WWA Wigga With Attitu
Reply Tue 24 Jan, 2006 08:56 pm
Mr.Insane is officially declared winner.


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Reply Sun 31 Aug, 2008 10:40 am
Reply Sun 31 Aug, 2008 10:40 am
Stay In the back cause tupac comes loaded with an ammo pack my hommies are soo weak they need a snack they smoke to much crap and they dont know how to rap my north hommies dont know how to hack it's like go to a program and start the crack my south hommies cant hijack a car they need to use there own to go that far we are the ones that make war this is my crew everythink riga says is true my color is blue i havent got a clue im not a fool i go to school ure mum thinks im cool my friends cant learn kung-fu that's when i knew that i needed somethink new so i just drew what comes with the flu i mean fuk u iam on yahoo and i want a ta-too on my ass!
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Reply Sun 31 Aug, 2008 10:41 am
this life is worth living u dont agree why i dont know so let me know when u speak u go to slow that's not the flow open ur ears they're to low cause my head is about to blow and dont copy this i mean noo! soo go to watch the rainbow muthafucka swallow that word"snow" yo'yo the colour is yellow from dr.phil's show u never saw hes shadow that's because iam like jack sparrow
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Reply Sun 31 Aug, 2008 11:11 am
stay close!stay close!
yo,yo windows closed
arrows exposed
hommie ure a lie
but i understand dont cry
u gonna die like lisa lefteye
car crash!...it looks like u gone to far with this lyrics
u need a fix
so im in da game now im doing the one,three,six
so let me just mix this game
wit my tricks
yo' you're a gangster but u pull no clips u got balls on ur shirt so u full of bullshit
what's this stuff about ure the gretest rapper
face it boy
ure a waste of time i dont know
why im making this rhyme
i have bulldog he pissed on the frog
men!ure just a pussy scared to fight a chihuahua dog
if u fight il be there eating my hot-dog
so watch wat u say
ure a handicat u live in the airway
that's the way it has to stay
u stink and ur friend is gay
my names is not jay
and they dont pay me to go away
is that okay
so just sit down have a sit and lay
im here in the earth doing the walk
while u there learning the spacewalk
come down!let's talk!
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Reply Mon 1 Sep, 2008 02:28 pm
o dont tell me u been in my dream
i was boxing ur face while u scream
there was u.and my team
it's hundred points agaisnt the white kid
but dont worry i respect all the kine
and ur rhymes are too shine
and the people can say my are fine
that's why u only write one line
i chose to take the world and ur girl is my
ure rhymes are so boring
dont blame me but im storing
this rhyme cause i have time for bitchez like u!
ure a g
plz take a sit u cant fuk agaisnt me wit that level bee!
u cant even see when u fly
in this rap crap just say hi
and dont try to do somethink everythink u say is a lie
nobody wants to buy ur staff
u take britney spears and i hillary duff.
some day u gonna come to an end
but i tell ya somethink ure not my friend
ure just a white boy who thinks
is black hommie u messing wit lil tupac
im done wit this clown
next time go wit ur crew to town
to emberese the people
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Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 02:24 am
@Odd Socks,
You ain't got no game son, you don't gotta fan
All the money you wish you had is right in my hand
So sit back n listen up, I'ma twist it up
I hope you know the way I flow is nuts
I got you in my sights like a sittin duck
What the f**k
You sound like Everlast with a dick up his butt
So next time take a minute before you post your lines
Cuz I s#!t on fools like you, all of the time
I spit quick like ludacris i'm a lunatic
it's insane it's delirious n seriously sic
So keep back ya stuff's whack it's for the birds i'm tellin ya
Don't ever battle in public, people might yell at ya
I'm sorry that you wrote this, you don't know who I is
That's ok you don't gotta know it's nunna ya biz
I'ma spit the freestyle like it's nothing ta me
I'ma spit quick let's see if you can keep up with me G
It's about to get ugly so get a paper bag
Bout to show up all a you fags
It's R..E..I..S don't test, don't stress
Blessed with the best bitches show me they chest
It's crazy like swayze baby won't settle for less
one second in the west one second's a mess
I'm the only one only your **** is bologna
I don't mean to be corny, but you wanna be's is phony
I can't stand it planned it anyway I can't stand ****
Make MC's have fits when I show my wits to these bitches
These snitches will get stitches fixin the glitches
I'm all set i'm bouncin been a pleasure to talk
Just watch out I always got my fully loaded glock
Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 02:39 am
@Odd Socks,
The only game we're playin is the one tween you n me
apparently you just can't see the baddest one is me
I spit like i don't give a ****
i spit like a dream
You're girl was lovin me
Like Peaches n cream
You're lines make me insane
Just cuz they don't make sense
Relax I ain't hatin, don't take no offense
We don't need beef, therefore we don't need a truce
But I think I heard better rhymes from Dr. Seuss
You need to get a life the wanna be is you
I'm the only boy who knows the rap that's true
So when you hear spit like this you know you're hearin the best
It's comin to ya live from R. E. I. S.
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Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 02:44 am
You're rhymes are not clever
They're not to be taken serious
I think that when you wrote this
You were delirious
I haven't heard suttin this bad
Since Juelz Santana
I would rather sit down n watch
Bananas in pajamas
You sound like a country boy
From way out west
But i'm from the east boy
Home of the best
And if you think this sounds hot
As good as it gets...
It's cuz it's the one and only
R. E. I. S.
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mc Joker
Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2008 07:18 am
Yo I'm new to this so im just trying to see what some of yall think of my rap

