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This not the Republicans.

ISIS in Mosul Orders Unmarried Women to 'Jihad By Sex'
Posted 2014-06-21 21:27 GMT

(AINA) -- On June 12, only two day after capturing Mosul and other territories in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria issued a decree ordering the people to send their unmarried women to "jihad by sex." In the proclamation ISIS threatens to impose Sharia law on all who fail to comply with the decree.

Here's a translation of the decree, followed by the original in Arabic. AINA cannot confirm the authenticity of this document.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful

Subject: Mandate LOGO The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
The State of Nineveh

In the Name of Allah the Merciful

After liberation of the State of Nineveh, and the welcome shown by the people of the state to their brotherly mujahideen, and after the great conquest, and the defeat of the Safavid [Persian] troops in the State of Nineveh, and its liberation, and Allah willing, it will become the headquarters for the mujahideen. Therefore we request that the people of this state offer their unmarried women so that they can fulfill their duty of jihad by sex to their brotherly mujahideen.Failure to comply with this mandate will result in enforcing the laws of Sharia upon them.

Allah we have notified, Allah bear witness.

Sha'ban 13, 1435
June, 12, 2014

Translated for AINA by Dr. Samir Johna.

Here is the original proclamation in Arabic:


Parados probably knows Arabic.
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It has already cost IRS (really,the taxpayers) $40 M to comply with the right's never-ending requests for documents. And we know that not a single crime has been exposed by the right. That is because the right's investigation is a huge political witch-hunt.

Early on it was determined that a mid-level IRS manager, who admitted to being a conservative Republican, admitted to segregating certain exemption applications to facilitate processing. (Due to funding cuts, the IRS had a big backlog of applications to process. Moreover, many of the applications were from right-wing organizations that were improperly seeking tax exemption for organizations that were in reality political in nature.)
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This is where your story falls apart. We don't have any emails from Lerner or 6 other top IRS officials from the time frame when the targeting was taking place. The amount of information means nothing without doc's or emails from the source. The depths that you are reaching to prove "that nothing took place" is comical. So we have a mass amount of missing emails from the guilty party. She has proclaimed the 5th to prevent from admitting guilt. Several other IRS officials who were possibly involved in the targeting have also had convenient HDD crashes where key emails from the same time frame are now missing. Yet you want to claim nothing took place? Desperate aren't you.

Why were the investigators not notified right away that there were hardware failures that were going make compliance difficult? Instead they have given the same story you have. It's bullshit and you know it but won't admit it.
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Authorities have examined the computers in question, and no sabotage has been found. Moreover, Lerner insisted on efforts to find the emails, which have been unsuccessful. Importantly, there is no evidence that the emails contain anything incriminating.

Any lawyer representing someone like Lerner who is the focus of a massive witch-hunt would tell his or her client to take the fifth. But were the Reps really after the truth, they would give Lerner immunity, which would require her testimony. The Reps will not do that because that would damage their political persecution of Lerner and the IRS in the phony hearings.
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Authorities have examined the computers in question, and no sabotage has been found.

What authorities? Nobody connected to this administration is trustworthy.
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Obama is at Two Dozen Scandals and Counting

President Obama claims that Republicans are busy probing “phony scandals.” But the sheer number of scandals suggests that misbehavior, abuse of power, and possibly corruption are not something being dreamed up by the GOP, but a defining characteristic of the Obama administration.

Here is a full list of the administration’s most egregious scandals. The ones we know about, at least. I’ve added four since the last time we ran the list – an increase of 20 percent!


1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative and pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election. Questions are being raised about why this occurred, who ordered it, whether there was any White House involvement and whether there was an initial effort to hide who knew about the targeting and when.

2. Benghazi: This is actually three scandals in one:

The failure of administration to protect the Benghazi mission.
The changes made to the talking points in order to suggest the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video
The refusal of the White House to say what President Obama did the night of the attack

3. Watching the AP: The Justice Department performed a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation.

4. Rosengate: The Justice Department suggested that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and subsequently monitored his phones and emails.

5. Potential Holder perjury I: Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when in fact he signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal.

6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme: Allowed weapons from the U.S. to “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. The ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which were used in crimes, including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

7. Potential Holder Perjury II: Holder told Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently heard about the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he may have known much earlier.

