Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2015 08:18 am
Music 2 sick , conjoined twins usings needles like toothpicks... booth is where my boots is wilkes you wanna kick it where my roots is,routine poutine regimes making cheese , its all gravy , give rabies rabies dogg , for all the lady`s lately , tryn suck on ma baby gravy... Morning Ma fucka`s we do this daily pastries baked getting cake clownin on these gacy`s .... they only suspect the usual suspects.. Bitch I aint kevin spacey , well your spacing to macy`s ... Im spacing to mars , bars no maybe ... Hart like kevin ...left in the dark spark or start to develop night vision ...step in cyphers like a sniper , shooot anyone who steps in front of my vision, im not divided , split your divisions , no split decisions,spit tha wisdom in the back of her throat.**** the game so hard make a pornstar choke. -HIGHpro
Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2015 08:28 am
bitches dont know **** I was homeless ,midas finger fucked my goldfish,**** the world with my dick in her swoll lips, flow flip, flip flow , fo those who dont know **** , notice , didnt notice the final notice , you rich pricks aint got focus till I drive one into your locust , doesnt plague me , bro jsst step the **** away from my baggies...Doh , simpsons got me thinking Baby Maggies again cranium filled with uranium lets go bomb some stadiums, every breath so dark , no heart, just made a bong outta shady`s lung ...
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Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2015 12:43 pm

There is always a way which seems right to a man
But in the end thereof is the way of death