can feel it in the back of my mind
It's like Mary Jane came at the right time
I take a look at the sky to make me feel like a nigga wanna stay high
Take a look at my eyes
You'd probably think I was blind
When you see a nigga's eyes that know fool
The people crook a nigga so cool
I been high all day me and the niggas that I'm close to
Up in the glass house BLOW!
And I'm loving this ****
Mary Jane to the brain, I'm in love with ya bitch
Don't know what I'd do if you didn't exist
No better way to calm me down when I'm stressing and ****
See there's a blessing for this
Now where the Indo
Getting higher than I can go
Roll it up I wanna see it in the air let the wind blow
All I wanna see is big smoke
Sparking up the Mary Jane
Everyday in my own zone, gettin blowed
Holding down the place
Cuz when I'm chief I hate
Notice how my eyes lay when I'm so throwed
Kissing ya lips and holding ya soul
Ooo love ya baby girl when ya breaking me off
LIKING IT ROUGH WHEN ya making me cough, and easing my thoughts
Keeping G's with cheese cuz ya company costs
When we together we do nothing but floss
But when apart lord knows this two get hard to maintain
The only bitch that I FAITHFULLY claim
Steadily massaging my brain
And keep a playa on top of my game
Calm and cool every time that we hang
Me and crooks always running a train
Sucking ya body, girl till nothing remains
Feel nothing but pleasure, when I'm watching these flames
Hoping that nothing will change
so I can steal a sac and chill back while I'm smoking the Jane
See all I wanna do is smoke a sac with my real niggas
Coming up the block hitting hard
Smoking on treez
Got me dropping to my knees
So I gotta give the praise to the sky and the stars
So if I wanna get high tonite
Mr. Pookie just roll me a blunt
We can both get blowed
Coming out the crook
Smoking big fat Optimos
See the LAWS
But them hoes can't stop us though
Who the pRo's in this mutherfucker with the big weed
Coming up the block me and Mr. Pookie
Got no money but I'm still blowing treez
And I don't give a damn what you think about me
I'm a STONEY crook soldier
Never been a buster
Blowing on treez no matter what them others done told ya
Hitting the scene with a pocket full of green
And you know what that means
We all getting high

Reply Fri 5 Sep, 2008 06:00 am
@mc Joker,
you think you're the joker in the pack
but I'm gonna kick your ass
cos I'm so omniseient
and my lyrics are so effecient
try this against your rap absortion coefficient

kindest regards

mc Herbett
hector crow
Reply Sat 6 Sep, 2008 03:45 am
regards mc herbitt but your rap doesnt fit
you need to admit that you need quit
only 5 lines kind of undermines your rhymes
when its time to shine but you just can't climb
out of your hole to reach your goal and fulfill your role
and what I'm knowing and I think it's showing
I've heard that your d**k is as short as your poem
and mc joker so your a smoker
Mary Jane is to blame that youre mediocre
shes a drain to your brain your bitch mary jane
now your head is a mess from your excess and I must stress
that you should move over and moreover
go with the flow as we reach a plateau
I'm the best I do not jest I'm Hector Crow
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mc Joker
Reply Sat 6 Sep, 2008 09:22 am
yo your lyrics are wack
**** my girls says **** better than that
what are yo on crack
you should just get hit in the head wit a bat
come to think
you need to join the pack
you should just get out
my rymes are out of your mind
now i no its sad but dont pout
don't think i forgot you now crow
i should really call you cow
cause from what i hear you cant stop eating
your **** didn't even compare
what i think you need is a beating
now here is what i need you to do
go to your desk and start writing
and dont come back till you can lay yo **** down right
yo rhymes are good i must admit
but your placement is wack

Kindest Regards
MC Joker
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MC Hazardous
Reply Sat 6 Sep, 2008 04:47 pm
...On a serious note...
is there anyone here that isnt lyrically spasticated?
On the 20 pages ive read, i havent seen one battler with flow, i aint seen one consistent meter, all ive seen is punches you guyz must have saved over from grade school.
Ive came across ONE multi, and im pretty sure it was unintended due to the strict scarcity of them elsewhere.
Can anyone prove me wrong n spit summit that doesnt die after the opening line??? Geeez
mc Joker
Reply Sat 6 Sep, 2008 10:21 pm
@MC Hazardous,
well mc hazardous
my lyrics may not be "spasticated"
But tell mea is that even a word
my **** is tight
i can make my **** flow
i rap so light you have to bite your lip
so go put the bow back in you hair yo
before you though out your hip
your old and that is obvious
and on a serious note are you even straight
because i no no gurl is going to date a hatefull
bitch like yo now here is a mouthful
my name is joker and im a chain smoker
im a toker livin in as poker player

