Dudu C
Reply Fri 11 Sep, 2015 01:35 pm
You're a little lying bitch..
You don't have a gun , you can't even drive a car.
The only pussy you've ever seen is on your Avatar.
When I was 16 I was spittin 16s
an mixin green with amphetamine,
ballin non stop....I remember when my balls dropped.
You'll get there one day Samy boy, but probably not.

Reply Sat 12 Sep, 2015 01:33 am
@Dudu C,
There's no method to your madness, you're just causing mayhem
You couldn't rise to the challenge if you woke up in the a.m.
Seems this "white cop" is always on the beat
But you got mugged by a Black Rob in the street
Yeah, I'm a frog, I hop over your heat
I'm an amphibian with big springs in my feet
Soon as I make a splash, I'm all in your spouse's ass
Unblock her pores, and let her bowels gash
Then get a towel fast, quickly rub up the stash
that she made on the floor, looking like a cow pat
I play her like a game of cricket, howzat?
She bowls my balls while I smack her about with the bat
My hand is the wicket, catch every coochie shot
Strike the G-spot with vigour until her cootie rots
Oh, what a beautiful feeling the pussy's got
She doesn't need to be exercising just to be pushing up
I'm so, I'm so, sexually active
So much so that my idleness is inactive
Here I am, talking about laying a chicken down
I completely forgot that Dudu C was still around
****, my bad, my mistake, sorry, B!
I forgot you were still there, honestly!
My apologies, like a humble servant
To hell with this. Destroy your L'Oreal ****, 'cause you're not worth it
Reply Sat 12 Sep, 2015 07:05 am
I'm too silly for my own good
But I'm so hood that I literally cover my dome when I move
Right now, there's no groove for me to get into
I've got no sole/soul, 'cause some thieving bastard stole it from my shoes
Now I'm angry, I'm fixing to get that sole back
And this time, don't even think I'm gonna hold back
If I gots to put a Wu-Tang album on and dance to that
Then to hell with it, I'll put my arse through that
I'll fuckin', I'll fuckin', buy every single one of their albums
and blow them up with gunpowder and talcum
Kill Chef Raekwon by poisoning his own munchies
And turn Method Man into an actual meth junkie
Have Inspectah arrested and locked up in the brig
Melt GZA's brain and turn him into a twit
Knock RZA out with blunt force trauma
Turn the Masta into a servant and make him scrub my floors up
Have U-God punished for his sins by Christ
And throw hot coffee in Cappadonna's eyes (OOOOOOW!)
Call the Ghostbusters on Ghostface
And if Ol' Dirty Bastard was still alive, I'd put soap in his face
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Dudu C
Reply Mon 14 Sep, 2015 02:26 pm
Ya you're sexual active, but you'll always be a herpe.
I keep coming back and rising to the challenge like a burpee.
No method to my mayhem like a meth head on his death bed.
Put the barrel in your mouth turn your breath to lead
You're left for dead , like a frog with just a head.
I don't have to decapitate you to get a'head
I just call your mom instead, got her suckin me on the bed.
I'm such a fed , I'm a criminal threat.

I'll come to your house just for talking **** on the net.
I take it too far , like deez nuts in her neck.
Don't give a **** about about a bitch , I'm just pimpin deez sluts.
Roll up and I flex..cuz I gotta shotty in the Chevy..
got some shorties an they heavy, sippin 40s poppin betties
droppin 16s and they godly , wanna battle come an find me

aye I gotta shotty in the chevy , shells on the dash
30-6 on the rack , 45 on my lap , 50 sacks of that gas , 30 pack in the back
dirty bitch an she phat
Ridin shotgun, smokin wax like some chrome tipped stacks
I'm in my zone get back , when I come on the track
i'm cumming hard, like sophia vergar on a sofa in a bar , gettin fucked by slays guitar. fingaz sticky cuz I'm blazing haze an tar in a laced cigar inside a stolen car, rollin boulevard trolling whores pullin cards, had enough but I want some more.
Reply Tue 15 Sep, 2015 05:40 am
@Dudu C,
Let's get one thing straight......

