My ex is ignoring me and cut me off

Reply Thu 22 Jun, 2017 08:53 am
My ex and I broke up about three weeks ago. When we were together, it was fun and we were happy, but the lack of communication between us when we were apart led to many unanswered concerns and insecurities. She's a very quiet person and there was so many misunderstandings because of lack of communication and so I eventually had to end it. The break up wasnt a disaster, but there was definitely disagreements and she ended up giving me a couple things back that I bought her. She made it known to me that she was going to delete me off of some social media because she said she didn't want to see me with anyone else. I said ok and stated that I hoped to be friends. I also said that I know asking for a friendship is a lot, but if we could at least be cordial bc we have mutual friends and maybe check in and see how each other is doing from time to time. I made it clear that I wasn't expecting to hang out and talk everyday. When we were on talking terms any time I brought up a friendship she would ignore he subject. We haven't spoken in the last two weeks and I had only sent two texts talking about how I missed our friendship and never received a response.

Is it fair to say that she wants nothing to do with me? I guess I'm just hurt that she decided to cut me off and ignore me without any sort of explanation or just saying she no longer wants me in her life. I respect her a lot and can never ignore her. Now I'm just lost and kinda down.
Reply Thu 22 Jun, 2017 09:50 am
You've broken up. That means the texting has to slow down if not cease entirely.

She is looking to make a clean break in order to get past the breakup. And you should, too - lay off the texting and cultivate other friendships.
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Reply Thu 22 Jun, 2017 09:52 am
Give her time. There is no upside to annoying her any further.

Give yourself some time. You need to get on with your life with other friends - and hopefully new people.

Stay busy - put away your devices for a while.
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Reply Thu 22 Jun, 2017 11:10 am
Usually when you break up with somebody that's it, over, finished, done. If you've expressed that you have an interest in maintaining a friendship then it's up to her if she wants to go along or not. No more texting or calls from you. If she wants to talk, she'll do it, otherwise accept that you broke up with her and this is what happens when you end a relationship.
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