Dudu C
Reply Fri 9 Oct, 2015 08:22 pm
Listen here sonny SamyBoy...

I'm your daddy , you're adopted !
You were switched at birth with a box of pot chocolates.
Your mom was addicted to crack and lots of sausage.
You're a crack baby and you talk lots of non sense.
You're a fool if you think you can fool me with the foolery.
I'm a gangsta , I just want the money, you can have the jewelry.
But my **** stay shining like sun reflecting off the pool see...
I'm a cool drink of water, you shoulda been swallowed.
The only reason you think you're ballin cuz you came out of my balls hoe.
But you're probably not mine...cuz you're mother was a slut...
and I fucked her in the butt...and you can't rhyme...
we got no resemblance , I illustraight with no templates
I shed the light for you dim wits , turn your beef into Slim Jims
It ain't Halloween but I'm still a gremlin , and I'm grimey ,
you wanna battle come and try me.
Dudu C
Reply Sat 10 Oct, 2015 02:55 pm
I'm far fetched , like your bitch stretched on this long bone
It's no strings attached because that thong gone
You can't man up to me because you in the wrong zone
I'll pipe it up and light you up like when my song on
I'll string you along like a blonde changing tampons
Then I'll cut you off and leave you bloodied up and stomped on
I ain't straight outta compton.. I'm straight out the boondocks
So turn up the BoomBox , I'm higher than MoonRocks ,
Tai Chi ain't nothing to Jits, that weed ain't nothing to this
You ain' t a God-Send or Heaven sent , you fuckin Beavis.
Did you see the light or are you praying to Slim Jesus ?
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Reply Wed 14 Oct, 2015 03:07 pm
Out of the frying pan and into the fire (*scream*)
I got your ride wired like WWF, "Livewire"
Coming to you live and direct like soccer broadcasts that are watched in sports bars
while you're downing your alcohol from tall jars
ILLustraight is highly rated like a 4-star
.... And the speed bumps don't help much when I jot bars
My fingers shake and my whole body quakes
I accidentally press a button when the driver abruptly brakes
(*tyre screech*)
Stupid hoodie men trying to cross the road without using the islands
kinda like Thai men in Thailand
or a bunch of hotshot motorbike men
in India cutting corners trying to overtake some blind men
(*swearing in Hindi*)
It's fucked up like the Volkswagen scandal
Emcees bypass the maxim, and swag you
But I'll ******* outrap them if I have to
And if that means wrapping them in a taco, then that's cool
Cats have the audacity to act fool
But they ain't got the stomach, or tenacity like Jack's crew
You don't get it? Look up Tenacious D
There's a Phoenix shaped like a penis, and that's crazy to see
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Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2015 03:48 pm
@Dudu C,
I've just pissed off a Punky Brewster
I see where the trouble brews with you, punk, but it's cool
because you're still gonna get punched in your school
Have your lunch money tooken and swapped for a couple of Ruth's
You call those bars? I'll thrust a Twix and a Mars in it too
You don't understand what I said? Are you a foreigner dude?
Because to me you sound like some artist who's new
**** it, you want to spar with this fool? I'll throw a ******* spa at you
Let off a little steam, then chuck the letter R from it too
Rapidly riveting, rambling, ripping
Racking your ribs while I'm rapping a Ramadan rhythm
Rubies get ran like rats in the kitchen
Rattle your ribbons, turn your riches to rags
Rabid and ravenous, ravaging rappers with ratchets that riddle
Rugged, rotten and raw like raps that are (w)ritten
I just threw a W in it, like Wu-Tang
Get a kick out of this thing just like Liu Kang
who came equipped with a boomerang
Fixing to boost his game like a six-inch up a poontang
Cut you off like fingers, Yakuza gangs
until you are hanging like you just loosened a little kid's shoestrings
You got me going like an egg and a spoon race
So much so that you'll have to call the pigs to put me away
the same way we store chilled drinks in a cool place
And for you to get in my good grace, well, it's a little bit too late
You just waltzed in and infected my room space!
You must lead a immaterial life, I can tell by the material you write
But you're corny, like a cereal type
You've challenged so many sluts to venereal fights
that you ended up getting struck as a chlamydia type
I think the women should fight
Give you some lefts and some rights like a pedestrian guide
Baste you, waste you, let their hands reshape you
until you're covered in a million bites
