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Tue 5 Nov, 2019 01:54 pm - Able2know's server is in San Francisco. There is far too little criticism of a2k, making it seem like a front for something. It could be run by the Chinese Communist Party, by CCP agents for... (view)
Tue 5 Nov, 2019 07:40 am - By the way, racism is not the mere viewpoint you imply it is. A viewpoint or concept can change over time, and deceptive, glib, yet always defensive "Nazis" (leaders) or "nazis"... (view)
Tue 5 Nov, 2019 12:58 am - Do I detect a little obtuseness? Yes. LOL. Do I detect confusion, with perhaps a little twisting of ideas (?) with the intent of discrediting? Jail for life or its more likely minor equivalent,... (view)
Sun 3 Nov, 2019 12:06 pm - In the thread "Is Eternal Punishment Just Punishment?", Jewels Vern wrote: [quote] There is no eternal punishment. Hell is a hole is a grave. Everybody goes there and there is no... (view)
Sun 3 Nov, 2019 11:23 am - Harvested alive - 10 years investigation of Force Organ Harvesting ... 362,813 views ... 27 May 2017 ... Deerpark Studios ... 1:02:52 The above... (view)
Sat 2 Nov, 2019 03:35 pm - This CCP Official Risked His Life to Defect: Interview with Chen Yonglin 56,724 views 11 Apr 2018 China Uncensored This video is a MUST SEE for... (view)
Sat 2 Nov, 2019 03:08 pm - Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom. 11,538 views 1 Nov 2019 Washington Post The United States... (view)
Sat 2 Nov, 2019 08:05 am - The dummy here is too obvious. (view)
Sat 2 Nov, 2019 08:01 am - Ms. Obama is a "nice" but shallow person with strong opinions, an interest in politics and justice, and a need to talk or debate for self-expression. Wrapped up in what are petty matters.... (view)
Sat 2 Nov, 2019 07:01 am - [b]harpazo wrote:[/b] [quote]Our standards of good and evil is VERY DIFFERENT from God's standards of good and evil. Infinite sin requires infinite punishment in terms of God. In hell, the... (view)
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