8. Sebelius demands payment: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate. The money would be used to help her sign up uninsured Americans for ObamaCare.

9. The Pigford scandal: An Agriculture Department effort that started as an attempt to compensate black farmers who had been discriminated against by the agency but evolved into a gravy train delivering several billion dollars in cash to thousands of additional minority and female farmers who probably didn’t face discrimination.

10. GSA gone wild: The General Services Administration in 2010 held an $823,000 training conference in Las Vegas, featuring a clown and a mind readers. Resulted in the resignation of the GSA administrator.

11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World: The agency wasted more than $6 million on two conferences in Orlando. An assistant secretary was fired.

12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act: A U.S. special counsel determined that Sebelius violated the Hatch Act when she made “extemporaneous partisan remarks” during a speech in her official capacity last year. During the remarks, Sebelius called for the election of the Democratic candidate for governor of North Carolina.

13. Solyndra: Republicans charged the Obama administration funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. The administration also allegedly pressed Solyndra to delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.

14. AKA Lisa Jackson: Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used the name “Richard Windsor” when corresponding by email with other government officials, drawing charges she was trying to evade scrutiny.

15. The New Black Panthers: The Justice Department was accused of using a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.

16. Waging war all by myself: Obama may have violated the Constitution and both the letter and the spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.

17. Biden bullies the press: Vice President Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports.

18. AKPD not A-OK: The administration paid millions to the former firm of then-White House adviser David Axelrod, AKPD Message and Media, to promote passage of Obamacare. Some questioned whether the firm was hired to help pay Axelrod $2 million AKPD owed him.

19. Sestak, we’ll take care of you: Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.).

20. I’ll pass my own laws: Obama has repeatedly been accused of making end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce, including the decision not to deport illegal immigrants who may have been allowed to stay in the United States had Congress passed the “Dream Act.”

21. The hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer: It’s not clear who hacked the CBS reporter’s computer as she investigated the Benghazi scandal, but the Obama administration and its allies had both the motive and the means to do it.

22. An American Political Prisoner: The sudden decision to arrest Nakoula Basseley Nakoula on unrelated charges after protests in the Arab world over his anti-Muslim video is an extraordinarily suspicious coincidence. “We’re going to go out and we’re going to prosecute the person that made that video,” Hillary Clinton allegedly told the father of one of the ex-SEALs killed in Banghazi.

23. Get rid of inconvenient IGs: Corporation for National and Community Service Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired in 2009 as he fought wasteful spending and investigated a friend of Obama’s, Sacramento Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson. The White House says Walpin was incompetent.

24. Influence peddling: An investigation is underway of Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, who has been nominated by Obama for the number two post at the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas may have used his position to unfairly obtain U.S. visas for foreign investors in company run by Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Rodman.

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@bobsal u1553115,
24 scandals, and the answer for them. Progressive propaganda cartoon.
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Obama Donor Who Gave $1 Million to 2012 Campaign and Called Nancy Pelosi a ‘Personal Friend’ Indicted for Fraud, Manslaughter

Obama has never kept the best company since launching his political career in the living room of Bill Ayres. Of course to judge him like others who keep bad company is out of the question.

How about Pelosi and her "personal" friends?

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Republican U.S. House Staffers Indicted for Felony Election Fraud as GOP Fraud Epidemic Continues
MI prosecutors: 'Blatant', 'disgraceful' aides 'lost moral compass', were 'completely indifferent to requirements of law'

ALSO: 10+ recent cases of voter fraud by very high-profile GOPers...
By Brad Friedman on 8/10/2012, 3:10pm PT

Given disenfranchising polling place Photo ID restriction laws Republicans have enacted in nearly a dozen states over the past year, you'd think there was an epidemic of Democratic "voter fraud" in this nation. That's certainly the way the GOP has framed it, fooled the corporate mainstream media into reporting it, and even scammed the White House and Congressional Democrats into going along with it when they signed legislation that defunded ACORN, a four-decade old community organization never found to have committed voter fraud, or even helped to see a single fraudulent vote cast in any election anywhere.