You carry a "shotty in your Chevy, shells in the dash
A "30-6" in the rack, keep a .45 on your lap
50 sacks of gas and a 30-pack in the back?"
30 packs of what? Crisps? Cans of Jack's?
I'm surprised your car doesn't give out from all the stacks you pull
Yet you try to pull a fast one, your glass is only half-full
You got a dirty bitch, I shouldn't say it's odd
I guess she's a bit like your cheap tricks, she doesn't wash
An emcee who talks tish-tosh and a lot of tommyrot
Garbage like the lines in your rap, poppycock
Golly, ock! Those ain't lyrics, those are empty death threats
I'm being attacked by a yellow-bellied terrorist
All while I'm chilling in Dubai?
I'm in the City of Gold, which blows your pimping sky-high
I stick up your shorties, turn them into Smarties
'cause they got that chocolate, and always have an answer
Dudu, you're seeing things from the cigar you got laced
You were born out of place like a hog with a deformed face
Plus you actually live up to your name
You always were full of ****, that's a darn shame

Dudu C
Reply Wed 16 Sep, 2015 03:59 pm
I'm nitty gritty boy , **** a city boy
ain't nothin pretty cept my Chevy Boy.
Ridin round town with the Shotgun
hold it out the window watch me Pop One
I don't talk to the Cops , cuz we ain't Got None
Except me, I'm the Sheriff and the Surgeon
Show up at your door like I'm Purgin'
Of course I'm a terrorist , I'm Murican.
and I don't wanna talk I just wanna murk em'
Hill billy , I'm a redneck.
Beer belly like I'm pregnant.
Full of crap but I ain't said ****.
Deuce Deuce got you feeling holy when the lead it.
I ain't fucked ya bitch cuz she ain't seen my dick yet.
Riding round shooting signs in my pick up
30 pack of cold ones in the back lighting up a cigarette.
I'm a walkin talkin death threat, yea you Bet.
I'm in the back woods where they ain't solved a murder yet.
Come around here they ain't ever seen nor heard of ya.

uhhhhh....yeaaaaa ok now listen.....

Tish Tosh You're scripts soft like Chris Bosh on Christmas
Hit em with the criss cross , I hold it down like your wrist locked
You're bitch call me PapiCock, cuz I'm the boss with This cock
Chicken heads with white powder like they kissed chalk
Ya'll motherfuckers better call me DooDoo cuz I shits talk
I'm a Cultist with this Voodoo , expose you like a nudist in the full view
This Pricks Lost, walkin around Dubai lookin for two guys to do
Admit it, you're a faggot, I ain't never seen you with a rich bitch dude.
Yea you're from the City of Gold , but it's all Fools ,
I do it like the Prof, boy I'm all school, All state, everything I spit is all hate.
**** this bitch like a snotty twat, hand on the trigger till the Tommy rot.
Everything you got, your Mommy bought.

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Dudu C
Reply Wed 16 Sep, 2015 04:52 pm
You were born out of a deformed corn hole.
You're not black , you're charcoal.
Quit acting like you're a player , you're a Porn Troll.
The only time you get any ass is when you spank dolls.
The only playing you do is in your dorm room on a console.
You're not stashing stacks, your mom is in control of your bankroll.
Quit acting like you smoke you ain't got no dank rolled.
The only thing you roll , is out of bed you lazy asshole.
You ain't rich, The only cheese your fat ass see's is in a casserole.
You're so fuckin fat , winning the Biggest Loser is a life goal.
You were voted 'Most likely to be a faggot' in High school.
You don't even have any friends on Facebook.
You're such a douche bag ,
People that don't even know you , already hate you.
Dudu C
Reply Fri 18 Sep, 2015 03:13 pm
I should hit the psych ward, I'm a psychotic cyborg.
Walk on stage with a sword and cut your mic chord.
And tell the fans the shows over and you need to write more.
I'm a clinical criminal with a complex that I'm Lord.
Gotta bitch with Jesus Tits, her ass so fat she gotta stand up when she shits.
I like my bitches real thick , and she love me because she like real dick
These hoes bring out the best of me , but these flows are my destiny
You already know if you step to me, how deadly DUDU be.
0 Replies
Reply Wed 23 Sep, 2015 03:28 pm

got a new computer so I can finally use all my keys on the keyboard again , Ive missed you guys Very Happy lets get some old fashion grimey bars poppin ima tell Bambino to come back n take a stab at the site , may even get at shutdownPOW aswell CHEA