Dear Lord, I'm surrounded by more complication
It's been months, and I'm still being placed in sore situations
What's more, they're still hating; and what I mean by "they"
is more people who think it's all good to segregate me
Some girls I know still don't get in touch even after I get in touch with them
And I've been in love with some of them
Why do people run away when I approach them kindly?
What do I have to do in order to throw all this loathing behind me?
(My child, I still sense emotion in your heart
You mean to tell me after so long, you still don't know where to start?
Is this not what I told you? Be conscious of yourself?)
Even though I do, I still remain untouched up on the shelf
(Have you looked inside your conscience?) Right from the very start
(Have you analysed your mistakes?) I've even analysed my heart
I've humbled myself, and never put myself on top of others
(What about the times you fought with your brother?)
Well, You're the one who told me to tell him his faults, take him to court
And if he didn't listen, to consider him a judge outside the law
(But you've judged others yourself, did you ever think of that?)
I was a child then, Lord, I hadn't fully known how to act
(You still gave in to the flesh) How so?
(You punched a girl in the back just because she saw through your joke)
When was that? (Several years ago, when you were a child
As soon as she accosted you, you started behaving wild
Let your anger get the best of you once too often
Walked around acting like you were the only one who's important
And when your teachers scolded you, you caused so much drama
You virtually drove your learning supporter to trauma
Always wanted hugs, kisses and cuddles from her
Never would let any other kid get to touch her)
The first time I met her, she told me I was special
(But that was no reason for you to act disrespectful
I brought you here for one purpose
Don't be nervous if people aren't virtuous from the surface
I give you a chance every day to prove you're not completely worthless
Serve others as you'd want them to give the same service)
Isn't that what I've been doing since I was fourteen?
Living a life without a partner or some friends seems boring
(I know you've probably never realised this in your life
But I was right there with you through your difficult times
But for years, you seemed to pine away
Even your father told you to come to church to receive Me while you prayed
That explains why you've been lonely and lost during college
And that partially explains why you've never got enough knowledge
And that partially explains why Deesha never loved you
Shoved you away and placed Ravi above you)
When I found out she was engaged, I was enraged
(You only have yourself to blame, you didn't even give her enough space)
I left her alone for eighteen years
You seriously can't blame me for her pain and her tears
The first time we talked since that long, I was in fear then
(But when you screamed at her for marrying someone else, you weren't scared then
See what I'm saying?
You claim you're the only one on this Earth who's been segregated
Discriminated and evaded
There are many just like you, some of them suffer like you
Half of them laugh and talk under the covers like you
When are you gonna realise the world doesn't revolve around you?
Every time you were lost, I always tracked you down and found you
You are a good child, and I know you can improve
If you have faith, and you tell a hill to move, it will move
If you tell a tree to grow, then it will grow
If you tell a mountain to jump in the sea, then into the sea it will go)
But what about everybody else who said, "Faith will fail you"?
(Forget what your brothers said, listen to what I tell you
I'm the Beginning and the Ending
The Alpha and the Omega, the One who made the Earth you live in and the Heavens
The stars, the planets and the skies are under My reign
I am the One who brings the wind, the Sun and the rain
I am you, a human in My image
I know all and see all, I separate the truthful from the fibbers
So believe Me when I say, the seed of salvation is in you
It is ever so simple to have your faith rekindled
Why do you think My Son Jesus gave up His life for you?
Why do you think He bore all of your sins and died for you?
Why do you think He taught what He taught as a man?
The reason? I, your Almighty God, have a plan
for you to see joy, and for you to pass My test
But I can't help you do that if you continue to transgress
Your destiny depends on what you do, what you say
and the things you think every 24 hours of every day
What goes into the mouth goes through your digestive parts
and what comes OUT of the mouth comes direct from the heart)
You mean to tell me every word, every statement and every joke that I've told
is recorded in some holy book You've got open?
And everything that I've bought, everything I've had measured
Everything that I've kept on credit are all just part of the Devil's treasure?
(My child, in order to be
You must give up all the valuables that you have and come and follow Me
How hard it is for a rich man to enter Heaven
when he has a lot of things in his possession
Such as cars, money, women, jewellery and land
These are things which are only preserved by man)
But Jesus told me that man cannot live on bread alone
(He was referring to what you should seek, not what you own
If My Son can resist things, so can you
If He can overcome affliction, so can you
If He can keep My Spirit in Him, so can you
You're a sinner who is worthy of forgiveness
All you have to do is confess all your addictions
The vain that you've afflicted, all the pain that you've inflicted
Every single wrong and mistake you have committed)
Tell me what I have to do in order to see Your Heavenly light
(You must surrender yourself and do whatever is right)
What can I do to gain such eternal life?
(You must honour your parents, your brother and your wife
Love your enemies even though they don't love you
Humble yourself before others, especially those above you
Even if eight times out of ten you feel out of place
You must always learn to maintain a state of grace)
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Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2015 06:58 pm
I made a couple rap songs on GarageBand. Two of the beats are not mine but I'd like to share nevertheless. Anyone want to hear? Drop email Smile
Reply Thu 12 Mar, 2015 01:06 am
hey gliitch yea hit me up milkboxki[email protected]