MC Joker
Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 05:06 am
@mc Joker,
joker: your problem's your rhyme's too easy
sort of like me saying here lemon squeezy
it doesn't make sense
your rhyme's as flawed as hector crow
and he raps like Judi Dench
taking a **** with her teeth clenched
its too easy to rhyme words like wack
you need to add something like necrophiliac
which is what you are
if you were a car
you'd be a Fiat 126
your lyrics are off the shelf
and if your **** is flowing
you must have **** yourself
who the cock is mc hardardous
with his "consistent meters" and his "multis"
that guy is full of inconsistencies
he's full of talk but the lack of rap
makes me think that's he's lacking
a bit of wit
its all a bit pony and trap
I'll uncover all of your charades
so here's a game
hazardous, joker and the crow
who's the biggest retard?

hector t crow
Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 01:32 pm
from regards to retarts mc hibbit you exibit
a certain spark or a shard just a sign you are with it
but as judi dench made her stench in the trench
as she sat on the throne relieving the tension
thinking she was alone achieving prevention
of stomach pains and as she strains
achieving her aim of draining her bowels
as she yells from relief of the pressure within her
and with disbelief she becomes noticeably thinner
something crawled from the shitter
something very twisted and bitter
could have been gary glitter she passed through
but no it was you.
and joker
you called me wack and I've got to fight back
I've read more interesting lines in my scrotum sack
I'm not a cow I'm a crow
and now you should know
that I can go lower than flo rida would go
my name is Hector
king of my sector
wack rap detector
bitch crack inspector
what I write has the bite of hannibal lector
and hazardous
maybe I rhyme inline too many times
but if you weren't blind you'll find the signs
that I am fine and not in decline
so I'm spasticated and your educated
but I think you will find you only shined at your school
because you wern't cool
and took the teachers tool whilst bent over his stool
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mc Joker
Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 09:18 pm
well mcherbett
my rymes may be easy
but then again so is your mom
and hector crow ya i dis on him
but your **** sound like it came of sims
now mea if i was a car it would be a camaro
and no that is you who **** him self while sitin
and pitin in class you might
just want to kiss my ass
before i really show you who is da boss
it is your loss really that it is costin your rep
you think you kept yo ass up there
think ur rollin in bill but your in debt
yo ass ain't **** but a bare back hare
**** yo the new eminem a queer
yo ass runnin around like a deer
now come here and let mea show you how its done
Now then hector
yo ass is alright
yo **** is pretty tight
but you seem high as a kite
now take flight and lets see what yo got
because im hot
and no in class i wasnt a nerd
**** i was the bully
im mister cooly
Greatest Regards
MC Joker
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 04:14 am
@mc Joker,
zip it up and listen to the mc herbett
superior and lyrically stepped up
the volcabulary constabulary
you pay for your insults mine come for free
lets rap back to the slack mc joker
you don't know your north from your south
you say you are da boss and the master
but how d'you say that with crow's d**k in your mouth?
crow says he's a detector but i'm a hector inspector
of the wackest crap rap offiliator
i put out all of your lines so crass
lyrical extinguisher
you rhyme straight from the ass
back to J to the K to the E to the R
while I know you think I'm less smart than you are
my lyrics are twisting outwitting they're a joy
you articulate like bush
and you're moves are like kilroy
with a certain ilk of a lyrical fog
cos I'm gonna put a cap in your god
lines not to be reckoned
mc herbett and the master
I'm cooler than pope john paul the second
and can i also say quite retrospectively
if i may put it so delicately
that your wits at a trickle
raps about a hare and deer
who are you here
some kind of scr*w*d up dr-doo little?
I save my last dis for the harzardous
rap and you is a strange kind of marriage
cos I do not respect when I detect a flavour
like the last ginsters pasty in a bp garage
a flavour somewhat lacking as we send you packing
cos from san paulo to madrid, from london to seattle
if you don't come back then by all accounts
it looks to me you've lost the rap battle
hector t crow
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 03:54 pm
Yo herbitt yo joker, you know haz wont reply
his never got to show his flo, and i know why
he was late home from work and watched the panorama
caught up on the drama with mccain and obahma
awoke from his coma and went to the kitchen,
he was wishing he was dissing thats he was missing
had to wash all the dishes
another thing he misses
is his brother in the other room whose touching up his missus
with the dishes done hes just begun to switch his computer on
he cant believe what he sees
it flos with ease he gets to his knees
how could he have missed how could he have dissed
blow after blow he feels the flo of the crow
the rhymes they are not spasticate
at times they surpassed whats great
he has to maturbate
and he just can't wait
with his pants round his ankes and gun in his hand
the veins on his temples begin to expand
he sprays all his bullets not quite where he planned
theres more devastation this rooms ever seen
shrapnel covering keyboard and screen
and just as he screams crow is the king
his missus and his brother and his mother walk in
and all the neighbours kids with their tricks or treats
apparently it's been brought forward by a few weeks
and amidst the kids sobs with his d**k still in hand
he found from this rap battle that he is banned

you next joker
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