Ive seen less bitch in a kennel
thinking you rock, you fruity pebbles
most these dudes be on booshie level
so move ya booty , or flop like your boobies jello
ya'll blow fish tell hootie hello
ya;ll blow dick tell newbies hell no
kicking listen'n to brand nubian mellow
and you kicking mel tones
strung up like a cello and played from the grave
like mel tormeys elbow

light work - see ya soon homies Very Happy

Reply Fri 25 Sep, 2015 12:47 am
these stars talking haleys comet
im twice as shady as shady lets make haley vomit
drive up park a mercedes on it
im like rabies with rabies , you dunno im crazy dogg ,bitch
I blaze the fog , dont praise a god , appraise ya watch
not the one on your wrist
looks like one of us running this ****
having fun in this fungin this scripts
mumblin sumthing bout funding
munchin summon out the sun'n
ya'll bright do sumthin
ya'll like to do nothing
I wipe my nikes in the dyke , when im through *******
aint no run of the mill, running for mills , dumbing a kill
some of um real enough to summon the skill , some of them feel
they could slum you up , some of um will,some of them wont , some of them wheel ,others steering towards appeal ,peel rubber , I dont feel you fakes,I feel mothers ,in the field **** her , some corn on the Nob n I'll still **** her,n ill ****** say they aint blind but will shutter when they dont see that line , flat line, a whack tryn , pussy **** , talk crap , get a cat scat , tryn see mine, see we do see eye to eye with your face swoll, dont brown eye me a hole , put a hole in ya iv , holdin Ivy, hey bitch look its shiney , my baby just died, its hulk when I Pee , my babys alive , better flush it , dont wanna get pregnant **** it that pussy stagnant , ass is the best birth control , just want the earth ta know
drop with no verse control , **** you bitches dont take it personal , purse n all,

PEACE keep it easy Wink

Reply Wed 30 Sep, 2015 09:24 am
@Dudu C,
I plan to turn a Dudu into putty
Paint you a stupid face because you know this **** is getting ugly
You attempted to **** me
like Tony did to Sosa because you thought I was a little monkey
Well, watch me swing for you, hussy
Just for reaching, I'll play the Field, put a Spring on this Dusty
and get him to skipping the country
You got a funky smell about you, and that thing isn't lovely
It's clear your blowing your own trumpet, but it's better if you pluck strings
Crying with a violin
Your flops are a classic, like operas performed in Italian
A hard rocker that twisted your metal
Flipped you a finger like a group singer with his kicks on the pedals
I have you stripped because you tried to meddle with my medals
You tried to string me along like a jester with with fiddle
That was, until you had a change of harp
Now you're finding it painstakingly hard to play your part
like an actor who forgot his lines
I should say, that was a waste of performance time
Touch this and get hammered, you aren't an MC
Your glasses are like false promises, they're all empty
It's a sin to murder, but I'm tempted to showcase some anger
Because I got a lust for the danger
Pull the plug on your career and let it sink - my vanity is evident
like maharajahs being carried with feet on the elephants
It seems this sloth is too slow to be catching up with me
and he's only halfway up the tree
Emcees like Dudu let greed get the best of them
Behaving with so much pride, Simba couldn't chuck a pebble at him
Back then, being a great MC was relevant
Scratching and cutting, putting on an ace beat so we could step to it
Rocking the bells with faith and ease like LL did
Now it's all about the swag, ever since Jay-Z invented the ****
it's been tits-up like a lady whose breasts did a dip
Everybody's wearing straight jeans that are thin as sticks
and as slim as Shady's middle finger flip
Now these so-called "great MC's" want to flip some scripts
that are ripped from baby stuff or kinder flicks
There are ten things I hate about that:

1. It's crazy and a little sick
2. It's misplaced
3. It doesn't fit the print
4. The stories are far-fetched
5. It's plain cheap
6. It's ignorant
7. No more hard hitters
8. MC's are now singing things
9. They're not playing it street enough
10. It's ****

Whew, now I'm being carried away with the fairies
I've smoked too much angel dust, a little scary
This is not a storybook
I stir enough politics to get a Tory shook and get a posse hooked
One of many unsung heroes, and I've just had my poppy took
Giving hotties the doggy look
Looking for some chocha, and I don't mean the coffee, mook!
So mami, boo - why don't you stop fronting and pour me some punanni juice?
Because I get a hard-on when your body's loose
And now my partner wants to party too
He wants a pop a shotty and put a rocket in your bubblygoose
Oh great, now I'm beginning to sound like them - talk about hypocrisy, dude
And if I ever set double standards, it's probably true
Humph. Grumpy did a funnie, too.

