Stressed about thinking too much if I acquired HIV/AIDS 8-9 years ago

Reply Wed 17 Aug, 2022 08:17 pm
Hi. I've been stressed out lately due to the fact that I kept on thinking I have HIV plus I had symptoms years ago, like 8-9 years ago.

I don't know about HIV before and I was this ignorant adult who had unprotected sex in 2013 with someone I like. We did it for months. Then we just parted ways. Then in 2015 and 2016 I also had an affair and did unprotected sex.

I would like to tell you about my experiences which I just found through too much googling are symptoms of hiv/aids.

I had these severe cough which lasted for 2 to 3 weeks (not sure anymore), a small wart near my left inner thigh which is like a mole, mouth ulcers, and a terrible headache. I went for a check up and the doctor just prescribed me a med. I am also having a really bad stomach ache which makes me vomit and prevents me from eating. The stomach ache comes and goes but it wasn't really that bad. I occassionally have it. I don't remember which comes first with these symptoms and sickness. Later on I had hives every night for 2-3 days I guess. Then, one night I had these big spots that are itchy which started at my tummy or below my breast and then at my back. I put vaseline then they just disappear. I don't remember how long they lasted but it was only a short period of time. 3 days maybe. Then I had lip blisters. All those symptoms I experience between 2016 to 2018.

I had my CBC in 2018 and the doctor ask me if I take antibiotics. I don't and she ask me to have it repeated which I didn't follow.

Then in 2019, I was sent to ER thrice for having a severe stomach ache. They took blood sample and didn't detect the cause. I became sick to the point that everything I eat makes my stomache ache. I lose too much weight. Then on my 3rd time being sent to ER, the doctor advice me to have an ultrasound check.

I had an ultrasound and get the result. I read it and didn't know I had gallstones until one time, I was rushed again coz I've been vomitting bile already. I later on found out that the result tells me I had cholecystitis. I had my gallbladder removed and after that, I've felt so much better. But, I still worry about something. I had another physical exam and it says in my CBC I have low monocytes (monocytopenia). My WBC is normal but it is my monocyte that is low. I hope you get what I mean. Maybe it's a similar result back in 2018. But I am so much better than before. It is already 2022 and I feel so much better. I don't experience any symptoms now.

Now, I don't know what have gotten into me. I am so stressed. As I mentioned earlier, it is because of too much googling that I am thinking too much that I might have hiv/aids.

I talked to the guys I had sex with and ask them if they got sick in the past years. They are perfectly fine. The other one has 2 children already and no signs and symptoms at all. The other one is also fine and told me if he is sick, then the girl he had sex with should also be sick. She has a child now.

Should I really be worried? Should I take the test even if it has been 8-9 years already? I need encouragement, please. I'm actually scared. I know I've been a sinner. But I've changed so much since and my last affair was 2016.

Thank you so much.
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Reply Wed 17 Aug, 2022 10:07 pm
See your doctor or go to a clinic and get tested. There are no MD's here to give you fatuous advice.
Reply Thu 18 Aug, 2022 04:54 am
To add to this, I highly recommend counseling.
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Reply Thu 18 Aug, 2022 07:08 am
If you contracted HIV it would have been because you exchanged bodily fluids with someone already infected.

If that is the case it is highly likely you're still infected.

Whether you live a "virtuous" or "sinful" life is irrelevant.

Get yourself tested.
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Reply Mon 22 Aug, 2022 11:21 am
Everybody has a small level of HIV/AIDS even at 0.1% in our bodies in terms of viral loads. The problem is not immunity but honestly by this time you probably would be dead by now. My sister have sex she literally have the guy get tested before they do anything. These clinics are open 24/7 hours a day.

Just get tested for it already. Make sure the tester is doing their job as well. Anybody could get that job.
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