with a face like a disco ball with glittering lights ..... that has a blown fuse
You claim you're all school yet you clearly haven't learned a lesson?
I think this is where the tables are turned, brethren
It's funny because a turntable is how hip-hop, in turn, was invented
..... Let me surprise you with my own version of elements
Box you with a beat while I spit at you
Break you down on the street and leave you spinning too
This part is a free thing that I fling at you
You wanna target me? Get tagged with graffiti so other peeps can take a hit at you
Stick at you like Bishop, now I got you peeved because I pissed in your juice
My "Mommy" bought me a rolling pin, so I can fold you in
and get your walls closing in like an Ethiopian fallopian
Put you in a claustrophobic spin
You're a homo kid, throwing a homophobic fit
A vocalist with a motor lip
Taking baloney **** like a phony chick 'til the rotor quits
Your talk is bitter, so hold the anchovies quick
My notes are filler?
Take your hoe and fill her with a load that's killer filling the holes in her
Now she feels complete like she's had the Holy Spirit christen her
Feeling mighty big like she was Christopher
'til I make her bounce like I Velcro'd a spring on her
Her temper gets high like I smoked a spliff with her
I end up groping and hitting her, eventually choking and killing her
I'm joking, you idiot.
I don't hit women; you see me as a wifey beater?
But you're seemingly a trifle eater, conceited like a stifling diva
until you're beaten like Ike to Tina
But I'll heat you like a night in Rio and then proceed to eat you like a slice of pizza
You're not that hard to me, you're sweeter as a Ribena
You were grimy, until I cleaned you like a Vileda
so you can say I wiped the floor with you, wrung you tight
Hung you to dry on the washing line
Where you put a foot over my border is where you crossed the line
You must have dementia, 'cause it's obvious you've lost your mind
Like I told you before in my 300 lines, this is a drug of mine
that has side effects of all kinds, altering my thoughts at times
with awkward mind visions like shooting suckers up at Columbine
**** a college guy, you've just invoked the wrath of a monster type
Opened an Argos' eyes
You must be the sort of knight in armour that shines
who would start a fight without pondering twice
Well, I've picked enough bones with you, so find another dog to bite
At the end of the night, you're just another hog that tries to ride
until you meet with a car and collide
Instant death is a far cry from being traumatised
This is a freestyle I've just dramatised
and reconstructed like a past crime
So I'll end this now, and to preempt any more of your soft replies
I'll stick my dick in your autobi-ography and say, "**** your life!"
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Reply Fri 16 Oct, 2015 02:09 pm
Gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
Before the cops breeze by and be like, "Let's be having you!"
Taking a cruise skyward keeping a steady altitude
Feeling alright, maintaining a heavy attitude
Pupils dilating, looking like quasars
An Asian star with a tendency to stray far
Like Bambi when he lost his mother in the stampede
Keeping it tight like daughters in kinky panties
High as ****, just as well because I maxed it in Phuket
Got a massage there, that was some cool ****
The weather over there was stupid
But the girls made me feel like summoning Cupid
Shoot a dart through my heart and pluck it out like kotos
Got my mind ringing like, "Hello Moto!"
Beautiful like seeing waterfalls in paradise
No thugs, no killers, and no parasites
Reply Fri 16 Oct, 2015 03:39 pm
I'm like Scarface, the way that I'm seen coming agg
Chucking **** at rappers like trick or treaters tossing eggs
And now the yoke's on you, 'cause you tried to play jokes on a dude
Crossing your fingers, hoping he'd lose
And now he's coming with a dope one that's loose
You'd think his pants wasn't tucked in, looking for a ho to seduce
A skier with a ski mask showing some moves
And if that don't impress, then he's straight up rolling on you
So get a taste of the Zamboni pony
Backing up the truck, steamrolling these jabronis
I'm cold as ice, or rather those homies M.O.P.
You rappers ain't dope ..... you're all Dopeys
A thirty-year-old oldie with an goatee who rarely over O.D.'s
because Christ is his homie
I'll put you in the shadow like my two o'clock hair
Plus I'm well-groomed as hell too ..... pull my ******* beard
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Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2015 09:11 pm
**** I feel like a million bucks
and a billion sluts
tryn a feel ma nuts

