Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 11:17 am
im designing masterpieces dog be designing trashy pieces
they said break a leg,i did that,now come back for your prosthesis
this individual been taking out a rib or two since the ambilical
black hearse,black flowers this jerks final hour ends biblical
im slapping this phoney with ease,just because he showing a need
weapons?,,only time you dump is turds after macoroni and cheese
i will trap him in an attic,hanging from BRACKETS like MARCH MADNESS
looking upside down at a horny black faggot
only the FIRST ROUND,wont get UPSET,but ive heard better verses
submerged in the rhetoric of rehearsed black magic
busting raggety rusty daggers in clusters at this ******* maggot
tragic i have to ERADICATE his enigmatic ad libs,my tongue is ACETATE
at this point my vernacular is finished attacking this imitator
the PACEMAKER,,just snatched ur HEART,told you i sold DEFIBRILLATORS,,******,,out

Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 05:25 pm
so get off my johnson
i dont want you just cause you're lonesome
i want you so i can get some
so i may be a johhson, but i aint losin consan
trasion, my johnson is an invasion
get you walkmen out and start pacin
my johsnons, oh, oh, my johnson
i give a ****, you can call me a johnson
call me dick johnson

first of id like to intra-intra-intra-intra duce my name
my name is Dick, Dick Johson, i may be hard to contain
cause my name, its simplifies my game, from the same chick, to a different dame
from a different day to the next week, and you must be insane thinkin you're rollin with me
if ya are, then theres the back seat, ah, **** it, get in the front, now, pleasure me
get the yard dick out and mesaure me, and as the road get's longer, you know what else does
**** the gloves, bitch, you crazy if you thinkin we're makin love, get on the hood, cause it's lust
no fuss, leave on the side of the road, and hitch hike, fuckin bitch, dike (burp)
motor bike, or boat, it's the same ya hoe
blind fold, no, not the right hole? further down the road
we go, let's roll, girl
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Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 05:34 pm

anyone wanna hop on this beat..????

the verse above is the topic
Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 05:50 pm
im making sure producers get them drumlines straight
mc's join BOXING gyms,,to get them punchlines straight
duck before i HOOK off, beef comes from UPPER-CUT
KOBE ,ANGUS,now ya chin knows what the **** is up
at the MAIN EVENT lames became less confident
started when i whipped your ass at the press conference
so less talking bitch,i bless targets with slick PUNCHES
tooth spits into buckets,pain like 606 crunches
to stay high,,the murder rate needs me bad,,reasons?
my swag reverberates like the speed bag at GLEASONS
bad wordsmiths get murder sentence verdicts
weak?,, i'm allergic,RIP to real fighters,,TREVOR BERBICK
SQUARES will never go over my head,i aint no RING GIRL
but i will slay ya whole fam,,so play jennifer hudson,,dreamgirl
i pick the most glorious verbs,the best of the nouns
obscure references,im preparing your pestilent now
revealing a deadly disease,feeling quite secular now
no rest between ROUNDS, fortitudes intestinal clown
im a DON a KING,,yall keep pestering to know
im a testament to flow,these dicks got testicles to grow
no doves becuz my right hand rocks a GOLDEN GLOVE
you supposed to be writing,not igniting the golden bud
my mind is on crack,lucifer sold my soul to serpents
you on the outside looking in,,,HBO..LARRY MERCHANT!!!....
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Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 05:51 pm
will listen when i get home,,computer at works sucks,,,sure its hot,,will holla
Reply Mon 26 Mar, 2012 06:31 pm
sounds good man.
Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 01:28 am
Shutdownpow you betta get with the now..
comin at me with more beef than a fuckin moo cow
lets be friends and quit playin you know what I'm sayin?
HA just messin I'm comin so you better be prayin
and while your down on your knees Ill take my turn
been down there so long that this kid's got rug burn

too lazy to think of anything else short and sweet now I'm rollin discreet...
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Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 11:59 am
@bambino...yeah that beat rocks..I will write something by the weekend..if noone else drops.. will by then...pow wow..out
Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 12:14 pm
I smell pussy..and I can't stand the aroma
I popped he rotten,bull dog in a coma
I'm oxycotin u a generic prescription
I can't ******* rhyme has got to be ur description...stop playing with me son,lol
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Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 05:13 pm
Nice grammar, if cld read it it might have been a hammer, to emotions of that guy u tryin to defeat, if he hadn't even started that fool wld have u beat, talkin like u was raised in the ghetto, but I bet ur real house was 12 acres and a meadow, where u picked flowers and that's where u learned, u were a closet dresser ur parents concerned, and that's when u turned, liked it up the ass, that rap might be hot enuff to make a dash, of black on some dry grass, I'm cold enuff to make u get chills down ur spine, eating at u slowly as u begin to loose ur mind, u wanna see a wanna be jus look at ur reflection, as bad as that piece was u probably thought it perfection, when u google up rap battles and found it on the first page, clicked copy and paste and here is where u saved, so quit rappin or talkin bout eight mile, that's how far ima kick ur ass if u don't wipe tht smile, on ur face as u read how I disgraced, u and every other wanna be black crazed, white boy Ebonics, kinda ironic, blacks get hated on for talkin illiterate, but half the time the other sides belligerent, and doesn't consider how our own white trash, does the same thing so we continue to bash, wat I'm sayin is tru and ur apart of the group, u probably nervous feelin like u gotta puke, that's the bomb I drop but it feels more like a nuke....
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Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 05:49 pm
yeah man jus check out my verse that i posted for the topic.
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Reply Wed 28 Mar, 2012 02:46 am