As it turns out, not only is there no such epidemic of Democratic voter fraud, but the opposite is true. Over the past year, very high profile Republicans --- including this year's presumed standard bearer, Mitt Romney; the Sec. of State of Indiana (the first state to institute polling place Photo ID restrictions) Charlie White; one time GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich; MO's new GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate Todd Akin; and the group hired the Sacramento, CA Republican Party to collect voter registrations this year for Rep. Dan Lungren; among others (all detailed below) --- have each been revealed as having committed or participated in election fraud --- both voter registration fraud and actual voter fraud --- in state after state.

One might even call it "an epidemic". Or, if you prefer, "one of the greatest frauds in voter history, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy," as then GOP Presidential nominee John McCain described what Republicans pretended ACORN was doing back in 2008 (just before it was revealed he had previously been the group's keynote speaker where he told ACORN's members they were "what makes America special.")

So really, should we be surprised to learn that four aides to former long-shot GOP Presidential candidate and U.S. House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter --- Representative of the state's 11th and one of its most Republican districts --- were indicted yesterday on dozens of criminal felony and misdemeanor election fraud charges for having turned in over 1,500 forged and falsified signatures in a "blatant" and "disgraceful" attempt, as the state's Republican AG described it, to qualify the Congressman for this year's ballot?...

The charges were filed yesterday by MI Attorney General Bill Schuette against McCotter staffers Don Yowchuang, Paul Seewald, Mary Melissa Turnbull and Lorianne O'Brady. According to the Detroit Free Press, "Most of the charges were filed against McCotter's Deputy District Director Don Yowchuang and District Director Paul Seewald. Yowchuang faces 17 charges — 11 felonies and six misdemeanors — and Seewald 10 — one felony and nine misdemeanors."

In all, the four were indicted on 12 felony and 21 misdemeanor election fraud-related charges.

The investigators' report [PDF], details each of the hundreds of fraudulent signatures and petitions submitted by the four aides and, as they described, "revealed that the petition collection efforts were carried out by a dysfunctional congressional staff that had completely lost its moral compass."

The investigators found that the Republican "Staffers function in a culture completely indifferent to the requirements of law, and with the arrogant attitude that the rules simply did not apply to them."

Though "fraudulent nominating petitions were submitted for the 2012 elections cycle," the report concluded, "perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that evidence indicates similar fraudulent petitions schemes were used in prior elections."

After the fraudulent signatures were discovered, there were not enough left for McCotter to qualify for this years ballot. Amazingly, just 1,000 valid signatures were needed. After the fraudulent ones were tossed, just 244 were left.

McCotter himself was not indicted, though, according to The Detroit News, the state AG described him as "asleep at the switch," failing to oversee his own staff, and called his conduct "disgraceful".

When the Republican election fraud was first revealed, McCotter suggested he would run as a write-in candidate. Instead, he resigned from the U.S. House suddenly last month and announced he would not be seeking re-election. At the same time, as The BRAD BLOG detailed yesterday, Michigan's extraordinary partisan Republican Sec. of State Ruth Johnson, has been continuing her witch hunt against "non-citizen" voter fraud criminals, even if the effort keeps legitimate citizen voters from voting and/or having their ballots counted.

As Steven Rosenfeld noted at Alternet, in covering the felony indictments of McCotter's staffers, "A Republican congressman and his 'dysfunctional' staffers are now Exhibit A for election fraud in Michigan. There is not a single Democrat involved."

* * *


With each new case of high-profile Republican Election Fraud that has emerged over the past year or so, we've tried to summarize the most notable. Here then, as a public service, is a quick round-up of many (but by no means all!) of the high profile cases, most of which --- ironically enough, and unlike imaginary cases of "Democratic voter fraud" --- you probably have not have even heard about...

• MITT ROMNEY: Last Summer, long-shot GOP candidate Fred Karger filed a complaint with Massachusetts officials charging that the now presumptive GOP nominee for President of the United was illegally registered to vote in his son's unfinished basement in Belmont, MA, despite having moved out of the state several years earlier. The release of Romney's 2010 federal tax returns did little to dispel the concern. Romney failed to include his state returns in his release (or those from 2009) which would likely show, as Karger detailed, Romney was not a resident of Massachusetts at the time he voted for Scott Brown in the January 2010 U.S. Senate special election to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy. Romney, who had houses in CA and NH, did not, in fact, own a house in MA until July of 2010 (in anticipation of another Presidential run), despite the fact that state law defines residency as "where a person dwells and which is the center of his domestic, social, and civil life." Residents in Belmont, MA, told Karger that neither he nor his wife had been seen in the town since selling their mansion and moving out of state years earlier.