People are telling me that I'm heaven sent
I'm a godsend - Christ the King is sending me lots of messages
telling me not to get belligerent
but develop a little degree of intelligence
Dare to beef with this devil then? You think I care?
I'll go full throttle on Charlie's Angel
and go over his head until I nause his brain up
He tried to jig my saw, but like a 3D puzzle, his game's up
Like remastered versions of hit songs, I cover these tracks
An autistic Ghostface Killah with a mask on his face
equipped with masking tape
Quick to blow this Peeping Tom's cover and have the toe-rag toe-tagged
with half of his face taken off like Travolta
Looking like he's been torched into flames
I'll put a label on you, just for calling me names
Stepped out of line like a drunk square dancer 'cause you played a cowboy game
You call yourself good? Nah, you're just bad and ugly
and you just dug your own grave
Deeper than the caves of Atlantis
No wonder your words are watered down, now you're praying like a mantis
that you improve on your art and style
But here's a way I'll get that ass kicked
I spike your Tchai tea, swipe with T'ai Chi
until this guy screams like a sweet-eyed Thai freak when her thighs leak
like she light-peed in her tight jeans while sleeping in the night sheets
I light weed, bring a like that's powerful and highly
I knock the Eiffel Tower off its high reach
Think you're the type, G?
I believe you're a typist, 'cause you find a way to hide keys
I'll reverse this T.I. and make him do a course in I.T.
Reply Fri 2 Oct, 2015 08:53 pm
@Dudu C,
DUDU C stop with the foolery
soon to be acting gangsta but you aint cool to me
bitch hit puberty cuz ima slap you stupidly
have you pumped up just like when you watch nudity
(goes a little harder)
you wouldn't be the **** if someone was on the toilet
your just a littlebitch..guess what? YOUR NOT IMPORTANT
watch your inner core split like the government endorsments
you little horse ****..*doggy chases tail* i'll have you doing 4 spins
from my informants your just a cabbage patch kid
ima savage that wins.ill ******* hurt you so bad...
youll be on a passage for sins!!
lets see..c stands for crap..cuz your bars are on the fence
your tense and your whack. name is dudu so it makes perfect sense
HENCE..i gave up on your shitty bars as soon I saw you
you aint worth no mentions cuz all you do is fall dude
youll be dead in 3 seconds as soon as you ******* walk through!
your brother will learn this lesson cuz your mother will be gone too
dudu c sounds like a accident waiting to happen
quit rapping,cuz the real facts is what your lacking
its the fact that your gay..your just a homo
I don't know what to say..you jerked off a hobo
you said keep it the low low. I was like no bro
because the fact that you paid felt like a low blow
..ima stop right now before I start going in lol..im high af just off the top yo
yoyo lol

Reply Fri 2 Oct, 2015 08:55 pm
yo ills my bad on the late responds..i figured this thread stopped but ima come up with something lol
0 Replies
Reply Fri 2 Oct, 2015 09:23 pm
ok off the top...

battle this kid..just cuz he my homie
so I spoke to his moms..cant believe what she told me
she said ills is lonely..up in the room playing with ponies
hes drinking 40's just thinking how hes such a phony
I was like dammm..you gotta be kiddin
but then again it seems you have no interest in livin
shout out to all the woman..ills is so gay he owns a pair of mittens
put on those mittens cuz of the flames im spittin is bound to have you bitchin
(goes harder)
yeh read the upper statement in parenthesis ..cuz you cant mess with me
lets see..your mom testing my pee.. she grabbed my D
put it up her spleen that what it means (to go harder)..
every time you read that your mother screams to go farther
don't bust triggahs just bust nuts in niggahs moms
put up my middle finger shouting **** you to keep her calm
sex was so good she tried to sell me her soul
she said im the best and I could give you some mo
i poured your favorite cereal in a cereal bowl
as I eat your cereal she tells me **** I need to know
like how your a kid who tries to twerk..acts like a fag and gives a little smurk
I don't mean to be a jerk..but im busy today..I GOTTA PICK UP YOUR MOTHER FROM WORK!!

