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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2011 01:42 pm
does god fulfills our wish? plz read with attention my 1 above explained experience. the main 3 highlights are 1-what i demand in wish.,2 & 3-its results

i m girl and i m single.but i like 1 guy from heart.he is 20 and i m 19.he has been coming near our neighbor's home to meet them once or twice in a month since jan,011.we know each other little-more,but we not talks.

our neighbor's granny have 2 daughters and 1 son.big daugter is married and have 15 month's baby and 11 year son.In march,011 ,once she had came to stay for 2 weeks with her kids. during these days once guy had came to stay for 2 days with his mom. one day In morning, i was stood in balcony(my 2 floors building have long outside balcony for walking and involves 14 rooms in each floor in 1 row.my building's constuction is in a such manner that in middle there is staircase so when we come on 2nd floor-left side have 7 rooms and right side have 7 rooms)suddenly guy's mom came in balcony with baby(granny's grandson).baby was crying. so i asked her"why baby is crying ?'' ( only guy's parents used to meet them yearly 4-5 times since 2 yrs.they have friendship with our neighbor's.guy's mom knows us and sometimes she comes to talk with us.) she replied''her mother has went for bath'' after sometime guy came in balcony.he was doing act of''fake sneezes'' to stop baby's cry. baby started to laugh and baby was doing same copy of fake sneezes. (HIGHLIGHTS) 1- at that time i had liked his behaviour.after 1 day he went to his own home but till first 5 days i was memorising him,his comic behaviour.one day i saw 1 horrible dream.in these dream''he was drinking alchohol'' i had gotten very scared.my mom daily set into flowers(only she) on god's photo(of my home) during pooja(by singing 1 mantra).after bath, i was praying to god''you know i m simple girl who never like to timepass with any guy.but i like 1 guy really from heart.i don't know whether he is able or not for me.plz make him or be able for me.and suddenly on that moment 1 flower fall down from photo. i felt that god is agree with my wish. after somedays i forgot him and these event and got busy in my studies.

In may,011 once he had came for granny's 2nd daughter's engagement to stay for 4 days.engagement was on our terrace and i had gone with my mom.as per hindu tradition engagemnt get celebrated.my building have 2 terrace i.e-leftside and right side.eng was on right side terrace.after engagement bride's mom,sister,brother and 2-3 ladies were arranging readymade snacks in dishes to distribute(left side terrace).bride's big sister's baby was in guy's hand and he had sat on chair near to entrance of terrace.he had almost soke with sweat(because baby was with him for over-much time) but he didn't hand over to baby. guy is handsome but i liked only his these simplicity.after sometime,bride's brother was shouting from entrance of terrace''hey divya come here'' so i was going there and at a time guy gave me smile.but i not gave him smile becoz i was thinking''i don't talk with him then why shall i give smile?'' bride's brother:do you have opener in home? i:yes.and i gave it to him
after 1 day all relatives went to their own home by doing fun.only guy had not went to his own home.so he was taking initiative.means our neighbor had ordered 3 rental drums of water(to use only for 3 days) so guy was carrying drum one after each
and giving it in one rental shop next to excluding 2 buildings. he was soke with sweat and also with no footwears(when he was doing work).at a time me,my mom,neighbor's granny were in balcony and (HIGHLIGHTS) 2- granny was telling ''his parents have good enculturation on him and his siblings.they have good character means they(guy & his siblings) are not stupids.guy is also maharashtrian like us(my family and our neighbor') but his sub-caste is different so his eating style is different.although his sub-caste is different,he eats our foods with no problem.granny told it when he was in rental shop

in july,011(after 2 months) he had came for that granny's 2nd daughters marriage to stay for 8 days.during these days once i was playing game on my computer and bride's 11year nephhew(bide's big sister's son) was with me. i had purchased 1 new w mobile in july month so i showed it to child. after sometime he went to home and he showed me 1 mobile.
child:its better than your mobile
.i:whose is it ?
child:ajit bro.(guy)
i dress down child and said"why u bring it here''
child:to show u becoz its better than your mobile and i m not fool,i bring it here becoz ajit bro has slept.
and(HIGHLIHTS) 3 - then i checked his mobile.In inbox there were 67 sms and all were of uncles,sisters,aunts,college friends(guy) also call history included all these groups. sometime i feel "my wish exits in reality and it will help me in future. but what is your judgement ?
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Reply Sun 28 Aug, 2011 03:34 pm
I think you've got a crush on a guy who smiled at you a few times. Unfortunately, I doubt he feels the same way about you. But keep in mind you don't see him that often anyway. There are, I am sure, other fellows who are around more often who might be interested.
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Reply Tue 30 Aug, 2011 10:36 am
In your culture, HOW are people supposed to get together?

1. You refuse to give him a signal ( a smile) to show you are interested in him.

2. He does not speak to you.

3. You know very little about him, including if he is seeing another girl or not.

WHAT are you waiting for? God will not deliver this man to you, believe me. YOU must act.

If you are interested MAKE A MOVE - ask him for dinner or to at least talk.

Right now you have a crush on a person you see once in a while. That is a fantasy not real.

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