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Sun 21 Feb, 2021 01:12 pm - [color=#000000] [img] [/img] [b]Egyptian Ba Holding Two Pairs of Eternity (Shen) and Life (Ankh) Symbols[/b]... (view)
Sun 21 Feb, 2021 12:59 pm - [color=#400000]February 19, 2021 Every word of this story is the truth and nonfiction; it may be unbelievable and weird, but welcome to my world. A 6800-year-old wise Liberated Soul I call... (view)
Sun 21 Feb, 2021 12:50 pm - February 2021: Book of verse etc. renamed from "father-kabir-lc" to "A Stormy Life" lc350 At seventy, reborn, he started climbing mountains; there are so few up there.... (view)
Wed 20 Jan, 2021 04:09 am - lc325 Think it's something and it's something; know it's nothing and it's nothing. Know Ram with every breath; keep out of the City of Death. lc326 Breathing... (view)
Wed 20 Jan, 2021 04:04 am - lc163 The ring of truth's resonance is felt with truths such as golden rule-- like nodding one's head with something said and thinking "That rings true." lc164... (view)
Wed 25 Nov, 2020 11:14 am - lc115 (supersedes older lc115) (... sung to the tune of Camptown Races.) Sarasvati farts all night, doo-dah! doo-dah! Farts so loud she gets a fright! Ho dee doo dah day! Gonna fart all... (view)
Mon 23 Nov, 2020 07:57 pm - lc131 Without Ram, Ram, Ram and breath, breathe, breathing? Chaos. lc132 Everything is in him, and he looks everywhere for it but there. lc133 Philosophers followed or... (view)
Mon 23 Nov, 2020 07:54 pm - lc1 The Angel's crying in the night next door was heartrending, but you cannot stop the fulfillment of karma. Luxin cries for the world. No one cries for me. lc2 The great... (view)
Sun 8 Nov, 2020 12:33 pm - [color=#400000]Attack, O Angels! Attack them this moment, right now! Grab your weapons and attack! They will never be like this again, so we must attack with mercy! We'll... (view)
Sun 8 Nov, 2020 12:18 pm - [color=#800000]Far away but very near An ageless Kitten sat; Very cute with tender paws And an ageless Kitten's hat; He was a god, lived in a cave, Now angels, fancy that! Cute little... (view)
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