Reply Fri 2 Oct, 2015 10:46 pm
wake up around 4 In the morning
seeing bitchs moaning and groaning
two lesbians in my bed groping
hoping they'll stop and then they start roaring
it starts pouring ..rain drops like street criminals
car crashes at street signals,,but the concerns for me dwindles
except I start to worry about one lost cause..asking santa clause
what once was is now gone an lost..but ima boss kinda like rick ross
so I try to ignore..but how can you ignore horny girls at your door?
I gotta stay away but my dick wants more..im like why is she such a whore
and gotta come to me for?..me on the inside is having a battle
shes only 13 but she wants a ride on my sattle..and I gotta be honest she kinda makes my man parts raddle..but I push her away but instead she gives me a hassle
so I lock her out thinkin exactly what the **** is SHE thinkin
but I get thirsty so I head into the kitchen..open a watter bottle and start sippin..and there she was watching me n starts to listen
I look through the corner of my eye and see her acting weird
I grab a beer as she says come here..walk back into the room showing no fear...
next day comes..she ******* brings me weed
I smoke that **** just to find her on her knees
im like woah..(opens the door) bitch get the **** out
she said I heard the rumors I just want to test them out
im like what the **** are you even talking about
she said don't worry..locks the door and leaves with no doubt
I was like she needs to leave me the **** alone
im not tryin to bone some chick just cuz she lives in my home
I try to act respectfully..she fucks up my mind mentally
I tried to let her be..but **** only got worse..something I never seen...
the next day..its her and my brother and me..
we outside and we toking on some trees
we head home and I go to take a pee
when I left the bathroom I was surprised to see
her ass was up and it was facing towards me
im like clearly you have a problem..tryin to start a fight
she said my problem is I want you..and that it was alright
she locks the door as she gets undressed
im getting pissed cuz she looks like a princess
my mind is sayin no but my manly side is taking control
luckily I scream no..call her a hoe as she steps on my toe
we leave...
next day happens..mamas casino addiction kicks in
she leaves us with the step dad..so its me and her n just him
we have some jokes and she starts to laugh
she starts to bite her lip..i push her out my path
I go to my room..trying to hide my own my true feelings
I know she is coming soon and my testosterone is through the ceilings
she runs in the room its mid night..she says lets listen to a song
I bring a sigh of relief and put my guard down "ok put it on"
its a sex song..in the hook saying she wants to **** me
luckily I abruptly told her Im tired as my lust screams
it must seem that your lying she said then proceeds to touch me
im like bitch please get the **** off me..the hook is ringing through my head
she grabbed my blanket and slided onto the bed
anyway I push her off saying i kinda understand what you did
is just im not tryin to do a bid over foolin with some kid
so i get up and leave and remind myself im 18 now
i re-route my feelings towards a girl cash cow
she is a cougar..paying me to **** her real good
but then i realized who spread the rumors up in the hood
to me these woman are giants..all they want is my compliance
i need there money..so i guess they are my clients
but word must have gotten around real fast and real quick
cuz everytime i walk past my own sister.. she whispers "ill suck your dick"

0 Replies
Reply Sat 3 Oct, 2015 01:50 am
fucked up beyond all recognition , dont even recognize myself anymore , who the fucks spittin ? , grippin a tight fist , for theses emotions I fight with ,dont even use a pen any more to write with, right if im wrong , been doing wrong so long , it feels right , feel left to the curb,dont even know if theres a twitch left in my nerves, kinda piece of **** death doesnt deserve, an appetite for life ,not just dessert ,sweet when am I going to leave earth...Homie god needs church , I dont , get my cheques from sneakers , till im on stage n peeps check the sneakers
Reply Wed 7 Oct, 2015 03:17 pm