(crazy) -regular voice

**** I feel like a million bucks
and a billion sluts
tryn a feel ma nuts

sick n ****

hoes still wanna lick the dick

call her candy she get ticklish with the licorice
where the liquor is , where I lick her,Jizz her elixer
alize an a sixer, this goes out to anyone sayin they sicker
im like goku shitterd, on the shitter , this goes out to anyone sayen they sicker
skin colour aint the issue, you bitch dudes just need to grow it thicker
on the stove I whip a fresh sniff a ,no homie I dont beg to differ, I bag a piff a ****'ll lift a heavyweight champion, gangsters its in the ambience, leave you rushing off in a ambulance, I brush it off , you and ya cunts ,both get a donkey punch, body punch,bodied every line **** a punch,**** a punk,to the bass kick's funkin thump , jumping off of the bass line, 1/8 time , 1/16 ,I run six teens, sistines , since teens a feen for the green,sensi seeds see's what I mean, Im mean N I poet , the meaning a potent, the demon a flowing, the cream n gold n , the cream of the crop, **** a gangster bitch so hard she'll scream for the cops, make her cream for the quap,**** her senseless till every last dollar drops... pay respect till the latex , they say it pays to be patient , I dont buy it , I look at Dre selling pills, that molly real,lucy hella trill,im yela ill, appacellas will make me mozzerella feel like its all gouda long as we making cheddar me an my peoples , kenevels with a hold on there evels

**** I feel like a million bucks
and a billion sluts
tryn a feel ma nuts

(crazy) -regular voice

**** I feel like a million bucks
and a billion sluts
tryn ta feel ma nuts

shits crazy , I know right! ...

" why do I keep doing wrong ?" x3

HIGHpro (Michael Vincent Horsman Dugas) 2015/17/10 COPYWRITE
Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 02:50 am
Check it, I'm eating peppery burgers while I edit this verse
samy's asking for his body to be dead in the hearse
I sprinkle voodoo so samy here gets blessed with a curse
Cut off his many networks so his connections don't work
You come off of the top? The only way you'll do that
is if you run to the roof and jump off of the office block
Stop the talking, you're like an alcoholic ock who's punch drunk
until you get knocked off of the spot
Sam wants to use (parentheses), but I let my colon(:) stop his periods(.)
This human question mark(?) who's curious
Punch-the-hole/punctual (*.?!) in his papers, make this fop delirious
Make him have missing gaps (i a m st upid ) in lots of areas
Plus(+) his sex talk has turned him into a starving addict
He wants to be high, then I should just launch him into the stars like asterisks (*)
Damn right I'm up in my room playing with ponies
I love stroking your wife's hair and face while she bones me
She's a little Rainbow Brite, with her kinks so tight
I can almost see her skin when it's exposed to light
That ain't a rap verse, it's a Duck Tale
I've just made you flap your wings and do a tuck-tail

Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 07:48 am
Looking back to the first day we battled
I was an adamant amateur who was determined to play to make certain cages rattle
Just as well 'cause most of the rappers were budgerigars
Talking and squawking, acting like popular stars
But a few of us knew that they wouldn't get far on the pages
with that hardened behaviour, like lost ones in want of a saviour
I was a newbie guy, my nous was confined
when I was doodling rhymes that were stupid and tired
But in due good time, with educational efforts
I made 50% of it make sense
I endeavoured to recompense, make penance for the other 40% of it
that were more or less generic, I was like Eminem at it
But that's all changed now; I'm coming with a range
that draws a radius that surrounds like S.W.A.T. officers raiding towns
But I still got a lot to learn just like puerile children
throwing Chewits at tutors in detention sessions in school buildings
The way that I rhyme sometimes has given me cool feelings
like I'm loosely chilling in the Arctic, fishing with Inuit Indians
Switching styles like trips on the power box
whilst my conscience grows like seeds in flower pots ....
Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 12:17 pm
No More Us

[Verse 1]
There's no us anymore, no me and you
You went and screwed it up by selling me out .... you've been evil
It's a shame, because I really thought we were equal
Regardless of skin colour, irrespective of different cultures
I really wanted us to ride, walk side by side
Holding hands and sharing the same dream of a fly life
Moonlighting, or even bungee jumping off a rocky mountain
Drinking lots of champagne from a bubbly fountain
I had thoughts I would have shared with you
It's fucked up that you wouldn't play fair with a dude
Pull the hair off me too until my head is all bald
Backbite me until I have no senses and fall
I wanted this to be life, but you treated it like Hollywood
If I could afford to give you a set, I probably could
While you were busy roaming with other worldly dudes
I was busy figuring out how to give the world to you

I wanted us to be together, no lie
But now because of you, there's no you and I
You and I died the day you lied
I'll never forget the day you made me cry

There's no us anymore (x4)