Virgin Sacrafice

""Our Father,
Who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread""
this a virgin sacrafice
sack'r once , sack'r twice
said she was sack religous
course im down with shortys
lil devils horny macking midgets
hell cerebus smacking bitches
cant believe she was a virgo
beat the pussy till blood flowed purple
mix the kush seeds wit some urkel
got mary jane cremating
succubus , suck a dick how the CREAM tasting
******* quick ******* chick , wanna nut the ******* clique
on some usher **** , ima bust her lip..rhyme on some busta ****
shes doing lines on the bus n flip'n candy.
Im going through her phone to bone and invite the family
**** a grammy , get a ******* handy ,from her mother
well her ******* granny , giving me a gummer, well i bust on nanny 's fanny
plan B a handful of ambi's mixed up in the candy ....
oops ,another angel fell on a devils dick ...
doing kegels giving the head a lick
does it taste like heaven yet ?
give her cane cause she's able
flows is moses split the red ocean
roses on the bed , thorns next to the horns on the head
whores on the head
lord she raisin the dead
leave her boom Baptized
with a taste of the bread
Hailmary full of grace
how much dick can one chick take ?
Lets get baked an make cake
or make cake and get baked
sitting at the last supper
hungry as tupac on death row mutha fucka's
Hailmary full of grace
how much dick can one chick take ?
Lets get baked an make cake
or make cake and get baked
sitting at the last supper
hungry as pac on death row mutha fucka's
sitting at the last supper
hungry as 2 pacs on death row mutha fucka's
still shittin the last supper
Reply Thu 12 Mar, 2015 02:59 pm
Gotcha. Straight fire rhymes as always you got there
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Reply Thu 12 Mar, 2015 03:21 pm
Cancerous ticket given, by a screwed cop, lost
Animus, click it rip it, twisting the top notch
Lost Spock's imagery, doc ock enemies
So quickly loss drops, raw maw's jaw is the
Animal within all us, cannibal gripping on us
Sweet liver and chianti, keep in the box they want me
Locked up in a cage, sawed off they're afraid
Mask me, sedate me before I crave
Some face, don't honor face, but grace, bite off her face
Will graham caught and blamed, wish your father came
Just go watch the grave, pocket a motto say
"Art thou Romeo? Doth thou tasting so?"
Dictionary fricken old, ref'rence old English
I'm not kidding bitch, get shot dig a ditch
Dark art kill a snitch, got off ticketed
A lot like that crooked cop, mentioned early in the drop
Maybe I am thinking wrong, maybe I'm just filled with long
Bouts of insanity, mouth moves in vanity
Sudden calamity, losing humanity...
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Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2015 11:30 pm
homie gave me a beat said what he wanted on it
honest , im wanted, warrants out for my arrest
so when I ride I ride ta heart beaten out my chest
bleeding , seeing last breaths on a cold night
keep my code like my roll's tight
hand me downs my whole life and these clothes tight
**** the PO , lice ... im pro life ladies come get some babies on ya chin
dogg's life crazy , givin rabies to the kin,canadian rocking stadiums
came from the atrium,
already stoopid high , momma didnt raise no quitter
puff puff pass out , wake up hit the swisher , a sip a liqour
a triple sixer ... since 18 ...**** the game so hard
my dick'll blister ,my brain so odd , my grain so raw
If its against the law, my back against the wall , I aint gone fall

Reply Mon 16 Mar, 2015 07:47 pm
I'm underfed, loved the mess but once a breath my lungs pretend
I should munch on some wonder bread
For once I'm led to suffer death from stunts and meth or a punctured head
A pungent stench comes from the breath as I hurl my lunch across the bench
Now take a seat and stay a while, I'll make you smile
Paint a vile image with your face in bile
Face denial, embrace the wild, keratotin hairs are plucked and placed in vials
Your DNA viable, you're my idol!
When I wear your face and miss your vitals
And keep you as mine, put down the bible...
Sorry I was possessed by a messed up lesser demon than what's kept up in my left and right heads up
Catch up, the red blood ain't vega-table
Gather round as laughing sounds now surround from mouths they mound
Amount is loud but don't clown around, it's crazy town
I don't let kids frown
I'm bound to cross you like Jesus did
But his name won't save you if I'm him
I'm the rapture in flesh, just guess, what's next?
Armageddon death beds, address this wretched mess
One at a time I'll rise up the righteous
Once upon a rhyme I told them don't fight back
But the zodiac is back on the track
The seventh sign, attack attack