• INDIANA SEC. OF STATE CHARLIE WHITE: In February, White was tossed out of office after being declared guilty of three voter fraud felonies, having been found by a jury to have registered and voted from a residence where he did not actually live. (The same thing that Romney appears to have done, as noted above.) Prior to that, in a separate civil case, White was ordered immediately removed from office by a circuit court judge who found that his fraudulent registration made him ineligible to be on the ballot when he was elected in 2010 in the first place. Ironically enough, Indiana was the very first state in the nation, in 2008, to institute polling place Photo ID restrictions, despite being unable to cite a single instance of in-person voter fraud in state history. Those restrictions, however, failed to keep White himself, the state's top election official, from committing voter fraud.

• NEWT GINGRICH: In January, in an exclusive at The BRAD BLOG, we confirmed the Virginia State Attorney General was officially investigating some 1,500 incidents of ballot petition fraud by the Newt Gingrich campaign related to the former U.S. House Speaker's failed attempt to qualify for the GOP Presidential Primary Election in his own home state. The fraud appears to have been identical to what McCotter's staffers have now been charged with in Michigan, as explained in the article above. Gingrich was video-taped late last year by CNN claiming to a supporter in Iowa, after failing to qualify for the ballot with 10,000 valid signatures: "We turned in 11,100 --- we needed 10,000 --- 1,500 of them were by one guy who, frankly, committed fraud." That, while Gingrich had joined with fellow Republicans over the years in falsely charging the community group ACORN with similar crimes. In fact, what Gingrich's campaign did in Virginia, if his own admission is accurate, appears far worse than anything ACORN has ever done. They had actually been the ones, in most cases, to have identified the fraud by a handful of their workers when verifying the validity of voter registrations before turning them all in --- as required by law --- to officials. Gingrich, on the other hand, appears to have either failed to validate signatures before turning them or, unlike ACORN, appears to have failed to turn in the guilty parties to law enforcement once the fraud was discovered.
UPDATE 4/5/2012: Gingrich campaign worker pleads guilty to felony charges of fraud and perjury after having submitted 400 fakes signatures. Her co-defendant still faces 42 criminal counts. Prosecutors say the "investigation is still active, and may result in additional arrests". Full details here...

• SACRAMENTO, CA REPUBLICAN PARTY: In May of this year, it was discovered that Momentum Political Services, hired by the Sacramento GOP to carry out their voter registration campaign for Rep. Dan Lungren, had turned in thousands of fraudulent voter registrations. It was the same thing Republicans claim ACORN did, though in their case, it was ACORN who notified officials about the fraudulent signatures. In this case, it was the actual organization led by a "professional con artist" and hired by the GOP, who carried out a $50,000 "bounty" scheme for Republican-only registrations. The scheme was very similar, if not identical, to the one carried out by Young Political Majors in 2008, when the state Republican Party hired the group for their registration campaign that year. In that case, the head of Young Political Majors ended up pleading guilty to voter registration fraud convictions, after being arrested just prior to the 2008 Presidential election, when the GOP and Fox "News" and John McCain were telling you, 24/7, that there was an ACORN "voter fraud" epidemic occuring. (There wasn't.)

• SEN. RICHARD LUGAR: Last February, the long-serving Senator from Indiana was accused of doing exactly what his state's Sec. of State Charlie White was tossed out of office for --- not living at the address where he was registered to vote. In this case, the allegations came from Tea Party supporters of Richard Mourdock who defeated the popular Lugar to become this year's U.S. Senate nominee. They charged that Lugar had been registered at a house where he had not lived since 1977. As in White's case, Indiana's First-in-the-Nation polling place Photo ID law failed deter any fraudulent voting by the erstwhile Senator.

