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Everybody expects something from me. I can never get a break. ITs always something, either my mom, my grandparents, or my boyfriend..its always SOMETHING. My mom is on vacation in oregon..and everyday while she was gone i scrubbed and cleaned the house. Top to bottom. Every little nook and cranny. Not because she asked me, because i wanted her to come home and not bitch at me for not doing anything.. Im so stressed out its ridiculous. And, my overactive thyroid doesnt help at all. It makes everything 100x's worse. I just want to scream...i cry everynight. I cry when im alone. I cry when i clean. I cry when i think about not haviung enough time to do ****. I cry when im overwhelmed. I cry because im so tired... I didnt think a person could cry this much...but its obviously possible.. /: advice...please? I just need some words of wisdom
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Either you are using far too much melodrama and hyperbole or you really are that troubled an individual. If it's the latter, you need to learn perspective and humility. If it's the former, does your school have a therapist a counselor?

First, try and find help at school. But you have to be honest AND not embellish these stories with anything other then the truth. Don't try and win the counselor over with an ever increasing sob story.

Remember, the reason why you get a load of cynicism from your past responses is because it sounds like your trying to portray yourself as the uberinnocent Disney Cinderella. But by your own past account, you are the architect of some of your troubles. Own up to these faults and you'll get more people believing you when you describe other negative events that befallen upon you.

Also, in terms of perspective, keep in mind the old adage, this too shall pass. It means whatever hardships you are presently suffering NOW can't last forever. Don't let pride get in your way in terms of getting ACTUAL help not just online and unprofessional forum help.

Now, see that counselor ASAP. You may be suffering from depression or other issues. Perhaps you can be referred to a psychologist if you are truly in need.
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This article is about the concept of "stress" in relation to biology. . For the concept of "stress" in physics and mechanics, see Stress_(mechanics).

Stress is a term in psychology and biology, borrowed from physics and engineering and first used in the biological context in the 1930s, which has in more recent decades become commonly used in popular parlance. It refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism — human or other animal — to respond adequately to mental, emotional, or physical demands, whether actual or imagined.[1]

Signs of stress may be cognitive, emotional, physical, or behavioral. Signs include poor judgment, a general negative outlook,[citation needed] excessive worrying, moodiness, irritability, agitation, inability to relax, feeling lonely, isolated or depressed, acne, aches and pains, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, eating too much or not enough, sleeping too much or not enough, social withdrawal, procrastination or neglect of responsibilities, increased alcohol, nicotine or drug consumption, and nervous habits such as pacing about, nail-biting, and neck pains.
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