I told my bisexual crush I love him

Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2019 09:28 am
I told my bisexual crush I love him. He acted nervously, said it is not a problem for him. Then we hugged, what should I do now? (he knows that I am gay, and we were close to kissing many times.)
Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2019 04:16 pm
This is why confessions of love are not where you start.

But you can't take it back now, so you've got to move forward.

How? By asking him out. For a soda. Be friendly. No confessions, no handholding, etc. Just two guys having a soda. When the sodas are done, tell him you had a good time (if you did) and then say, "Let's make the next one a real date. Are you free Saturday night?"

And see what happens.

Maybe he says yes and you start dating. Maybe he says he's flattered but he can't for whatever reason.

You will never know unless and until you ask.
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