[Verse 2]
While other men and women are enjoying good moments together
I'm sitting in my room with my curtains closed on the weather
I've lost my appetite with something bad inside
that's caused a man to cry, and that's something that I can't deny
Sometimes I look up to God and ask Him why
He can't just change my sad life to a happy life
You can't imagine what you put me through
But I guess that's cool for you, because you weren't born stupid, boo
You used me too, like a Rubix Cube
Thinking you could turn me over and mix my mind up like fruity juice
I'm sorry I ain't Soopafly, I'm not always whoopty-woop
I don't listen to the same music as you do
You should've learned to appreciate me
Gee, baby - by doing this, you must've really hated me
If that was so, why didn't you just give me an answer then
instead of keeping a man in suspense like a mannequin?
There's no us


[Verse 3]
I can't take this, I don't really know what to make of this
I'm in pain just like a girl who's just been done in by a rapist
I seriously thought because you were Christian you were different
and you were following a particular system
But it seems that you're just like the other girls
who want to screw every other stud in the world
And just when I put you on the route to success
You came and ripped my heart right out of my chest
What were you thinking?

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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 08:01 pm
I'm a murderer ive been killing lately dude
since your acting like a crazy fool I'm feed you these bullets like baby food
your insanely blue cuz of your sucky life that I creatively drove a Mercedes through
so do me the honors n shut the **** up I'm throwing clits at your father you dumb ****
all you pussy niggas do is suck up and speak garbage so its like I'm rapping to a dump truck
this is me rapping not even super saiyan this loser is playing games but I'm like bruce wayne
I see through the game top detective sam remember the name cuz ill cut you with a knife hidden through a cane
your raps are going through the deficit when you take a hit from samy like a special pitch
only one strike and you cry a bit bend over n suck a dick when you rap all I see is ONE BIG CLUSTER BITCH

Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 08:37 pm
@Dudu C,
re-look your bullshit cuz there was a typo..so idk why when decide to speak your hype bro?
I'm a phycho cut your idol from ear to ear cuz you don't know what I know
I'm about to tell you something vital..your shitty..i mean its in your tidal
you just idle throw a couple light blows and think your right though!?!?!
GET THE **** OUT..rip your appendix into crumbs
you chumps are horrendous and rap like your bums
get goose bumps when sam dismiss you like broken thumbs
insert doom tokens like I'm Mario smoking shrooms in the slums
your raps aren't up to par your in denial and outwitted
you cant go far cuz I put you in exile n I'm now winnin
you ******* cow pigeon..you milk another nigga that's how u livin
in the south pimping smacking bitches like u to get to work in the kitchen
like I said before I can detect threw your bullshit
equip a weapon you select to go and kill you with
I aint stupid..super glue pubes on your chin seems like a cool fit
spread cool whip all over your eyes cuz you still cant see you LOZE BITCH!!

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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 09:09 pm
(Kioken times 5)
you aint hard so stop it with your flaccid diss cant take **** to heart from a backstabbing bitch
if your immaculate how come you cant write a decent punch HOW SAD IS THIS
go back to scripts cuz your lines hurt my mind like a sign of crime
**** it lets go back in time
so we can see your rhymes far behind the fine words of mine
leader of the wolf pack like a prodigy..giving your girl bodily harm when I'm commiting sodomy
showing modesty when I honestly kill you cuz you weren't part of the prophecy..so stop it with this mockery
I don't have to bite words cuz knives hurt n I'm sticking one threw your wife first
bitch died..watch the blood burst..lay n disperse like a kid sayin a curse..i warned you now you done brung out the worse
still not hard enough to go saiyan
been calling your bluff since the first day in
sittin n prayin for some good bars..(I'm just sayin)
now I dug the grave so sit n behave or just lay in
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Reply Tue 20 Oct, 2015 08:32 pm
That was yet another flat diss, I'm straight up running you
You only called me a cluster bitch 'cause I got more nuts than you 😝
I take a stab at your cornflake flow and chuck some coco at it
Then proceed to melt it with just a touch of folic acid
While my skill is golden crisp, yours is all fruity
I'll put milk in your honey and soften her like muesli
Bust some nuts in her bowl, and shred her wheat
and fill her whole Life up with some of my Rice Krispie treats
You throw "clits" at my father? That's something a knob jock would do
I'll throw cocks at YOUR father and transform him into a cockerel
No homo, softly softly catchy monkey
I'll bust your noodle open and make you a Maggi junkie
Looks like Ol' Sam has once again has his wires crossed
You bring your gayness to the masses like programmes on Viacom
My words are Paramount features, yours are just promos
Ills will close your production like a company logo
Reply Wed 21 Oct, 2015 10:21 am

