attract their attention. Being a natural loner who disdains all forms of mass mindedness, I can write objectively and share Truth with the greatest power there is, The Power of the Word. My Nazi hunting is "easy" because Nazis and their followers (lower case "nazis") are everywhere. They are all the plague of insanity that accompanies the end of the world, which is slow but sure, and may take as long as 600 more years. If we survive, the year 2650 is the approximate time when China will be fully established as the next world empire of destruction; however, before that the human race could be wiped out by Nature's destruction and a global war between the corporations and the people.

Some wiser heads might write as I do, but most could get into politics as a way of trying to keep the monsters in check. Politics failed to keep Hitler and Trump out of power, however. The political developments in Denmark are noteworthy. A response that only the wisest recognize as valid is to flee any area or country as soon as possible after the people there are evincing significant racism. Too few Jews made any real attempt to flee WW2 Germany because they didn't realize how much danger they were in. The Jews also had other bad karma, but that's another topic.

The white Nazis (there are Nazis of color too) can't see the real "enemy" of all of us -- corporations and parasitical billionaires who hoard the wealth of the people they exploit -- with the endless list of their crimes perpetrated against humanity in the unified and inseparable realms of human rights and environmental threats.

I consider a preference for one's own race to be a serious curse. Where I live, I feel that the need of expats to band together for support is pathetic. I'm a citizen of the world. However, I'm very wary, because Nazis and nazis are everywhere. Nazis are criminal misfits who can never know Life; have no moral sense; and the majority of them are worthy of a nice comfortable cage for life, with kind treatment and everything they need. Nazis -- of every race, nationality, religion or cult -- by their nature are outcasts that have no place in "normal" society.

If Nazis were as rational as some are now pretending to be -- "bending over backwards to try to justify their existence" -- a "rational Nazi" is an oxymoron -- they would do themselves and everyone else a favor by all living together in isolated communities. However, lacking real intelligence (which is spiritual and relative to Love), and always seeking power and influence over other weak minded types, I do not think Nazis are capable of such an honorable practice. Only "good" religionists seem capable of isolating themselves in a group. Nazis need cities in which they can find plenty of victims to persecute and inevitably murder. Lacking honor and self-sufficiency; preying on others, Nazis or the far right are like a figurative "pimple on the behind of humanity".

Racism or the intolerance of bigotry is the most deadly sin and crime there is, because of what it inevitably leads to, genocide. Racists are the lowest scum on the planet. I don't say that with hatred; to me, it's just a fact and a basic Truth of Life, and it's always good to speak the Truth if one's life is not at risk in doing so. For those who represent the Truth, however, there are no guarantees.

Racism is a far worse curse than pedophilia, which is a compelled sexual preference for others 11 years old or younger. Pedophiles do not choose to prefer or love children, they are compelled to by what I believe is an imbalance or natural retribution of Nature for the sins of their predecessors. Racism is by far the worst curse because it involves a complete lack of tolerance for and a complete lack of love and compassion for other humans simply because they are part of a different group.

Amongst pedophiles there are those who are termed "therapeutic pedophiles". Not all pedophiles become child molesters, and not all child molesters are pedophiles. As soon as a pedophile gets "hands on" with a child, they become a child molester; this judgment is Nature's way of making pedophiles pay for the "sins of the fathers". A non-offending or "therapeutic" pedophile is one who falls in love with children but NEVER gets hands on with them because they are too intelligent to allow themselves to do so. Such a pedophile typically keeps their "dyamics with children" entirely within the realm of fantasy, and therefore are more likely to be "safe from the law". There is no harm in fantasy, especially if it includes feelings of love.

Theoretically, cursed racists who have sufficient ordinary intelligence might also stay out of trouble by:

1) never joining a racist group or participating in anything online.

2) never making intolerant or racist statements in public, including conversations that might be overheard in restaurants, etc.

3) never having children, because their children are guaranteed to be soulless, and either being racist as well or having some other serious antisocial deficiency.