• REP. TODD AKIN: Speaking of U.S. Senate candidates, the one nominated earlier this week by the Missouri Republican Party to face Claire McCaskill this November has, as reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last year, been voting for years from a property outside of his own Congressional district where he does not live. The charges echoes those against Romney, Lugar and White. Akin's house, as the paper found at the time, was vacant and long-scheduled for suburban re-development. Still, the Congressman has continued to use it as his voting address for some seven elections, ever since the time that he and his family moved to their new house in a different town some 18 miles away.

• JON HUNTSMAN: In March of 2011, the then GOP Presidential hopeful was also identified as possibly having committed voter fraud. In his case, the former Governor remained registered to vote at the Executive Mansion in Utah well over a year after he had become the U.S. ambassador to China. As the Salt Lake Tribune noted at the time: "Huntsman voted by absentee ballot for last year’s general election using the state-owned mansion on South Temple as his Utah residence — months after Gov. Gary Herbert settled into the historic building and Huntsman purchased a home in Washington, D.C."

• JAMES O'KEEFE: In a ham-handed attempt to try and demonstrate that polling place voter fraud exists in New Hampshire, despite election officials' assertions to the contrary, the GOP propagandist and federally convicted criminal led a video-taped conspiracy to commit polling place voter fraud during the state's "First-in-the-Nation" Primary in January. A Republican Mayor in the Granite State called for O'Keefe and his co-conspirators to be "arrested and prosecuted". A petition with more than 100,000 signatures was submitted earlier this year to the state Attorney General calling for an investigation of O'Keefe on charges of voter fraud.

• CHARLIE WEBSTER: In what appears to have been an attempt at massive election fraud, the Chairman of the Maine Republican Party, publicly announced Mitt Romney as the winner of the 2012 GOP Caucuses there, by just 194 votes, long before hundreds of voters in two different counties had even met to vote. At the same time, dozens of towns which had already held caucuses were fraudulently reported by the party as having had no voters at all. Several months earlier, Webster had named hundreds of legal students voters as having committed voter fraud, when they hadn't. An investigation by the Republican Sec. of State in Maine found they were, in fact, legal voters, though he, nonetheless, sent them threatening letters in apparent hopes of intimidating them from casting their legal votes in Maine in the future.

• RICK SANTORUM SUPPORTERS: In an amusing turn of events in January, religious Republican supporters of Newt Gingrich charged that religious Republican supporters of GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum rigged an informal election during a secret meeting near Austin. The confab had been called in an attempt by "religious conservative leaders" to coalesce their support around a single GOP alternative to Mitt Romney at the time. The attempt appears to have failed.

• Among many other recent cases of high-profile GOP voter fraud taking place prior to the past year, please remember (since the media didn't much tell you about them in the first place): GOP superstar ANN COULTER'S multiple cases of demonstrated voter fraud (in both FL and CT), and the 156-year sentences being served now by 8 TOP ELECTION OFFICIALS in Clay County, KY --- including the County Clerk, a Circuit Court Judge and the School Superintendent --- where they had conspired to change the votes of voters on electronic voting systems at the polling place.

Not a single one of the above detailed cases of election fraud --- both voter registration fraud and voter fraud alike --- would have been deterred or prevented by the disenfranchising polling place Photo ID restrictions Republicans are attempting to institute in at least a dozen states across the country prior to the 2012 Presidential election...even as the epidemic of election fraud by top GOP officials continues unabated.
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Republican Congressman Arrested And Indicted On 20 Federal Criminal Charges
Author: Randa Morris April 30, 2014 4:59 am
Congressman Michael Grimm

Congressman Michael Grimm

GOP Congressman Michael Grimm, who was taken into federal custody on Friday, April 25, 2014, has been indicted on 20 federal, criminal charges. The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States government, healthcare fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, perjury, obstruction, obstructing and impeding, aiding and assisting in the preparation of false and fraudulent tax returns and unlawful employment of undocumented workers.

The 32 page indictment follows a lengthy investigation into Grimm’s business dealings. As co-owner of Granny Sayz LLC, which was doing business in the state of New York as Healthalicious, Grimm was the person directly in charge of company payroll and reporting. Federal prosecutors state that beginning in 2007, Grimm used a variety of methods to defraud the government, including recruiting and hiring undocumented workers, whom he paid in cash.

According to the indictment, Grimm paid some employees part of their wages in cash, while others were paid entirely in cash. This was done as a means of hiding over $1 million in wages from various city, state and federal agencies, whom are charged with the responsibility of collecting taxes on wages.

