What is a nationalist?

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I will add one thing. The scenario I present is a worse case scenario, but I admit I am not a prophet (although it remains to be seen if Trump can make me a profit) and therefore have no special powers to determine what will happen. So let me make my take on Trump a bit more nuanced..

My stance on Trump is that I want to avoid what his worst case scenario will present. So, as I have intimated before, IF I have a choice between hiring someone to do work for me that is like Trump, I'll pass thank you. His instability dictates this position, though I cannot say 100% that it will bear out. And the reason is precisely for his instability. But by its nature that instability may be helpful (as I see it):

- Trump was an ostensible democrat before any of this happened. Will those tendencies come to the fore now?

- Trump has no political experience - could that lack of experience work to the American people's favour? He ran his campaign essentially bragging about this..

- Trump has waffled on his right wing hard core promises; does that mean he ran his campaign solely to get the presidency and now that he has it, he'll basically do whatever he really feels? There is already hints of this.

- Am I wrong about Trump being a megalomaniac (any more so than other politicians) and he's really just a 'stern father figure'?

If it were up to me I would never risk that Trump will be 'just another president' or in this specific case, 'better than Hillary'. He is too volatile and too inexperienced. He also appears to be incredibly dense about complex subjects and as such has the potential to be manipulated on subjects that can be both destructive - a bad thing and helpful l- a good thing. He can start a sentence with one view and finish it with another.

It is this lack of focus I think combined with an ego that has great potential to cause the damage that people see.

And it is in that regard that I am not opposed to his character defects as such. For example, his misogyny as it relates to political office doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't translate into policy*.

In short I do admit that there is an x-factor about Trump, if you will, that adds a certain uncertainty to forecasts about him. So, I do hope for the best, perhaps expecting the worst. On opposing his presidency, I had no choice but to take him at his word on his sometimes (bizarre) policy prescriptions. As I see it, it was the rational thing to do. The burden is now on Trump..

*Pence and Trump here are instructive. Trump > Pence. My take:

Trump is not solely about power as long as he has it/is in control. His type doesn't necessarily want to foist his views on others. He believes he is greater than the people and as long as he can pursue his fantasies, he really doesn't care about whether the public at large embraces them or not. In fact he would probably prefer that they not (try) to be like him because this keeps the distinction between him and the rest of us and thus is evidence to himself that he is more powerful than the rest of us..Don't try to mess with his status though..all bets are off if he feels threatened..

Mike Pence. Not so much. He appears to me to want everyone to be the same as he. He is one of those that either is incredibly repressed and/or feels like he is on a divine mission to bring everyone into his line. This type is the worst of the rulers. They can't be bargained with (unless forced), the possibility of bribes, money, sex are not even considered as most of us might. Rigidity characterizes their existence. They want power for powers sake and/or they want everyone to be like them in an effort to justify to themselves that their own character is 'normal'. It is imperative that others cannot have what they deny for themselves..
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Take a deep breath...hold it...now let it out slowly. There is that better? My advise...don't lose any sleep over Trump. Everything will be ok. They said the same things about Ronny an W and it all worked out for the best. You're in good hands... responsible Republican hands and god is in his heaven and everything is right in the world. (If ya got any Xanax go ahead and take 2 now)
Reply Sun 27 Nov, 2016 12:53 pm
Huh? This is a philosophy forum..deep breaths are not allowed..only deep thoughts..

Seriously..I wish I had your confidence..its almost religious in its faith. But you see, had Hillary won, I would have been thankful that Trump didn't win and that would been opiatic. After that though, I would have been concerned again..

I think we are far too comfortable and for good reason. Who wants to feel anxiety 24/7? But realistically many of our politicians are still out for themselves, for the rich. Trump doesn't seem likely to change any of that. He's already waffling on his promise to "clear the swamp", which doesn't surprise me. Bring back coal jobs? Get rid of lobbyists, ISIS? Health Care? etc..I don't have any confidence that he or any other republican will do anything to make these "the best". Trump's inexperience is showing and I don't believe when he gets experience its going to be any better.

Ditto with the dems, they just throw a bigger bone to the poor..though I will concede their rhetoric is better on the ears and seems to put us in better standing with other countries. But ultimately they keep the same framework in place and so these problems never get solved..

Just because its possible that Trump may not turn out to suck as bad as is thought doesn't mean he won't..
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If all he does is get the economy going again it's worth it. And if the market is any indication we're on the right track.
Reply Mon 28 Nov, 2016 10:26 am
If all he does is get the economy going again

That's a tall order. The reasons our economy went sour and has taken awhile to recover are many. Not the least of which is shipping jobs overseas..

This isn't a new concept. Adam Smith as far back as the 1700's recognized this and led him to postulate an "invisible hand" which would keep business "at home". For a variety of reasons, this showed true for couple hundred years. But post WWII the time's were a changing, culminating in Reagan's presidency which began the financialization of the economy and the destruction of that invisible hand. Clinton made it worse, the dems continued on that course and continues today, when will it stop? The logical outcome is all business leaving for cheaper labour shores and we become a third world service nation.

Gone are the days when a college uneducated person could get a decent job - enough to afford a house, raise a family, could count on a pension etc. Those were the days of American manufacturing supremacy. Taxes were at their highest as were Gov't services - Johnson continuing Roosevelt's New Deal policies. Excellent book discussing this: When the Machine Stopped By Max Holland..

Will Trump change this? That's his rhetoric. It appears the economy has gotten better under Obama. Will Trump continue this? The markets have done well under Obama as well. They are priority #1. I don't see him bringing back the energy jobs he promised. I don't see him "getting China in line" and I don't see him bringing back American companies from overseas..Trump's naiveté on these point is apparent if he believes what comes out of his mouth.

I suppose a bigger question is: can we survive economically without a strong manufacturing base? I'm not saying exactly to bring back the gold standard, but it seems there's got to be something to support the whole shebang..

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Reply Tue 29 Nov, 2016 06:21 am
A great piece on Steve Bannon, Breitbart, and the censorship of the Establishment Dem/ MSM party.

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