4) never becoming physically aggressive with their "compelled target race, religion, etc", and very cautious regarding getting hands on with anyone for any reason unless they are also racist and therefore "ideal as partners or friends".

The above is just theoretical, but I challenge any Nazi to at least consider it if not actually try it. However, the full price for being evil or a Nazi must be paid -- that means evildoers are LOCKED INTO THEIR BAD KARMA to the bitter end, symbolized by the injury or murder that is inescapable by anyone who starts a fight. I enjoy theorizing, but the awful reality is that it is Nature's IMPLICIT INTENTION to destroy weak and defective beings that Nature judges as unworthy of love and the beauty of Life FROM THEIR CONCEPTION. Babies with serious physical defects are frequently naturally miscarried or denied a place in Life. With people, however, Nature has a merciless scheme of slow but sure misery and destruction in many ways for the soulless or defective beings. No one whose predecessors have sinned greatly, especially in the abuse of others, gets away without paying the FULL PRICE for mostly the sins of their forebears.

About "radicalization" of terrorists/racists. Because terrorists or Nazis are so easily mind controlled, "side effect radicalization" is not anything that even France's Nazi government needs to worry about regarding their Muslim population (1 out of 4 people), even though their marginalization and neglect of Muslims is despicable. It doesn't matter who badly people with Souls of Love are treated, they NEVER become insane terrorists. The only people in the world who are easily radicalized; despicably used by terrorist leaders; and fully obedient to insane demands and expectations are those conceived WITHOUT A SOUL, which equates with WITHOUT ANY HOPE FOR ANYTHING FINE AND BEAUTIFUL IN LIFE WHATSOEVER. It's not the zombie suicide bomber's fault that they strapped on a bomb and murdered many. The fault is that of their morally bereft ancestors and all their crimes against humanity, and uncountable transgressions of the key law, The Great Law of Love. How are the wicked punished? Nature ensures they never receive a Soul, and therefore never know the greatest thing, Love, and its synonym, Life.

Angela Merkel has been called "the most evil woman in Europe" by a female Nazi critic. The truth is that Ms. Merkel's critic and her nazi followers are the most dangerous people in Europe. Election stats seem to indicate that one out of four Germans is a Nazi. I believe that the ratio of Nazis is higher, and that many Nazis try to conceal the truth about themselves, just as they all did post-1945.

Germany has yet to pay the full karmic price for the degeneracy and atrocities of Hitler's regime from 1933-45. The FULL PRICE will be revealed by Nature in time, but it currently includes the humiliation of all -- "good" and "bad" in Germany and other countries -- i.e. that Nazi monsters are once again on the rise. This is just one sure sign that the end of the world is unfolding quickly; such will not necessarily take a long time.

Lastly, an awful reality most of us are missing. There is the proverb "Big thieves hang little thieves". The United States is a Nazi country, just more devious and "secretive" with their mass surveillance; "classified" rubbish implying evil activity consciously known as such; and their persecution of Snowden and others. The image of the two Nazis Trump and Modi holding hands as they walked across the stage at the "Howdy Modi!" event in Houston attended by 50,000 dumbos! Was that two dictators who really wanted to gleefully skip together across the stage? Unforgettable. Nicolle Wallace's comment regarding some Trump rubbish I just have to add here: "Ten minutes of my life I won't ever get back".

Oh yes, the proverb derivation regarding WW2 is "Big Nazis eliminate little Nazis". The Allies were the Big Nazis. The dead always square off with each other to finish each other off, no matter how many die. Death, destruction and ultimate doom starts with one Nazi group. Impersonal and inhuman Nature approves of this without giving it a thought; the Law of Karma is simple: evil is returned for evil and good is returned for good. But good is generally always absent, so for our evil we all get what we deserve. "We all got it comin', kid". (Clint Eastood as William Munny in Unforgiven). The "bad" are going down, but the fewer "good" are going with them, because we are all one. The destruction of Nature (representing all our lives and all other beings) is just a symptom of our crime that Nature, being an inhuman principle, can never forgive. Our crime? Ignorance and sin, both to an unimaginable degree, with sin beyond the understanding of virtually all....
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