Trump/Cummings: "no YOU'RE racist!"

Reply Sun 4 Aug, 2019 01:34 pm

I want an apology as well since livinglava didn't have the ability to comprehend my earlier posts and then made claims against me!
Perhaps whatever schools educated Lava should issue all of us an apology!
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Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2019 02:27 pm
neptuneblue wrote:

Maybe for you, but I refuse to think of humans as cattle or chattel. Evolving from those ideals require a little bit more sophistication from what you portray.

Step up or step out. Your choice.

The expression, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink," implies nothing about human similarity or dissimilarity to animals.

What it means is that you can offer opportunities but you can't force others (human or animal) to take advantage of those opportunities.

E.g. you can publish really good online information and you will still get people who prefer to debate about the quality of the information instead of making use of it.

In the case of this thread, there was an opportunity to discuss what Trump and Cummings meant by calling the other racist, but that opportunity was forsaken.

Apparently, people would rather engage in partisan bickering that averts real discussion about an issue, in this case what racism means to different people when they apply the term.
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Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2019 02:29 pm
izzythepush wrote:

These aren't prejudices, you weren't pre judged, these are honest opinions based on the fascist drivel you post.

The mere fact that you would summarize everything posted by someone as "fascist drivel" already constitutes prejudice.

You're simply not taking things on a post-by-post basis. You are generalizing in order to avoid considering each post separately.

That is the exact same logic as avoiding considering individuals separately because you are prejudiced against them categorically.
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