Epstein Death & Coverup & A. G. Bill Barr's Secret

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October 19, 2019

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Finding Epstein’s “Little Black Book”
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I believe that Bill Barr is "seriously off". His father, Donald Barr, was a libertarian who saw something in Jeffrey Epstein, and who hid some sexual goings on between himself and the students under his "care" at Dalton School from 1964-74. Donald Barr's pretense of morality was expressed in harsh, morally judgmental language that is typical of the sex obsessed deviant trying to cover up what they are doing behind the scenes.

William Barr undoubtedly has some secrets he will take to his grave regarding what his father and some students at Dalton were up to, but being very secretive, the truth may never come out unless someone says something, perhaps in a deathbed confession.

It's likely that William's "libertarian turned dominant authoritarian "Nazi" father Donald was a child molester (age 18 is supposedly the age that a child becomes an adult), and Epstein came to know something about Donald.

Bill Barr is likely a victim of child sexual abuse from either his father or fellow student(s). As perpetrating child abuse or being a victim of child abuse consistently runs through every generation of a family with a history of sexual abuse, in accordance with "the sins of the fathers" in the Old Testament, Bill Barr could be a child molester himself. My intuition and knowledge tell me this assessment is a given.

Freakishly, William Barr has gone from one Donald father to another Donald he clearly wants to defend "to the death", Uncle Trumpy. Corrupt Barr is actually a "Nazi" simpleton who has always been greatly overrated by many of those who knew him long ago, and who are all basically shocked in what seems to be a change in him.

Regarding Bill Barr's mental state: He has a morbid streak in him that showed in a fireside interview, in which he spoke of his conviction that because we all die, it doesn't really matter what we do. I came across this thought in one other person -- basically a derelict who had no respect for himself or moral standards.

I don't share Barr's amoral view at all. Our lives are defined by our moral principles, our standards of conduct or speech. Without ideals and principles, the highest of which is Love, a human is nothing but a worthless degenerate, a subhuman with far less love in them than any of the lower creatures.

Billy Barr went from a sex deviate father Donald to a predator-in-chief father figure Donald.


Regarding The Young Turks video, I agree with Nick Bryant. There must be a coverup because, according to Nick, no indictments of Epstein's enablers (Ghislaine Maxwell, etc.) or associates (Prince Andrew, whose Mommy Queen Elizabeth affirms was always on his best behaviour), Donald J. Trump, etc. have been made.

Nick is encouraging all the "Me too and related" folks to remind those on the case that indictments of the wealthy perp-victims of Epstein's child sex alleged blackmail operation WILL ALWAYS BE VERY MUCH REQUIRED and near the top of the United States' legal body's list of TOP PRIORITIES.

This means lots of pressure, postings, youtubes, facebook crap, and REGULAR public demonstrations for YEARS TO COME until the coverup wall shows signs of CRACKING.

I can't pretend to care about any of the people involved, however, including the victims who a judge oddly decided weren't worthy of any payments, funds for which are probably available in Epstein's estate. Or did the bulk of his money go to that couple of people mentioned some time back?

All I'm interested in is seeing the OBVIOUS COVERUP NO. 2 (there was already COVERUP NO. 1 some years ago) being a HUGE MATTER OF PUBLIC PRESSURE on all involved, and most especially, in my intuition informed opinion, a thorough FBI investigation of:

Attorney General of the DOJ William Barr, a very secretive, lying, cruel and malicious hypocrite who believes the death penalty is good for crime, and wrote a 1992 report arguing for an increase in the United States incarceration rate.

If I was involved at all, I would advocate that the world incarceration rate should be increased to possibly 90% of the world's population (my deadly serious joke), but the death penalty advocates are all "monsters" like Barr, who has a pretense of religiosity but hypocritically ignores the Bible's commandment "Thou shalt not kill".

To me, the most interesting thing about Mr. Barr is the following, quoted from the wiki of his father, Donald Barr:

"He was headmaster of the Dalton School from 1964 to 1974, when he resigned [at age 53], citing conflicts with the board of trustees.

During his time at Dalton, Barr is alleged to have hired Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher despite Epstein having dropped out of college and being only 21 years old at the time."

Epstein was not qualified to be a math teacher.

Some excerpts follow from the Vanity Fair article of October 2019 which talks about some sexual goings on at Dalton School and William Barr's conflicted "libertarian turned Nazi" Dalton headmaster father Donald Barr:



"the headmaster called an assembly and decried the women students who were seeking permission to wear slacks to class. “The rule was that you could not wear pants unless it was below 20 degrees outside,” she said. “Mr. Barr stood up and told the assembled high school, ‘Your desire to wear slacks is masturbatory ego gratification.’ ”

"A charismatic teacher who had skipped several years in high school, Epstein often walked through school wearing a long fur coat.

One former Dalton School student who knew Epstein remembered, “It was a time in New York—the ’70s—when everyone was sleeping with everyone. Several of the teachers were openly carrying on with students and they would go to parties together. Jeffrey Epstein was the least of it.” (Epstein, the financier, was later convicted of sex crimes. When he hanged himself in a federal prison this past August while awaiting new sex-trafficking charges, it was William Barr, overseer of the federal prison system, who immediately called for an investigation. Barr recently claimed he hadn’t made the Dalton-Epstein connection until he read about it in the press.)"