You can never verse the verse
Diverse the burning of mixtape vermin
But I chop up tracks for personal pleasure
Cause I'm lurking urban trying to curb my urges
Disperse my words in a murdered person
Gotta leave my name for desperate measures
The serpent luring eve to thirst the first sin
What a worried person about to break the worst law
My jaw unhinges and she's gone
Upon a water the find her body
Venom in her system added
When I kill it's cinematic
Systematic killing addict
Murder rap is one thing I hate just so much
But to drop an enemy you gotta throw the first punch
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Reply Mon 16 Mar, 2015 10:45 pm
deranged missions on the range rippin , brain splittin aimed pistons when im pissed and brains liston, sonny aint get no liptons for the soul chicken ,batter up colonel sanders , sup, thighs an breasts ,supersized flex like funk master a funk blaster..... get on the court,break ya ankles , falling faster then satens angels, lets paint a vangough , dont get the pitcher it aint base ball ,where the cash , you got a small stashe adolf ...**** the easter bunny with the tooth fairy , now every baskets money...slam a pair a dunks down a chokes throat no contest...mugsy with bowes, try n ug mug me, leave your uggs bloody.gettin more carats then bugs bunny making drug money ... selling white to L.A., Steve nash dash smashed like damon on staceys ass MVP ... smoking Big L's on court encore till Im on forbes my dick on ya moms vocal chords , singing you a lulabye ...well I score a swish'er aint that sweet , you Brothers tell these others mothers gutters they aint that shiet ...when we see pigs , we aint that sheep.. grandma in our teeth , cmere lil hood ,for something to eat ..... Peace
Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2015 03:52 am
mr penmanship on that independent ****
bin on the defendant tip but I aint defending it
Im ending **** , meant every word cent no amending it
**** the game throwing elbows at the ref, **** a penalty
we ****'d mentally ,dont need a gun to **** up ya entity
any beef put on the grill , smiled when I got my deal
give **** how a cop'r feel , copperfield ,poof im gone houdini's last meal
in a lamborghini .. leave a cap peeled or pop a capsule ,
pussies talking about a cats skills
suran ya mouth , lets see ya wrap skills
leave ya in the hospitals rendition of shakespeare
bitches I love when ya act ill.. break a third leg
off in your back stage ....gangsters getting booked
aint make it to the last page ...
talk **** like an ass face
im seeing
more buts then the ash tray
at seymore butts set on the last day
No homo ... you fags , mad gay ...
wont watch my life burn away
johnny haze an turn to flames
careful how U want to Urn your name
take a lesson from EA , sport have some game


Reply Tue 17 Mar, 2015 03:55 am
lyrics like spirits ... who needs um ... silly humans .. soles are for shoes ... now run , till your laces loose.. they catch you slippin ... abrasive truth ... sand paper creator , smooth it out when you face the truth .
Reply Wed 18 Mar, 2015 11:32 pm
sup **** face
**** fakes '
hows the rubber nuts taste
cup cakes got bars martha stewart
face looking like her pop tart first time it got popped in the yard
pop star
its sharks swimming with piranhas,pirahnas with parasites on thum
... from calgary to compton .. geurillas stompin..killa killers... Wanted
we both got warrants , stored in the same box is , boring...
television aint big enough when ya prevail ta wisdom
quit bigging up , You aint Digging Up christopher wallace
get jigga'd up... the Jig is up ... fingers up ..brings the dutch
cali and Bc rolls it up in one puff sup, what you willing to do ,
is the devil willing ya dude,creeping in your sin filling ya too , sleeping in ya skin feeling ya too...the kinda lies that are appealing ta you
when ya feeling the neuce , next neck fillin a neuce... hip hop locked sixteens in the chamber , Im killing ya troops , still drilling recruits , ya'll militants for the millions , shine brilliant for the billions,,mind ya buisness,suit, drive in a coupe arrive on the interlude parkin.sparking martian inner truth ..what martin say high to the angels , django .. hell who wanna tangle .. with the 8 o 8 flow , people act fatal , then say they wish they killed themselves happy smoking trees learned abc's from cable...a.d.d. so you can add that to my label ... check the deficit the deafest freshest **** , jss dripped out and spelt excellence you get the message yet...

brains left the skull
no longer have a thought at all
since 13 I havent dropped a ball
**** all a ya'll

