Ever wonder where the snot comes from?

Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2018 10:45 am
I don't believe you were just "asking"

You were wanting to continue to some inane comparison between a torture and drowning, and doing something more or less like gargling.

You close off your damn throat, just like when you gargle or don't want to swallow something, and no water drains into your stomach or lungs and so the saline solution flows through one nostril, through you nasal sinuses, and out the other nostril. When you're done, you blow your nose. It's not like on various Youtube videos that show huge amounts of gunk and snot pouring from your nose. Unless you are really sick, it's gonna be just water coming out the other nostril, as it's just loosening up what in there, and the weight of the water in your sinuses helps bring down any stuff when you blow your nose. The entire process, both nostrils, takes about one minute total or less, plus a good nose blow a few minutes later.

You don't choke, or feel pain, think you're dying, or die.

about a minute later, you bend over, and when you feel the water coming out of your nostils from your sinuses, you blow again.

It's much less dramatic than you seem to imagine.

Just watch from :30 to 1:00

It covers the whole thing realistically.

Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2018 01:56 pm
I was asking for an explanation. I got all I needed from Beth, thank you very much. What you came up with was ridicule for not having tried something that sounds very much like a form of torture. Thanks for your contribution.
Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2018 03:22 pm
Come on roger, get real. It’s not like this was something you couldn’t have found out months ago, but mostly there was absolutely no reason for you or anyone else to seriously ever think this was anything like torture, or that it sounds anything like water boarding. Yeah, I was ridiculing you. Was I supposed to deny it? Ridicule is related to ridiculous.

I don’t believe for an instant you ever had any confusion, or were even remotely seriously thinking these 2 things were anything alike.

You’re uncomfortable with the thought of putting saline up your nose, so you want to make it into something horrendous or at the very least just awful.

Give me a break.
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