Donald Barr, it turned out, was no Mr. Chips. He was a remote presence, according to alumni. Early on, his time was taken up recruiting boys for the upper school. “I was considering going off to boarding school,” recalled Steven Slon, Jonathan Slon’s brother, now the editorial director of the Saturday Evening Post. “I went up to visit Andover. Meanwhile, my parents went to meet with Donald Barr. He said, ‘Don’t send Steve there. There are a lot of homosexuals who prey on boys there.’ My parents laughed it off.” Nonetheless, Slon stayed at Dalton, and during his freshman year Barr called an assembly to decry an episode in which two boys had been found having sex. “I remember how outraged he was and said to all of us, ‘This disgusting horrible thing has happened. Unnatural acts were performed.’ ”


Soon after Donald Barr left Dalton, he surprised many who knew him by publishing Space Relations, an odd sci-fi novel which imagined the kingdom of Kossar, a hellscape where power, drugs, and boredom have turned the ruling caste into vicious sexual predators. The hero, John Craig—“a rising young Earth diplomat” who is captured and enslaved—eventually triumphs, restoring virginity and monogamy to the colonized.

William Barr recently confided to an associate that he has never read the book, even as he pointed out that it was part of his father’s personality to be a renegade, often using earthy phrases to provoke—such as “the sneeze of the genitals.”

Barr was also said to have noted that of all the lessons he learned from his father, the most overriding one was the fierce pride he took in being a contrarian. Barr would later tell one colleague, “My father once said to me that we have been used to being different and it doesn’t bother us at all. I have always been in situations where I had no problem being politically different. I don’t govern my life by polls or by what other people think about what I do.”

Indeed. This, then, is the same Bill Barr who once argued that President Johnson, not Congress, had the overriding authority to determine the military course of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Twenty years later, during the Iran-Contra crisis that rocked Ronald Reagan’s second term, Barr, then a White House policy adviser, voiced the view that administration members should be granted pardons for their roles in the ill-fated arms-for-hostages deal. As assistant attorney general and then A.G. under George H.W. Bush, Barr pushed back against a proposed independent probe of Bush insiders, earning the epithet “Coverup-General” Barr.


I see. Punishment and death for poor criminals in prison, and pardons and privileges for wealthy corporate "Nazi" criminals.

Does that mean you have condemned yourself, Billy the Hun?
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The many "monsters" among us who figuratively "feed on each other" are the dead (spiritually dead). Some of them like Barr seem to want to be caught. To do the right thing -- to uphold democracy and cancel the power of wealthy tyrants or "Nazis" -- the "enemies" of the people -- we should not stop until an impossible task has at least begun: every known corporation collaborating, ruined and unrehabilitatable "Nazi" is sitting in a nice comfortable jail cell for life with absolutely NO CHANCE of parole, and receiving all the kindness and conveniences their minders and visitors can give them.

The immoral "death penalty" that "Nazis" wish on the "poor" dead is an inappropriate escape from the suffering Nature allots to both "Nazis" and their "nazi" followers and victims. Advocating the "death penalty" is also a way that mind poisoning "Nazis" unconsciously try to drag down "good" people to their inhuman level. No human being or subhuman being should ever be killed for any reason. We are all sacred beings, and some of the most interesting beings are the subhuman death angels; i.e. subhuman beings, symbolized by Lucifer, from whom we must typically learn about evil the hard way, or be badly influenced by that evil.

Mind, particularly the degeneration of mind that is evil itself -- or mind cut off from its sources of goodness -- spirit, Soul and Conscience -- through no fault of any person but due to our ignorance of ourselves and Life -- is the final frontier. However, there is now no hope for humanity because of our ignorance and horrific sin over the ages which ensures us an enormous and horrific karmic penalty. Monty Python's 16-ton weight falling out of the sky onto our heads is a figuration of the environmental abuse disaster that will no doubt bring life on earth to an end. There is no need to look too deeply into evil, however, because such is antithetical to Life, and Life or Love is for the living. Doom, gloom, hopelessness and the many abuses of corporate "Nazis" are with billions of us now, but if a person has real Love in their heart, and perhaps the blessing of a sense of humor, this may be proof that the human race may get another chance in the future after this collective life is over.

Whatever it takes to hound the dead to their graves, fine -- this is what Nature/God wants for "monsters". It's fine to fight for the rights of "monsters'" "victims", who are also the dead, those that are too weak to resist the abuses of perp death angels like Epstein, Barr and Trump. In a real world, neither the perps nor their victims would exist, but we'll never have a real world now. A few individuals with a Soul of Love and an evolved discrimination of good and evil are protected from spiritual death at their conception.

However, if you know you are a "good" person, Nature always presents you with a choice of doing the right or wrong thing at every stage of your life. If you're not ready to or fail to do the right thing, your Conscience will always remind you of your failing, ensuring your suffering. One's Conscience is the greatest, most powerful judge on the planet -- no human judge can ever issue as fearful a judgment as the sentence passed by one's own Conscience. It's better to do the right thing even if it seems impossible to do, because it's better to die than to be a corrupt servant of evil.

Those who are generally always compelled to do the wrong or wicked self-serving thing are the dead. A perfect example is Uncle Trumpy, who puts on an entertaining show of ostensible humanity, but who is a vicious liar and cowardly subhuman who could not do the simplest thing involving a human being and moral judgment properly if his life depended on doing that thing.

It's a "good" person's determination to do the right or moral thing that may bring them closer to happiness ("happiness is morality"), or at least Self-justification. Standing against and condemning (but best not to their faces) the legion of death angels -- most notably Trump, Hitler, Bolsonaro, Putin, Charles Koch, Stephen Schwarzman, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Kim, Erdogan, el-Sisi, Modi, Xi, Carrie Lam, Jim Jordan, Barr, Pompeo, Miller ... -- is to stand for the right and represent a force for good.

Pity but have no sympathy for slimy characters like Barr who neither know nor value the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and don't care to know; these are dangerous parasites.

The last word is Nancy Pelosi's regarding Bill Barr: "He's gone rogue".
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