Tips for weight loss

Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2015 05:41 am
Avoid eating:
- In the car:
- during Stand in the kitchen:
- during Watching television:
- On your desk:
- In bed:
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Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2015 06:40 am
According to me eating healthy diet food and exercise are the two best ways for reducing a weight.
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Reply Mon 1 Jun, 2015 03:29 am
Effective tips to reduce weight faster are drink water before taking meals as it helps to eat fewer calories & lose 44% more weight. Drink coffee or tea as much as you can as it raise our metabolism. Eat viscous fiber like glucomannan that helps us to lose weight around the belly area. Foods like leafy vegetables, salmon, whole eggs, boiled potatoes, avocados, grapefruit, coconut oil & many mores needs to consume for weight loss.
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Reply Tue 9 Jun, 2015 05:14 am
If You're trying to weight loss fast than you must use this tips which make it easy for you to weight loss quickly:

1.Make a use of vegetables and fruit when you feel hungry.

2.Spend at least 10 minutes a day walking up and down stairs.

3.Don't buy any prepared food make use of homemade food.

4.Eat water-rich food to maintain overall calories levels.
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Reply Sat 9 Jan, 2016 08:46 am
It really speaks to the credibility of Weight Watchers that Oprah has teamed up with them in their advertising. We all know Oprah's not just doing it for the money, she must be a true believer.
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Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2016 03:18 am
Hey everyone. I'm Pety and I'm 25 year old. I have a huge problem... Last year and a half I got fat because I'm getting contraceptives. I assume this is one of the reasons. So two weeks ago my boyfriend told me that I'm too fat and have to start doing something - diet, sport... The problem is that I don't have a time for sport. I'm working 12 hours every day because I need money right now. Can you help me please?
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Reply Tue 5 Apr, 2016 12:41 am
Go on fruit diet, veggies, whole grain, and lean meats. Drink a lot of water, a little coffee or tea, but strictly avoid sodas, and stay away from fast food. Add cardio to your daily routine, maybe a 30 min walk a week to start, and as you can handle more, do more.
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Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2016 03:13 pm
You, know what. I have been trying all these things but I am not losing weight Sad( I wanted to drink slimming pills soon, what do you think?
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Reply Fri 22 Jul, 2016 06:19 am
Thanks for sharing this amazing tips.
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Reply Fri 22 Jul, 2016 06:59 am
Eat eggs.
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Reply Fri 29 Jul, 2016 05:59 am
1. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals
2. Eat Eggs For Breakfast
3. Drink Coffee (Preferably Black)
4. Drink Green Tea
5. Cook With Coconut Oil
6. Take a Glucomannan Supplement
7. Cut Back on Added Sugar
8. Eat Less Refined Carbs
9. Go on a Low Carb Diet
10.Eat Spicy Foods
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Reply Mon 1 Aug, 2016 06:03 am
Drink Water, Especially Before Meals. ...
Eat Eggs For Breakfast. ...
Drink Coffee (Preferably Black) ...
Drink Green Tea. ...
Cook With Coconut Oil. ...
Take a Glucomannan Supplement. ...
Cut Back on Added Sugar. ...
Eat Less Refined Carbs.
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Reply Thu 8 Sep, 2016 03:10 am

It's simple! It's a healthy balanced diet - and no, there are no 'shortcuts'.

Foods to avoid are:
Bread (even whole wheat)
Vegetable Oil - Try to use Olive Oil
Sugar (obvious, but there's sugar in EVERYTHING, do some research)
Gluten (crazy horrible for you)

Foods to eat:
Protein packed foods (fish, chicken, lean beef)
Fatty oils (such as nuts, avocado, etc)
Organic Butter
Olive Oil

Our body burns a large amount of calories per day that most people are unaware of, however starving yourself is not the way to go, instead eat healthy (and I don't mean counting calories, or eating salads all day).

Basically, you can lose weight without going to the gym. However, doing some exercise is a plus.
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Reply Mon 21 Nov, 2016 03:54 am
Just fed up with all those tips for weight loss... I really need to shred my pounds...It's my cousin's wedding next month and I don't want me to look fatty before them... I don't have enough time for any gyms or exercises...Is there any homely means which is effective..I meant really effective?
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