giving you collateral damages to suffer from a radical panic kid
here take these several bandages n watch me go Hannibal like this is cannabis
you threw a diss n fell flat like a soft pancake for god dam sake how am I going to smack ills straight
cuz he sittin here tryna to ejaculate to #got more nuts then you..nigga that's a dam SHAME
smacking you around like a looney toon acting like a rude bafoon as if you in this battle N you brung good lyrics too
you getting ridiculed like a dumb kid on a rubix cube chucking coco at what.. I don't even know what your concluding too!!
I'm coco so then I melt cuz I'm chocolate with a bit of folid acid Is that the case?
grab your face grab a blow torch from my four door to put your ass back in place
your a sad disgrace emancipate me from these jacks of grace
I'm the last trace of a ace spades so **** with me ill have your dro packs laced
outerspace feeling comets come down in pace is similar to how this loss is giving this sour taste
screaming louder HEY!!..ima take your bitch **** IT..im going through my bowser phase
LOL..off the top homey
(saves up for spirit bomb)

Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2015 08:34 pm
i remember when I used to lose a bit from this rap doing ****
but I grew a dick..now I rap like I got a computer chip
grab a crucifix and **** the hell out this Bermuda bitch
troupe through the 6 to kill drake jus to lose an itch
im like a lobster with rings going harder then LeBron but with monster instincts
moshpit these things into a ******* group like a collage of weak strings
flawless reaping's of my mind but drawn to thoughtless thinkin
the clock is ticking but good riddens cuz the bomb when BLAH then screamin
balls deep in em cuz I got this funny feelin that the cops be stealin
from the dead beings and coming home "oh look what pops is bringin"
its a bad opposition to this life I'm livin cuz you gotta deal with a lot of venom
but let me stop n let them think about what I just said and hopefully grap a weapon n bring just to this system by stabbing their rectum

0 Replies
Reply Sat 24 Oct, 2015 02:09 am

so High I cant quit I canvas paint a damn pic
, hellfire flick the bic n im a hit this bitch wit ma dick whip her clits lips an tits ,lick the tip licorice liqour is a sixer and trips for a triple sixer , sick a ya **** ,candy rappers wanna snicker n twix , trix are for kids heres an escort they make the best whores now escort your ass out the next door

Reply Sat 24 Oct, 2015 06:41 pm
Funk SHUI 2.0

so high I cant quit the **** no..not even a lil bit
post a dam pic of me n ya girl on the twitter ****
she rips out my dick to fiddle with then speaks in riddles bitch
saying scripts but illiterate saying curses but we censor it
whip out the grip and have this bitch do a backflip for degenerates
whippin with liquorish sippin slizzard while you receive a scizzor kick
yeh snicker n twix..delivery run for a honey bun, liquor n trix
hit drake with a quiver of sticks while I run and slither through the 6
but ima escort this tech 4 with bullets I invest more to shoot through ya poor vest whore into your inner chest core n feeding these creatures like a pest store...all you do is roar to a vet......THOR...hammer strikes with a left oar
unfair to the best like whats a ref for?..kickin reckt floors into faces like neighbors defacing the next doors saying "omg samy is my mentor"
**** this ****...im on a quest for the illest vet like I'm lex corp searching for villains in the west court to fill the fillings of breast support..lol off the top..

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Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2015 11:48 am
Samy's going through a Bowser phase? Well, I've got a spike for his head
and am fixing to drop a ******* meteor on this dinosaur's head
And if that doesn't work, I'll dump him in a ******* buggy
Make him scream, "I'M A BABY - GOTTA LOVE ME!"
You can mix up all the spirit bombs that you like
and I'll just drown you with a little covenant wine
May God have mercy on this lost little lamb
Especially now he's just been lyrically humbled on cam
And by "cam", I don't mean the Harlem MC who's flipped
I mean, "the public thread where everybody can read this ****"
Where Ills sows his thorns, other suckers are reaping it
Even the white dog on Snoop's album cover has trouble believing it
Fee fi fo fife
I smell the blood of a samy dyke
Be he dead or be he alive
I won't grind him, I'll just pay a visit to his wife
.... Back to the spirit bomb line Samy just made
I'll just get my cricket bat out and, well, bat it away
And while that radioactive feedback leaves the guy pounded
His Geiger counter reads:

Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2015 03:56 pm
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