In January 2013, two former Healthalicious employees filed suit in federal court, reporting that Grimm failed to pay minimum wage and overtime. Grimm was deposed during the trial and lied under oath, claiming that he did not pay his employees in cash. Again, during a deposition before Congress, Grimm stated he did not pay employees in cash.

Grimm kept two sets of books, one for reporting purposes, and another for his own records. The records clearly shows the difference between the amount Grimm actually paid workers and what he reported to the IRS and New York City and state authorities. Additionally, Grimm used falsified data to qualify for lower state healthcare premiums.

Grimm paid the cash wages out of the company’s daily cash sales. This also created a discrepancy between the amount of actual gross sales the company generated, and the actual amount reported to authorities. This led to the state of New York collecting at least $1.3 million less in sales tax than Grimm was legally required to pay.

Grimm also defrauded his business partners, by reporting less than actual wages and gross sales. Additionally, he defrauded his company accountant and the two agencies hired to do the company’s payroll, by concealing the actual records from both.

Grimm says he’s innocent of all wrong doing, and claims he’s being persecuted for political reasons. On April 28, 2014, Grimm submitted his resignation from the House Financial Services Committee. In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Grimm says his intention is to resume the post once his legal matters have been successfully resolved.

Fat chance. Federal prosecutors have more than enough evidence to send Grimm to jail for the rest of his life, including e-mails and electronic records of the company’s actual wages and gross sales.

Maybe if Republicans would stop electing criminals, liars, cheats and frauds to government, they could stop ranting about all the corrupt politicians in Washington.

Former Va. Gov. McDonnell, wife indicted on federal corruption charges
Published January 21, 2014


Former Virginia Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen were indicted Tuesday on federal corruption charges for allegedly accepting gifts, vacations and loans from a businessman seeking special treatment from the state for his fledgling business.

The 14-count indictment includes charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and false statements in connection with the McDonnells’ relationship to Jonnie R. Williams Sr., chief executive of nutritional supplements maker Star Scientific Inc.

The couple will be arraigned Friday morning.

Following announcement of the indictment, McDonnell called the allegations “false” and said he “deeply” regretted accepting “legal” gifts and loans and that he takes “full responsibility” for his poor judgment.

“However, I repeat emphatically that I did nothing illegal for Mr. Williams in exchange for what I believed was his personal generosity and friendship,” McDonnell said in a statement.

“I never promised -- and Mr. Williams and his company never received -- any government benefit of any kind from me or my administration. We did not violate the law, and I will use every available resource and advocate I have for as long as it takes to fight these false allegations.”

In a press conference late Tuesday McDonnell claimed the federal prosecutors "stretched the law to its breaking point" in order to bring the indictment, saying his action were no different than any other governor.

In July, McDonnell said he had repaid more than $120,000 that Williams, a major political donor, had given his wife and a real estate business McDonnell and his sister owned.

He also apologized for embarrassing the state but steadfastly denied breaking any laws.

The 43-page indictment reveals the extent of the relationship, including McDonnell’s use of Williams’ private jet, and the financial strain his successful 2008 gubernatorial campaign put on his family.

“We are broke,” Maureen McDonnell tells a staffer in an email after her husband nixed Williams buying her an Oscar de la Renta dress for the December 2009 gubernatorial inauguration ball, according to the court documents. We “have an unconscionable amount in credit card debt already, and this Inaugural is killing us!!”

Court documents also show that Williams paid $15,000 for catering at the 2011 wedding of one of McDonnell’s daughters. McDonnell has said he didn’t disclose the gift because it was a present to a family member, not an elected official.

McDonnell left office earlier this month after four years as governor.

Virginia law limits governors to a single term.

The federal investigation that preceded the charges also overshadowed the final months in office for the once-rising star of the Republican Party as well as the state’s 2013 gubernatorial race, won in November by Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Williams is no longer the company's chief executive officer.

