I saw my sister's profile on one of those matchmaking sites

Reply Wed 18 Jul, 2018 05:51 am
While doing my science homework last night, I came to this matchmaking site which I find interesting. I was busy browsing through its interface, even typed to search women by ID when I saw a profile very familiar to me. I opened it and found out that it was my sister. I was taken aback and surprised that my sister, who is very conservative and sensitive is part of a dating site! Should I tell my parents about this? Or should I just talk to her and tell her to remove her profile for security purposes. I need opinion from y’all!
Reply Wed 18 Jul, 2018 06:04 am
Unless your sister is 12 and trying to pass herself off as a woman seeking men, stay out of it.

Her life is private. And just because you feel men have privileges that women can’t also have, that’s no reason to get into her life.

Say nothing.
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Reply Wed 18 Jul, 2018 06:07 am
I agree. If your sister is over 15, it is definitely none of your business.

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Reply Wed 18 Jul, 2018 11:46 pm
How did you wind up on a matchmaking site while working on your science homework? I'm guessing your sister is older than you because if she was younger you would have talked talked to her yourself. If my younger brother was skirting dangerous site, I would have talked to him....I was alway protective of him. Calling a site a matchmaking site is nebulous.....I'm not accusing you of viewing verboten sites, but you mentioned you found a profile that was very familiar to yours. Depending on your ages...maybe your parents should know that both of their kids are online trying to meet folks. I don't know, but you should at least consider my questions. Here's a hint, I'm a mother whose children are adults, if one of my boys came to me to tattle on another.....I would really want to know how they came across the information, I certainly would want my children to be safe....but it might make me curious if one told me that they found the other involved in a 'risky' site..I know it' s hard to believe, but your parents remember what 14 or 15 feels like, you just don't know what its like to be 40.
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