What is he in it for?

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He finds his way near me all the time at work, plans to take his lunch at the same time as me so we can take it together. He took me out one night and went in for a kiss and I rejected him (previous post explains why). The next day he brought food to me and we talked in the car for hours.. He'll play with my hair and stare at me a lot. He tells me personal stories and asks about mine. He texts me daily if we haven't seen each other and he also has given me one of his bracelets and I'm not really sure how I should take that. He asked what I'm doing on Monday because he wants to do something during the day with me. Last night we went to the movies and he was lightly rubbing my leg and held my hand And at the end of the night he gave me multiple hugs and later on texted me saying I feel good in his arms. But he has offered to give me a massage which made me kinda turned off because I take that as him trying to have sex with me. I'm just not sure if all of this is true feelings or a part of seduction. I have a tendency of overthinking... Want to hear someone's opinion
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a week ago you were in a 7 month relationship, which it seems you've ended to start dating someone else

if you're not ready for a new sexual relationship (and it does seem too soon), take some time before you do too much with the new guy

ít seems like things are rushing with the hugging, leg rubbing etc if you're not prepared to have sex with the new guy

personally, I'd find this new guy too pushy for my liking, but you've got to sort out what you want and when you want it - you also have to communicate it with this guy


íf you were a real-life friend, I'd tell you to chill, spend less time with the guy at work, get used to being a single person again and then decide what kind of person you want to be and who you want to be with
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Thank you
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