I'm robbing Samy of his Grammys, or at least that's what he calls them
Scorin' them with the same crack that he's snortin' (*snort*)
Stallin' him like a traffic cop reportin'
Fillin' a ticket 'cause he dipped past the minimum, caught him
He says I'm gay, but deep down, he likes me, he's a closet
with a cupboard full of Pet Shop Boys garments
and George Michael covers
He's not an artist, he's a West End girl looking for a father
figure, battlin' a wigger with a bigger hair-trigger temper
has never proved diffi....cult, in fact, I beg to differ
and at the same time begs the question like beggin' to an actual question-mark
When will his "mommy" talk stop?
Do I shove a beanstalk up him until he grows up?
Shove a ba-bomb up his butt until he blows up?
He's buggin' like a grasshopper in the summer who boasts about prancin'
Plucking his strings while he's touching his things
singing the stuff that he sings
Actin' fly like that - **** it, I'm cutting his wings
and selling the junk he calls rings
Thinkin' he's got this rap wrapped round his little fingers
Well, those hands ain't gonna get any bigger
Trying to play the field but he's a shitty pitcher
Somebody should swing for him and bowl him 8 miles
and jack him like the line he just lifted
This dickhead doesn't mean to be a jerk
But it seems like someone tweaked him until his head hurt
Now he's got a splitting migraine
'Cause I confused him with a gritty mind-game
And it's a dying shame like a city with the biggest crime rate
I'm going back to the future in my present time phase
Rewind the clock back to my prime days
**** it, I've kept the same rhyme frame
but added a street thing to it, like graffiti'ing shoe-wear
or putting dyes on Ghostface's foot gear
And **** being off the top, this just came out of my ass
I just farted on Sammy with the biggest behind gas
and aired him out, I squared it out
by drawing a circle around him, and like a drill, I cleared him out
0 Replies
Reply Wed 7 Oct, 2015 03:22 pm
Keeping it smooth, playing it cool like the waters
Nothing can stop the move of the element, that's what Confucius taught us
A shapeshifter who can change quicker
Rearranging the faces of these chicks painting the same picture
Like an incomplete table, there are some elements missing
Too many emcees having periods like pregnant women
Too much swag, too much handbags being swung about
Pants got in a twist, hair in a bun, how they slug it out
is kinda like watching a series of Sex and the City
with their braids, tailor-made hats, gold necks and some titties
Hip-hop is turned into a sitcom; these bitch blondes
are always having episodes while sticking on their lip balms
Spreading rumours like the leaves you see on cliff palms
Carrying lots of tags while waving American Express cards
This is not even a freestyle, believe this
This verse is all written like a prophecy from Jesus
In fact, what I just said is a coincidence
Because in Isaiah 64 verse 6, it says
that we are all unclean, we're all filthy men
and everything we achieve in life are simply dead
Our iniquities are evil, the prophet said it best
And if we don't change, our lives are not complete like empty chests
In fact, now I come to think about it, I can connect
both of those lines I've quoted like a number that's direct
0 Replies
Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2015 06:04 pm
you getting Lou gerrick'd son
**** life
I use to cut the air jsst for fun
just for funds
adjust for dumb
alot of stupid ma fuckers aint just a dunce
alot of pussy bitches aint just a ****
got the kush trees to pay rent for months
lifes kushy taking a dump
well I feed your girl lunch
its breakfast , shes hungry
I put it in her mouth monthly
I put it in ,pull it out , go get some munchies
go get some money , , 420 , and a couple hundies
and a cup a honey , and im ******* bundy with a ******* bungee
jumping to the sound , pow pow , bow down or bow out its getting bloody
Im not your buddy buddy , BUDDY , knock concious out ya body for an experience, your flowing ya period , I seriously wanna drive to syria , in a foreign searing a beer an a recording ta hear , on a quarter quart left , Im outta here ,I think we need more press, Blue dolphins, Green apples, go to the big apple and make an apple pie ,taste the cash flow , taste of rap flow ,
ya'll talk alot of **** butt not when I face you assholes
fates a gat yo , **** playing russian roulette
clack clack bro, if you aint busting , so hard your ******* well police are trying to cuff um , then get accustom , to being a busta an making nothing
this is to my hustlahs, making cake n hustling,getting baked how does that taste muffin , these brownies are magical got um in the oven...

HIGHpro -

Dudu C
Reply Fri 9 Oct, 2015 07:10 pm
All you do is drop names of Rappers you ain't never met.
So just call me DooDoo cuz Im always on some clever ****.
You ain't an Illustrator , you're just a mouthy hater.
Straight up, You're too damn wordy , and you sound nerdy!
How you gonna turn me to putty buddy? You ain't bout that life.
But I'm the type to **** your ugly wife in the ass with a putty knife.
This dude brings more pussy to the table than a chubby dyke
C'mon dog you ain't hard ! You're softer than a puppy bite
And I always cum hard , because your mother suck me right
You ain't a rapper or MC , all you do is ghost write
You're all filler and no hype.
You ain't got no left and no right.
You can't come up with punches, battle , or box.
If you want to be a painter , I'll text you a pic of my cock
You're Filling all your scripts with instruments because when you spit your vocals sound like garbage.
I could blow some doper flows while I'm on the toilet fartin!
They must be blowing smoke up your ass if you think you're an artist!
You ain't better than me and I don't even claim to be an MC , I just rhyme the hardest ! I don't pluck strings , I just **** flings , and suckers like you suck things , and hustlers like me hustle fiends, if you think you can beat me you must be living in a dream...


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