the dead end of polygamy

Reply Mon 30 Oct, 2017 12:49 pm
When someone chooses to accept the fact that they want to be polygamous and embrace that lifestyle.. does it deserve respect or disdain? If you want to be polygamous, but the socially accepted values don't allow you to be so openly without losing respect and connection with majority of population.. is it a sign of strength to still do what you think is right for you? Or is it a sign of weakness to not restrain your inclinations and instead stay with commonly accepted code of conduct?
PS: This question is a bit framed towards approving freedom of doing whatever you want in that regard. This was unintentional, and unfair to monogamy supporters. So I apologies, but I just don't feel like rephrasing it to be more neutral. So just bear with how it is..
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Reply Mon 30 Oct, 2017 02:55 pm
"they want to be polygamous and embrace that lifestyle."

Believe what you want. Just be sure your partner believes the same.

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Reply Mon 30 Oct, 2017 06:35 pm
In my opinion, the idea of a monogamous marriage is more and more out of place in modern society. The economic argument for marriage is no longer valid. Divorce is now pretty easy, and most people have several partners over a lifetime.

I don't see any problem with people having more than one sexual partner (although this isn't something that I would want). And people can form emotional bonds with whomever they want.

What is the point of turning this into a marriage?
Reply Mon 30 Oct, 2017 08:50 pm
After my divorce I was pretty jaded with the idea of marriage and thought it would be a good idea if marriage was a temporary contract. One year or five years or whatever. If not renewed by both parties, it would simply expire. Assets would be automatically divided and no hard feelings.
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Reply Mon 18 Nov, 2019 11:35 pm
You're literally allowed your own free right of speech, opinion and piece of mind. Polygamy is probably the best thing for people who just want to start in short term relationships with not just one, but several people to test the waters. It's all up to you, after all.
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Reply Sun 29 Mar, 2020 10:47 am
Personally? I'm more a fan of the rare practice of reverse polygamy... Where a woman takes more than one male lovers, just simply in the merit that one man can often be less emotionally stable than a group and the maturity of the group behaving as such with a singular focus allows for the people involved to more openly feel acknowledged.

As well in matters of romantic or physical affairs, the ability for several men to keep one woman satisfied is entirely more valid than the possibility for a man who comes from a culture with a predisposition towards the subversion of women's rights is statistically improbable with the Islamic practices of polygamy.

Dually with the methods of Hinduism and the practices openly disseminated in India, knowing that several men are trying to work together and (all the better if they **** eachother in their spare time) is equally likely to the last option.

I end in saying any group that comes together with a common goal and the ability to communicate honestly (no person or persons are disregarding of the others rights, wants or needs) allows for the practice to not only be more substantiated in reason but to be expanded upon as the necessity to mass produce the species has come to an end. (We can experiment a bit now)
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