she wears ex husbands ring?

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well hello
New user here from Ohio been married 10 years needing some relationship advise,,if you have time to read i would appreciate feedback!

Thank you and have a freaking amazing day!

So my wife and I have had our fair share of problems in a relationship we have been married almost 10 years., there have been "incidents" where she has broken my trust and completely disrespected me as a husband.

I'm a very good man and I forgave her because I wanted to keep our family and well i was blind in love with her..her daughter became mine at 9 years old she's 20 now and shes my everything.. during our marriage my wife has mentioned more than once that she had sold her mother a ring when her and her ex husband were financially in need and she always talked about how she wanted this ring back, about a year ago her mother surprised her and gifted her the ring back,she was ecstatic and I was happy for her until she told me she designed this ring during their marriage and this was her wedding ring with her ex..which i was uncomfortable with.

(just a little backlog about 4 years ago it was revealed that she had been secretly talking to her ex-husband for months, text messages everyday, phone calls for hours..as soon as she recieved the ring she promptly took our wedding ring off and replaced it with the ring from her previous marriage,, she said it was prettier(about 2000 more prettier)everytime i looked at her finger i was hurt and angry i wouldnt even hold her hand.

I told her I couldn't take it,that it was completely disrespectful to me as a husband! she got angry saying it's just a ring and she designed it it doesn't represent their marriage.. she hasn't worn it in a couple months, but the marriage has not been good ive become tired of being treated badly,its been very distant, two weeks ago and told her everything I knew she had been hiding and that even though i knew her discretions all this time i stayed because i loved her and was in love with her but that i was tired of being run over and unappreciated and i had fallen out of love with her (believe me it wasnt easy but if you knew how much there was and how forgiving ive been) i told her she's been disrespectful to me and hasn't treated me as she cares about me at all! first time I've actually said everything i felt yet i wasn't mean and for the first time she acted like she understood and realized she was going to lose me, and things have been better the last week and a half great even.

Ttonight she asked me to take her to the jewelry store so she can get a ring from her dad sized. when we pull up in the parking lot and start walking up to the jewelry store she says oh I'm also going to get this one sized so I can wear it on my right hand, i look down and our ring is off and she's wearing the wedding ring from her ex.

I haven't said much at all to her since. she says she doesn't understand why have a problem with it,is she being naive or does she just not care?
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Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2019 04:54 am
If she has no idea that taking off your ring and replacing it with her ex's is problematic, then I got nothin'.

What did the people on the other sites where you posted say?
Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2019 01:53 pm
Suggest that she make a necklace or pin out of the ring she designed - then pick out a new wedding band for her.

This has little to do with the ex, and a lot to do with her taste in jewelry- IMO.
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Reply Thu 21 Mar, 2019 05:09 am
I always nag my husband to get me an idea of where to keep my rings and necklaces. Maybe you will be able to get her something to do with gems?
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Reply Thu 21 Mar, 2019 03:59 pm
Taking off your wedding ring and replacing it with the ex's... God No!

Most likely scenario, it is a passive aggressive way of letting you know she is not happy with your marriage.

Other than the above, i got nothing?
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