HIV missed on tests

Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2015 02:39 pm
I have ongoing symptons since exposure 3 years ago.
Oral thrush, mouth sores, tongue ulcers.
Burning legs and feet, and tingling in face, itchy skin.

My exposure was with a black African street sex worker. Unprotected sex.
I have had a number of Hiv 1 and 2 antibody/antigen tests (blood), around 17 in total. All have come back negative.

I am still concerned that my symptons are from Hiv, as they only came on after this exposure. Could my tests have missed a rare strain.
I am at a loss what to do, and feel it is going to be too late to find the infection.

What should I do next ?
Please help.
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Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2015 02:50 pm
Go to a doctor who specializes in HIV - this is probably not going to be your regular primary care physician and you may need a referral.

So go, and get tested. And ask what else, other than HIV, could be causing your symptoms. Maybe you're right, and you do have a rare strain. Or maybe you're wrong and you are hearing hoofbeats and thinking zebras when it's really horses. What I mean is, these symptoms might be something else and utterly unrelated to your unsafe practice from 3 years ago.

I am inclined to believe it is the latter but I am not a doctor. I do urge caution, but you might just have other stuff going on.

If it's not HIV, find out some things it could be, e. g. chronic fatigue syndrome or even MS or something else (I don't mean to alarm you and I truly don't know, but it might behoove your medical care provider to think of these symptoms as indicative of separate syndromes) but with thrush as something on the side that just so happens to be happening at the same time.

And - I'm sure you don't need to read this, but this is for the benefit of the folks in the cheap seats who are lurking - practice safe sex every time.

I hope the medical community gets to the bottom of things soon. I'm sure it's nerve wracking not knowing.
Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2015 03:57 pm

Thanks for the reply. I did pay to see a Hiv specialist who has told me the tests are very accurate and would not miss any strain.
However as my symptons persist I am caused great distress.

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Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2015 04:19 pm
I am also not a doctor, but I have heard of candidiasis (thrush) occasionally being an opportunist for people who have some kind of immune deficiency. You might or may not have an immune deficiency; that is just something I've heard of. HIV can cause one type of immune deficiency but there are other causes for it. I'd see another doctor for a second opinion, at least a doctor that will try to chase down what you are dealing with.

Perhaps an internal medicine doctor, maybe one at a department of infectious disease (thrush being an infection).

My guessing there may be something going on re immune deficiency may well be way off base, but seeing a doctor (internist) for the thrush and other symptoms seems a pretty good idea.
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