My 12 year old daughter is into kitten play?

Reply Tue 5 Apr, 2016 03:14 pm
First of all, kitten play is a sub-genre of BDSM. Me and my daughter share a computer. The other day I logged into the computer and there was 6 tabs open, 1 tab was BDSM porn, 1 tab was her online diary, and the other 4 were youtube videos about kitten play. I do know she was going to run over porn sooner or later but not taking part of it. I had to look at her diary because I was so afraid of her well being. She has known about BDSM for about a year. My daughter is a very smart and the best kid I could ever want. She is a polite A+ student, she also helps me with chores around the house. I remember what we did on July 4th and I read her opinion on things.

Here is her entry from July 4th 2015
"July 4th 2015
Hello, I am sorry I haven t given an update in a while. I was in training for my future master. I cleaned my room, bathroom, dishes, and helped cook for my mother. I cannot wait until I am old enough to make my future master happy. Anyways it has been very hot and I cannot wait for the fire works in a little bit!!! I will update you soon Diary."

She owns cat ears and a tail.

I do not know what to do. Should I be supportive or tell her BDSM should not be done for kids her age.
For her birthday I got her a cat tail to match her ears. She seem s very happy when she got them.
Should I take away her gear? Please help me and I know it was invasive of her privacy to read her diary, I wanted to make sure she wasn t involved in any intercourse and she wasnt in danger.

Should I be supportive of her or tell her that it is wrong??
Tes yeux noirs
Reply Tue 5 Apr, 2016 03:38 pm
I have an uneasy feeling that you are a pervert who made all of this up for your own gratification, and that you typed it one-handed, if you know what I mean. Certain aspects of your post suggest this.
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Reply Tue 5 Apr, 2016 03:43 pm
Basil Boo is an odd name for a mother.
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Reply Wed 6 Apr, 2016 12:56 am
I'm betting a 48 year old plumber from Peckham, complete with beer belly.
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Tes yeux noirs
Reply Wed 6 Apr, 2016 02:14 pm
Quite a sicko to involve a 12 year old girl in his fantasy.
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Reply Wed 6 Apr, 2016 08:52 pm
Well, a 12 year old is a good explanation for all the stuff on the computer.
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Reply Wed 6 Apr, 2016 09:28 pm
I had to look up kitten play.

If this mother has bought her daughter a tail to wear, then she's aware there's a butt plug at one end of it.

Apparantly that's how it, um, attaches to the wearer.

All righty then.

A new marketing opportunity for me.
Reply Thu 7 Apr, 2016 01:18 am
A new marketing opportunity for me.

Reply Thu 7 Apr, 2016 11:28 am
I'm glad you could appreciate my humor in that FS.

However, not completely out of the realm of possibility..... Surprised
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Reply Thu 21 Mar, 2019 05:09 pm
Regardless if the post is true or not, i will say that it is very important that parents never demonize Children's sexual explorations.
You have to be firm about the fact that they are too young for that, but also reassure them there is nothing bad about it.
You would not let your child drive a car, but driving a car in general is not a bad thing to do, this is how it is, your just not letting them do it until they are older.
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