Im a straight guy and my bestfriend straight guy starts to ignore me for no reason

Reply Sat 12 Mar, 2016 12:56 am
I'm a guy (tuning 16 next 2 months) and I don't know if why my bestfriend guy (turned 16 recently) starts to ignore me for no reason since past week or after his birthday. I don't know why. Why does he ignore me? He suddenly changed, why?

The way he ignores is like, when someone talks to him, he responds happily, but when I want to talk to him, he replies but it doesn't take too long unlike when it comes to others. When walking, I want to walk together with him. But today he abruptly speeds up.There is another classmate (gay, probably), who always seat beside him and talks to him, finding for a conversation while his(the gay's) bestfriend is gone, oftenly. It's kinda make me jealous a little but I shouldn't because he's a gay and I'm straight and my bestfriend is straight too so it would be impossible that both two of them would get together. To be positive, I also want him( the gay) to return to us eventhough that gay left the two of us (who is I and my bestfriend ) for the first place. I am thinking whether I should let it or not.

I tried to talk to him if why does he ignore me but he doesn't answer. I tried to know if I change or if he has a problem. I started to write short letters to him (if he doesn't want to talk) if why, but he doesn't also reply. (I give those letters to his mother then pass it to him. I'm texting him also about the thing but he doesn't reply although I know the fact that he will not or unable to reply to me. I become very worried so much I wanted to cry. The pain in my heart is still in and keeps growing. Because of that, I went to his house and try to talk to him. But his brother was there, who is not my close and his close person either, which make the situation pretty awkward. I saw his face which I know to myself that he is irritated or rather, his brother was there that it is a wrong timing to ask him about it. In addition, there was a specific question which I really want to know the answer from him -"You're my bestfriend, do you also look me as your bestfriend too?". I really wanted to know from him but when I try to ask it to him, I really can't for no reason. Sometimes, he would say that he doesn't have time to hear this question so it would leave my question unanswered.

I also have 2 friend girls (my classmates ofcourse) and often I seek help from them about the friendship and some emotional support at the city library. According to them, I was quite pressuring him thats why he usually avoids me. Speaking of "pressuring", it was like when I go to buy some drinks, I always need him as my companion. Another one is that about that particular questioned I mentioned while ago, according to them, when I tried to ask about it, it would somehow scares him alot about the unsuspecting question.

I don't want that our friendship will break apart especially the school days will be over and we will be going to different schools. I really miss him so much especially the old times with him.

For 3 years those old memories, my bestfriend is very shy but when it comes to me, he is open and very weird. To be honest, Im more weirder than him because I study and memorize dead alphabets. I wanted to teach him too but he refuse. He likes Nihonggo (and anime things) but those things is not my interest. Im the only person who he only hurts physically but friendly, which is ok for me (with valid or crazy funny reason)

It's kind'a regretful also because I only used the term "bestfriend" to him on his b-day a week ago. I was the "only" person who gave him the best gift.

I miss his old "personality". But today, he changed, in my own perspective. He gradually ignores me.

I don't have any romantic feelings for him. But I care for him. Yes, I love him as my bestfriend or maybe as brothers only, not as my boyfriend or girlfriend or whatsoever. ONLY AS MY BESTFRIEND.

Please, I need help. Im very depressed.

(Sorry for wrong grammar)
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Reply Sat 12 Mar, 2016 01:25 am
Should I understand this has been going on for one day? A person can have an off day without changing personality, so give it a little time.
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