How does my crush feel about me and what does he want from me?

Reply Sun 23 Oct, 2016 01:50 pm
Okay so there's this guy thats super friendly and good looking, everyone thinks highly of him. I was one of the people who weren't really that close to him until recently. Before we became proper friends, I kinda figured he wanted to get to know me since he always wanted my attention and we just acted weird around each other. I ignored all the advances he made at teasing me because I didn't know what to do, like once he tapped my right shoulder and when i looked to my right, he wasn't there, he just put his face next to my left shoulder. Silly stuff like that, he did before we were really friends. He also noticed things about me like if I was wearing mascara or a minor hair cut, he'd made comments on. We've gotten closer recently and a lot of things he brings up are things that i've tweeted about, like my favourite musicians or models, etc. He even got me to test him one lesson by naming every musician I knew and seeing if he liked or knew them. We've made eye contact numerous times and we both don't smile, i'm normally the one who looks away. He also hides when he sees me, when I pretend not to have seen him first. The things that make me think he doesn't like me is because he seems to talk to me like he does everyone else, the only differences i can tell are the fact that he uses my name more and directs the conversation towards me a little more+doesn't really come up to me at parties. He also says things that make me wonder what he meant, an example being when he asked me what the word outgoing meant and when i explained, he said that he wasn't outgoing. This was confusing because everyone knows he's outgoing and popular. When i replied with "yeah you are", he just ignored me. He cares about my opinion on his appearance too, like one time i told him that it was a let down every time he cut his hair (he looked hurt) and then the next time he cut his hair, he left the front curly and long+ only cut the sides. A girl said that it was too long but he didn't seem to care as much about her opinion. I just wanna know what he wants from me or feels for me, he's confusing and i've liked him for a long time, I just hate being vulnerable which makes me hide my feelings for him. He also calls other girls pretty but they're only people that i've tweeted about before or super famous people. What do you guys think? How does he feel towards me? He's turned down girls with really bad excuses, both were really pretty and the type of girls that any guy would get with.
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Reply Sun 23 Oct, 2016 07:23 pm
How old are you two?

(This could be written by a 14 year old, or an immature 24 year old.)

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Reply Sun 31 Dec, 2017 02:42 am
I'm pretty sure he's a little interested in you. Maybe he's not really sure about what he's feeling and maybe he's a little too occupied with other things because he's kind of popular. Since you guys are friends, maybe he just isn't sure about any feelings he has towards you and maybe he doesn't even want anything from you.
It seems like your relationship is a little dull. Maybe you guys could have more fun or smile more? You should both also communicate more if you don't know each other well.
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