HIGH pro

Reply Fri 20 Mar, 2015 04:44 am
here I am at work ,
hearing that phone beserk
whos this jerk , what dude you wanna talk come talk
you know where I live , same place you broke ya brothers rib
with a baseball bat , its a fact I aint a bitch like that ,
grab that bat crack it over your bicycle helmet
for peddling ya mouth bra
hell cerebus , knows I fight southpaw ,
get home , get stoned,
landlord wont pick up the phone
but ya'll pick up the rent
sons calling the cops
before they hauling me off
I stuff my back pack , with a fat sack
bong , lighter ,to bomb cyphers
work clothes , er day thats how work go's
smoke O's , of purple, urkel far as the shirt goes
out the door before the wagon shows up
Hot headed gotta go before the dragon shows up
had to leave before I put him in a box , and it put me in a box
interlocked in the paradox, scared of cops allowed to walk with a pair a glocks ,when I cant walk with a pair a socks filled with rocks
Hip Hop all I got , malitovs , you can call um pacs , I make um BIG
you can call um pops,,Im so done with the sucker ****
**** you and **** ya bitch
you dont like the game ******* quit
If you dont Blow , its cause you suck a dick
people try an stab and shoot ya
yea bet you wish you had baby boo ya
this ones to the dudes I grew up with
said I aint **** till I Blew up quick
threw up trip 9 flip ....
get off my dick
im on my shiit
midas my scripts touch thyne grip rhyming
turn you to diamond ,,situations im in ,
all or nothing , quit all your bluffing
all you muffins ,got me starving like cartman
marvin just ate a martian named martin
im baked where the cake,ate my weight
smoke an eighth a grape , ape feel great
smack a whack rapper in the face with a paper weight
Im patient take the asylum ,through manipulation and violence
or manipulating violins ,.... string around the neck ,I aint dieing


Reply Sun 22 Mar, 2015 11:48 pm
something bout that beat , speak to the soul , , no shoes , running round these snakes like goku , every situation I go through , piccolo pick a flow , pick a dro , pick a Bowl ,Pick the High , as it depict the low, when the pit is full , of everyone feeling pitiful,I mean it on the literal..stand up guy till the liqour fall... then put your hands up high or you can lick my balls... I gotta go to work , with a smirk birch in my pocket , church in my wallet ...lotta assholes wanna talk ****... pray , you dont become prey , today the deacons toxic ,reachin in small pockets ,small pox it... some noodle for the soul , didnt even bach bach it... chickens dont wanna pac it ...they dont know dogg **** ...roll up , with snoop and X ... and smoke your lawn bitch... check the rap sheet Im wanted... check the track beach ... athlete im on it...casper till I saw a phantom now im haunted, ghost'n on this roach'n approachin max speed , potent , important importin an ocean, till im floatin on hydro

**** um
cut um
slice um
knife um
blood sacrafice um
mary, knows dont wife um
Light um
spark um in the darkness
barking , doggs spacing on some martian
markin my territory , marky markin
god vibrations , devils in the dialation's
rebel waitin ,since revelations ,dialed saten
you got that good good ...Im waitin,for that cloud 9
8 , 7 , 6 6 6 ,5 , 4 ,3 , 2 zips zipped ,quick
with the bic ,Icarus smoking on prometheus
melting sweet as licorice liqour .pisssed ...
jsst for my illiterates ... Ill
real beligerent , im hungry , you got beef put it on the grill
how considerate ... havent had my dinner yet ....


Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2015 09:56 am
Haven't had dinner? Well, guess what? I'm hungry
I want to munch on a honey butt, and get my gums jumping
My teeth are smooth like enamel on my vanity, I spoil ****
Just like free-range cows do a crap on my forage
That's how I take all of your raw **** and foil it
like a ploy plotted by toy-boys when someone thwarts it
I score quick like broad chicks snorting hits of ointments
while chomping on horses; and not to discharge
every drop of the oil would be a large disappointment
Then I would have to book an appointment with an annoying urologist
What the **** do I tell him?
That my friend isn't performing and has decided to lock himself in the toilet?
That it won't take a dump when I want it?
Sure, my penis has a bowel; right now, it's constipated and dormant
Like Pharrell and Jay-Z, it seems to be "Frontin'"
instead of swinging like a barbershop quintet of hussies
Vixens, nymphos, foxes and minxes in expensive minks
and rocking excessive kinks
But if Matthew 5:28 warns me not to look at a dime with lust
then I guess I'll have to give my eye the pluck
Cut it off, rip it out and put it to bed
I'm having too many impure thoughts cook in my head
My brain is on the board being cut to mush by a chef
screaming his head off in Chinese while chop-sueying me dead
And this is what I'm going through: 😁 and 😲
Feeling like a ******* cross-eyed πŸ” looking 😡
Yeah, I'm using emoticons in a verse now
Bet nobody's done that before; how does that curse sound?
In fact, instead of saying "pussy", let's use this: 😼
And for "dick", let's use this:πŸ‘ƒ
And instead of saying "****", let's use this: πŸ’©
Instead of saying "bitch", let's use this: πŸ‘ 
For "lick", use this: πŸ‘…, and for "get down on the floor", use this: πŸ™‡
Now, let's talk to a chick by saying this
"πŸ‘  πŸ™‡ and πŸ‘… on my πŸ‘ƒ
while I put a βœ‹ on your 😼 until it's full of πŸ’©
LOL πŸ˜†, ************, now you're on πŸ”₯, you 🌡 !
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Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2015 10:51 am
Got the message? Wobble a boo bah alfalfa
Feeling like Romeo in an Alfa
Shooting up all the Mafia cruising in Philadelphia
My heart is wilding out, yelling "Wooo!" on a helter-skelter
Putting bruises on welters
This dude is a bit of a belter because he uses a belt
to make sure his jeans don't come loose just like felt
My ******* threads are made of animal fibres
Which explains why I have maintained a magnetic desire
or rather "attraction", for female babes with the sassiest wires
The flashiest eyes like photo takes by paparazzo admirers
Take one who I've made friends with in church
She's Spanish, which triggers my tendency to flirt
She has ginger hair and a great deal of elegance and work
An angel from Heaven who's been raised celestially by persons
of a spiritual nature
She's my Juliet, my Bonnie, my Snow White, my Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Jane
The Minnie to my Mickey, the Daisy to my Donald
The BeyoncΓ© to my Carter, the Captain John to my Pocahontas
Oh, how I fall in love so easily, it gets me crazy
and like puffing the lye, my vision's hazy
Except this Mary Jane smells of strawberry
and large berries that she just bought from a corner deli
She's not on the market because she's not even ready
Not ripe for courting so get off her celly
And don't try and swag on her like another Nelly
She's protected like children putting on some wellies
Athletes taking part in rallies while they're sporting shellies (shell-toes)
So blood claat bwoy, why yu nuh leave har alone?
Cyaan yuh see dat shi wants to be pon har own?
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Reply Tue 24 Mar, 2015 10:22 pm
This is your life its so intense It leaves you wondering what happened it doesn't make sense Your folks have told ya about the birds an the bees now I'm gonna tell you about the cops an the trees Weather you slam it snort it or smoke it through a glass It always come back an knock ya on your ass The Meth Monster knows you're sick First it's your friends then it's your wife You're convinced you don't need them they're trashing your life Then one day you realize an see They're all part of a conspiracy You'll hide in your house best friends you avoid You're a strung out sucker straight paranoid Now this stuff has taken a nasty turn You jumped into the fire starting to burn What once was for kicks now is all so real you get a brainstorm an think "Hey I should deal" now all your time is spent just making your rounds You started with Grams quarters then ounces now pounds you've entered a chapter of the crankster's sick book Knowing from the start there's gonna be trouble Ya sit in your lab watching it bubble possibly being watched by the Feds an DTF You still gotta cook that meth Then one night you're minding your store Twenty-one policeman came crashing through the door They bum rush you stick a knee in your chest SCREAM Freeze you junkie you're under arrest Now you're going to court with a public defender You'd have a better chance sticking your head in a blender The Judge won't make a deal He'll give twenty to life So you call home collect an Wtf your buddy's with your wife So you're left walking the prison floor you look back n reflect How did my life get so screwed up wrecked? Then came a flash in my head like a big neon sign saying I think I'll get out an cook just one last time
Reply Fri 27 Mar, 2015 04:09 pm
For many years, I felt like a bag stuffed with accessories
Every time I was dropped, I needed somebody to carry me
And just when **** started to get incredulously heavy
I would leak or at least rip a ******* hole in my panties
But I learned to pick myself up like cigarettes that have just been left
on the pavement to be cleaned up by the rubbish collectors
A one-man band trying to grandstand in rap
but it's not attaching, so I guess I'll have to try my hand in fabrics
Why not? If I'm this ******* good at spitting poems
I should be able to weave something as cool as knitting clothing
Every verse laid eventually becomes a masterpiece
depending on how I master it and I actually make it a piece
of a magnum opus, that's my modus
operandi coming into play, without lacking focus
A bit like Casanova, not giving a damn how my acts are performed
as long as I get some ass on shoulders
and a standing ovation, or a lady standing over me
showing me some ovaries while grabbing a hold of me
and boldly, going in like Star Trek just to see the bulge on me
Kinda like an insect when its pupils gleam

