She still loves me but is marrying someone else.:'(

Tue 22 May, 2018 02:31 am
She does NOT sound worth the risk either. Firstly you mention school etc so my guess until I know better is that one or both of you are fairly young. That's the first issue to desl with. Also , why did you not marry her before he did? A child that is not yours is a heavy responsibility (even if its yours it not easy) for a variety of reasons including visitation rights etc. There is also the issue that she is married & any kind of divorce (assuming she wants that) can get pretty ugly. Then if she gets a divorce how do you know that she is not on the rebound. All of these things a hard on the emotions so before doing anything I would ask myself if I am prepared to make the sacrifices required but even so its a hell of a lot to take on at a young age. I would run in the opposite direction!
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Jo Parker
Tue 12 Feb, 2019 09:40 am
great, I think so, I also agree with you, that is the best solution, maybe the pain will only happen for a short period of time, but will end. And a good future will come.
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Thu 28 Feb, 2019 05:56 am
She's married now so you should take your step back. It'll ruin three lives. And I think you should take some time, you'll get to know many girls. But take your time and start talking to some people. It isn't like you cannot love anyone else except her but I think you can't love anyone in the same way you loved her.
So that's fine. Over the period of time everything will get fine and next time you'll be more aware of such crap.
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