Need an advice , what should i do with my ex bf ?

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Ok too long story , i cut it short .. My bf broke up with me two years ago. He broke all his promises of marrying me because his parents didn't agree for him to marry me .
Then he also deleted me off his fb account as a result when he texted me n i didn't reply him.
later on i was dying without him so i added him again n continued a sort of friendship with him. I always compromised n invested more than him n he used to chase after my female friend (who was also his friend but she left him as he left me, so he tried his best to regain his lost friendship with her)

On the other hand i cared for him , loved him but he took me as an option without realizing how much he hurts me. I was the one who used to text him more , chasing after him ,
Now i have stopped texting him n chasing him , so he now texts me after 10 days or after two weeks n just asks me how i am etc n sometimes like y i haven't texted him at all , where i am ..
Recently on my birthday he wished me by saying "U ARE THE SWEETEST GIRL "
what's this ??
He says he cares for me but his actions are opposite
Does he really care for me or what ??
Is he using me ?? please guide me
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Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 10:44 am
One day after you first posted this, here's your answer.

Delete his contact info and stop allowing yourself to be a doormat.

Find someone else to text, someone else to tell you how sweet you are, and who means it, and it's not just code words for, look what a pushover you are. I treat you like crap and you keep on coming back for more.

Having a good life is the best revenge, and the best way to deal with this nonsense.

So go out and have one.
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