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Reply Mon 30 Mar, 2015 11:00 pm
SOE ya'll 2 pussy cant **** wit me
quacks trying to wrap there minds around my raps
keep ducking me , myan mines collapse diggin
the midas relapse ,sick any sign of my scripts
worth there weight in gold bricks
it was worth the wait hovs this

vocal chords slashed gash shaves faster then a mustashe, **** ass rappers , pull the condom off , soft , all that blow your mommy sucked off daddys balls , now sonny's looking for his fix on aderol , first taste of alcohol , turning animal , walked off sesame st , on to Elm ...all you puppets can go to hell bro , pinnocio you dont tickle me elmo .. HIGHpro born thick in the elbow , kickin the mellow ,piffn the L flow, I got um laced up , even the ones kickin the velcro,

amigo ,im eagle, kenevel trip evel , piff lethal , shits , ego , blown out of perportion,fresh n killing it like abortion, oh this is life , ima ride a corpse in , ima rider ride the beat , ride or die , you can write it in your diary, I dont give a **** , no diarrhea

if someone told you to jump off a bridge , then why would you be eaten the fruit in eden cause a snake tells you how its oils taste ?

reborn inside of eyes of a god ,watching the war ,thor getting hammerd ,dropping the warhammer... hulking smoking a lil more gamma..can a bruce banner spruce canter in the banter , pull a gambit rocking a bandanna in front of the camera, no reason ta front, SOE I got it on my back, fat sacks , we got it like that , get you so high god'll like that , gotta light that , ignite that insight where ever a cyph at , or riot , we ridein , poseidon ,9-5 grindin, then we 5-9 grinding ,till we cloud 9'n ,now drae there thinking we should have signed him back in 99 em , lotta pressure,coal in the soles turned to diamonds ,J..learned the vermin aint as determined as I am,..earning my grams of midas, when I see ya'll flicking your lighters... pffn the cyphers , who wanna step in the crisis , veins drippins ice, is you vain thinking Isis, mean muggin and you think you nicest , **** this beat ima wife this .. **** this shiiet ,Id rather sacrafice a G.O.A.T. then fuckin sleep one night without the BEAT cause ima Beast ... kinda beast triple 9'r's seek ...Hell its bin years in the making baking jamaican since creation for my release ...


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