Are Google Nazis collaborating with the Chinese regime? YES !!

Thu 24 Oct, 2019 06:53 am
October 24, 2019

Hong Kong protesters using Bluetooth Bridgefy app
By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter
3 September 2019

Neither "how to contact hong kong protestors" nor "how to contact hong kong protests" produce any Google results.

This may mean that Google is now under the control of or furthering the censorship of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) -- i.e. possible CCP collaborators.

The HK protestors are using Bluetooth Bridgefy app to communicate without the internet, which CCP lackeys can monitor.

I just figured it out I think -- Perhaps the protestors wouldn't want to respond to a message from someone like me because their "cover would be blown".

Is it possible that the Hong Kong protestors are effectively unable to send or receive messages from people outside Hong Kong via the internet because of the CCP's pussy ass cyberbitches?

A possible next project for the global revolution's cyberheroes is seeing that China and its collaborating countries cannot connect to the internet. Just let them expire in the poison of their intranet's brainwashing, like North Korea. Decent Chinese people in China secretly not supporting the CCP will no doubt suffer because of their corrupt Falun Gong organ harvesting criminal government.

Fascinating! I was right! Found this from Aug 2 2018:


"Google has been condemned for supporting state censorship following reports that it is working on a mobile search app that would block certain search terms and allow it to reenter the Chinese market.

The California-based internet company has engineers designing search software that would leave out content blacklisted by the Chinese government, according to a New York Times report citing two unnamed people familiar with the matter. Such blacklisting would allow the company to reverse its move out of the country eight years ago due to censorship and hacking.


**** the bastards! I've known that Google was criminal for about 8 months now.

Google, you useless ******* "Nazis", block me from your piece of **** creation anytime. Hopefully you will become history in North America once the revolution gets to a certain point.

You know, Goognazis, this, that I won't bother reading, makes no difference to my condemnation:

Google's Secret China Project "Effectively Ended" After Fight

The fact that such a traitorous project was even started upon is enough for me to condemn you FOREVER, Uncle Googie. I'll use you you worthless bastard, but I believe millions of people will just "slip off into the night", including me, when some cyberfucker with morals takes your business.

All you activists feel free to shut down Uncle Googie's ops. Their apology will never cut it. Filth doesn't stop smelling after it apologizes.
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