is she interested in meeting me for a second time or she was just being nice ?

Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2015 12:43 pm
I just met this girl sometime this week. she initiated a conversation with me several times. she asked me questions and we laughed a bit. when she was talking to me she was preening her hair back and forth but that could be because she has a habit of doing so. I felt from her eyes that she is interested but i still had doubts.

a friend of mine gave me her number, i prank called her and this was the conversation

me : hhhhh it is a prank call
her; I knew it is prank call it was obvious who is this?
me; I am X
a moment of silence
she gasped happily
her; ahhh why you did this to me hhhhhhhhh why why
her is this your number
me yes it is
me; how are u doing
she was really enthuasiatic and happy
her; I got a cheap flight to my country for three days this Thursday
me; I thought we could hang out on thursady
her; mmm my flight is at six o clock, why dont we go tomorrow
me; mm i can't
her; why you can't you have other commitments
me yes I do
her no problem we can go out anytime during the week after i come back

I texted her during the week and asked her do you want to hang out on Thursday and she sent me message after 1 hour ' ''yeah certainly and I would love to ''
i asked if this time is ok
then she sent me a reply within 2 minutes
"" yes yaaaaay"

the date lasted 2 hours ( half and hour in the car and and 1 hour and half in the restaurant). we had lots of fun. at the begining ( 5 minutes into the date) she picked her phone and texted someone super fast but after that we were engaged in the conversations and she didn't pick her phone at all. at the end of the date I asked for the bill she offered to pay the bill and she insisted. I insisted too and I paid the bill. she was like promise me that next time I will pay the bill. i was like yeah she said no promise me i was like i promise.

when we went out she said thank you for the dinner you saved my life. we talked for some time we laughed but after 5 minutes while we were walking to the car she picked her phone once and sent a voice message to someone. when I dropped her home when she went out she said thank you so much and we will meet next week ( she is out of country for 5 days)

when she said we will meet next week was it being polite or she really means it

and should I wait till she calls me ( just to gauge her interest ) or I should ask her out sometime next week?

is her taking her phone twice a sign of disinterest or I am being very susceptible and i am overthinking things
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Reply Thu 15 Oct, 2015 12:49 pm
Looks like she had the same prank call with someone else.

Sorry, she's only interested in your other account.
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