How to talk to my crush!!

Reply Wed 5 Dec, 2018 02:29 pm
Ok so there is this guy at my school, he is two years older than me. He is gorgeous. I haven't really talked to him jet actually. I go to school by train, so does he and everytime I walk past him I can't help looking at him, but he looks at me too. And I know he does, even when I'm not staring. At school, in the corridors, on the playground. I have this friend, she's really pretty. Let's call her Emma. I am with her all the time, so at first I thought he just looked at her. Not at me, because even though I'm quite populair, and there are a few boys that like me, I really am nothing compared to her. And I now that, so why would he look at me when she is walking next to me? After all, he knows Emma's sister and he told her at some party that he thougt Emma was cute. So I was walking past him, again. But not with Emma, with another friend of mine. And he honestly just did the same. But this time his friend, i guess her name was Eve, came to us and asked us if we would like to take a picture with him, yes, with my crush. She said it was some kind of bet. He was standing behind her, he told me not to. He was all freaking out. He said things like 'No don't do it! Eve stop!' I was like 'What??' I didn't really said anything else. The girl, Eve, said; 'Yeah a picture, especially with you!' And she pointed at me. But he pulled her away from us and he was just furious with her. So I guess i could say that I'm pretty sure he is looking at me, and not at Emma. And that, at least, he has noticed me. I'm just a bit scared that he doesn't likes me at all, and that, in fact, he is making fun off me. That he doesn't think I am cool, but that he thinks I'm pathetic. A few days after that it seemed like he was avoiding me. I didn't saw him again. But now a few weeks have past. And everything is just back as before, like nothing has even happend. I really want to talk to him. You know, become friends, or maybe even more. But i have no idea how! I'm not sure that he even likes me! But it's killing me. I guess it would be simpler if he would stop looking at me all the time. I was considering to ask him to become friends with me on social media, it just seems so notdone beceause he is so much older than me? I don't know. I know this is all rediculous, but i really hope you guys have some tips maybe, I really want to get to know him. I'm sorry if my English is bad, haha. Thank you anyways x
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Reply Wed 5 Dec, 2018 03:18 pm
Just start off by saying "hello" to him. See where it goes.
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Reply Wed 5 Dec, 2018 03:58 pm
How about “What was that photo thing about from the other day?”
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