This goes out to all of you
Who can’t figure out why this is happening in the world today
And why the world is always suffering because of carelessness
Between you and me, man
It shouldn’t be like this at all

[Verse 1]
Why do we have to have so many bad things happen?
Why do we live on a planet that’s got hoodies and gangsters scrapping?
Why do these kiddies happily make pranks with their rap friends?
Why are they good-for-nothings who spaz out and act erratic?
Why is this an issue? And why does it continue?
Why do we get punished according to everything we’ve been through?
This is some sick abuse – why does this have to occur?
Why did Katrina have to have Louisiana submerged?
Why did the Towers have to be hit? Why did they have to be burnt?
Why did Osama have to declare war on American turf?
Why did London’s towns have to be smashed and hurt?
Why did that double-decker blow up? Was that bastard on drugs?
How did these guys come up with the idea of suicide bombing?
And why do the innocent people have to be primary targets?
Why do these arsonists have to be violent and have no sense of conscience?
Is it because they’re fanatics or the way they were brought up?
Why do we have to get caught up and dipped in very hot water?
Why do we have to be the lambs that get led to the slaughter?
Why does this always have to happen to the parents and daughters?
Why do these guys have to prance around like they’re so important?
Why do we have extremists trying to teach us that what we’re doing is wrong?
And trying to preach to us that we’re all bound for Hell to be torn?
We’re not the ones who go around and murder people when we feel like it
Why do they even preach anyway? We’re sick and tired of it!

[Hook 1]
Why, why, do we see
the world being blown up on our TV?
Why, why, can’t they just
Bring themselves back to reality?

[Verse 2]
Why did Martin Luther King have to be assassinated on his balcony?
Why do activists have to suffer such tragedies?
Why the **** is it that every time somebody helps us fight for equality,
at the ******* last moment they just got popped?
Why do we scream blue murder? Why do we even get churned up?
Burned up, ******* shermed up like a herb when a jerk from a turf burns it?
It seems that backs are being turned on us for a purpose
And when we die, our souls end up in purgatory when they surface
Why is that? Why is it that we always have to pay?
Why do we suffer consequences for their bad mistakes?
Why do women get raped and these monsters have no shame?
Why do young girls get sold at an awful massive rate?
Why can’t the world be a better place for our little children?
Why does it cost an arm and a leg to rebuild our buildings?
Why can’t the law prevent all these painful, malicious killings?
Why can’t there be real life heroes to kill the villains?
Why? Why? Why are there so many questions?
Why? Why, are there so many little sessions
for these alcoholics? Why can’t they stop the drinking?
Why can’t they stop beating their wives and just ******* start thinking?

[Hook 2]
Why, why, do we die
Just because they don’t know how to make peace?
Why, why, is there war
Why can’t this politic bullshit just cease?

[Hook 1]

Tell me why!
Reply Wed 28 Mar, 2012 09:36 am
that was dope illustrate,,,well written,,true stories,,salute
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Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 08:31 am
keeping it nice and mature i see! ^_^
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Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 08:32 am
i am very racist and proud.
Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 08:49 am
no ur an idiot,,,who is probably inbred,,,,people like u give retards a bad name,,,dummy ass!!!,,noone cares about you,,and in life,,that is most likely your problem,,holla
Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 09:02 am
ohh you got so much in life to see...
Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 09:36 am
When was the last time you rapped on here, NeroCat? Or do you just enjoy wasting other people's time?
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Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 03:56 pm
A family sits down to dinner mom made roast beef and brusslesprouts
The little boy says I don't like brusslesprouts

The mom says "you've never tried them"

That little boy is you because if you replace little boy with Nero cat and brusslesprouts with rap it would be the same thing I used to think rap was senseless music till I got into the science behind it Multis metaphors subliminals you can't credit something as terrible before you try it
0 Replies
Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 05:05 pm
@bambino,,,i dont know if its good enff,,rough draft,,just tell me what i can change,,
stick shift dick PISTONS in less than SIXTY SECONDS
MR.JOHNSON love pussy with or without protection
pens infected bambi gives impressive directions
that how we living cut the bull like circumcisions
no more whore play JOHNSON likes classy ladies
but still stick dick to chicks with CHASSIS breaking
big BUSH,but me and bam no POLITICAL clan
MR.JOHNSON thinks BIG,not a miniscule man
mechanic drops but no tranny drops,cannon pops
like NICK popping MARIAH for slobbing eli mannings cock
u wanna ****?just be a nice girl like the huxtables
keep them inner walls tight snug and comfortable
climax before me boo?,i cant stand them actions
let me crack that back baby,the black chiropractor
shredding vagina diners like shredded cheese
hope it dont stink like FETA CHEESE,could be a SWISS MISS
but prefer HOT CHOCOLATE,,,AMERICANS please!!
J to big for small JOCKEYS,i got HORSE dimensions
been around the TRACK,too many divorces to mention
i gotta stop having females screaming to jesus
real reason is before MRS.JOHNSON sees this,,MR.JOHNSON,,OUT

choppy in some places,,im gonna tweak it this weekend,,find more of a theme,,,holla

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