lava lake at Kilauea rising

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Halemaumau lava lake rises to within 10 feet of crater floor

By Star-Advertiser Staff

POSTED: 10:00 a.m. HST, Apr 26, 2015

The lava lake at Kilauea came within 10 feet of overflowing onto the Halemaumau Crater floor Sunday morning.

Scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and tourists have been able to view the lava lake from the Jaggar Museum Observatory, since it began rising earlier this week.

Geologist say the rise in the lake coincides with inflation at the summit, which continued Sunday.

Pieces of crater wall falling into the rising lava lake in Halemaumau crater triggered two explosions early Saturday morning, sending gobs of lava to the crater rim and dusting the Jaggar Museum area with sand-sized ash.

The lava lake is at its highest point since the lake formed in 2008.

Observatory scientists released new pictures this weekend and a video taken Friday, when the lava level was about 46 feet below its crater rim.

The two explosions generated by crater wall collapses happened at about 2 a.m. Saturday.

Since the lava lake formed, it has widened as more piece of crater wall fall into the lake. The elliptical crater is about 520 feet wide and 690 feet wide and the lava level rises and falls with inflation and deflation periods at Kilauea, from its current level to about 650 below the floor of Halemaumau.
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If you caclulate the amount of new island formed on "The big Island" since the 1980's, itll be an average of about 25 acres a year (of course it happens in pulses but that gives us an idea that theres about 500+ new acres added by volcanic "schmutz" in that time).

I wouldnt be buying any farmlnd on that entire southern coastal area of Hawaii. Also Lo'ihi is a new volcano (about 200K years old) thats even farther south and will eventually become the newest island in the Archipelago.

I had a fresh piece of aa in my old lab that was given to my class by an old USGS buddy back in the 90's. The guys from the survey got many lab samples and had the USGS logo stamped on the cooling taffy like stuff. You can make all kinds of arts n crafts from cooling lava (if you have the right tools.
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What are your thoughts on the newly discovered expanded magma lakes under Yellowstone?

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I dont think that thyre so newly discovered. USGS has had a "tiltmeter monitoring system" over the caldera for several years and theyve seen the deflections rising. So far, no worries but if the harmonics of the mini seismic shocks start achieving different pitches, then we may need to worry.
I was always a worrier about the entire Snake River hotspot and the Calif hot spot but, well, I dont think we have the capacity to do any really accurate predicting.
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