A McDonnell spokesman in July broke down the $124,115.17 in repayments, including principal and interest, as $52,278.17 for a personal loan Williams made to Maureen McDonnell in 2011 and $71,837 for two loans to the MoBo Real Estate Partners.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Friday, Apr 11, 2014 09:25 AM CST
Former GOP Gov. John Rowland indicted on federal charges
After once having to resign as guv over a corruption scandal, Rowland's in trouble with the law yet again

Elias Isquith Follow

Topics: NBC Connecticut, John Rowland, Lisa Wilson-Foley, Brian Foley, FEC, Corruption, Indictment, News, Politics News
Former GOP Gov. John Rowland indicted on federal chargesJohn Rowland (Credit: AP/Jessica Hill)

After resigning from his radio show last week amid rumors of an ongoing investigation, former Republican governor of Connecticut John Rowland was indicted on federal charges on Friday for allegedly attempting to conceal his paid work on two separate congressional campaigns.

The indictment by a New Haven grand jury is on seven counts. It alleges that in 2009-2010, Rowland did paid work for a congressional candidate in Connecticut’s 5th District without informing either his radio show audience or the FEC. It also alleges that in 2011-2012, Rowland pulled a similar move, this time receiving money for pretending to do work at a nursing home owned by the husband of candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley.

According to the indictment, Wilson-Foley wanted Rowland’s help but worried that, given his previous incidents with the law (for which he served 10 months in prison), associating him with her campaign would bring negative repercussions. For his part, Rowland wrote in an email that he “want[ed] to stay under the radar as much as possible.” Rowland is alleged to have ultimately received $35,000 from the campaign, money he did not disclose to the FEC.

Rowland’s total charges carry a maximum of 50-plus years in prison if convicted.

More from NBC Connecticut:

After he was released from prison, Rowland promised “to be a better person” and landed a job as an economic development coordinator. He also became a popular AM radio commentator.

Lisa Wilson Foley and Brian Foley pleaded guilty last month to charges they violated federal campaign laws in connection with the scheme. At the time of the guilty pleas, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice confirmed Rowland was an unnamed co-conspirator in the case.

Wilson-Foley, who lost the Republican primary, and her husband each face up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000 at sentencing.

Rowland is charged with two counts of falsification of records in a federal investigation, two counts of causing false statements to be made to the FEC, two counts of causing illegal campaign contributions and one count of conspiracy.

Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is an assistant editor at Salon, focusing on politics. Follow him on Twitter at @eliasisquith, and email him at [email protected].

Since 1854 how many US Senators indicted? How many were Republicans?
Since the Republican Party was created, how many sitting US Senators have been indicted for crimes? And how many of these were Republicans? (Not family members, not business associates, actual US Senators currently in office, so that we may have a manageable figure).
Update : Ten have been indicted since 1854; eight were Republicans. (To the answer contending I should ask the same about Democrats to be fair, I hope you can do the math there).

Additionally one was indicted in 1808 (John Smith of Ohio) for conspiring with Aaron Burr, but was acquitted, who was a member of the forerunner of the Democratic Party.

The Republicans:

Ted Stevens R Al 2009
Kay Bailey Hutchinson R Tex 1994
David Durenberger, R-Minn 1993
Edward Gurney, R-Fla 1976
Truman Newberry, R-Mich 1920
John Hipple Mitchell, R-Ore.: In July 1905
Joseph Burton, R-Kan 1904
Charles Dietrich, R-Neb 1904


Burton Wheeler, D-Mont 1924
Harrison Williams Jr., D-N.J 1981
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 22 Jun, 2014 11:22 pm

Four GOP House Staffers From Michigan Indicted for Election Fraud

Four congressional aides to Michigan Republican U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter have been indicted for falsifying nominating petitions for McCotter's 2012 re-election bid, Michigan’s Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette announced Thursday.

"The investigation conducted by this division [Michigan Attorney General Criminal Division] revealed that the petition collection efforts were carried out by a dysfunctional congressional staff that had completely lost its moral compass," the AG's August 9 investigative report said. "Staffers functioned in a culture completely indifferent to the requirements of law, and with an arrogant attitude that the rules simply did not apply to them. More efforts were expended in developing and carrying out schemes to get around the legal requirements for the circulating of nominating petitions than were made to obtain sufficient number of voter signatures."

This was not the first time that McCotter's staff had used this tactic to place him on the ballot, the AG's office said. "But perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that evidence indicates similar fraudulent petitions schemes were used in prior elections."

The petition forgeries will remove McCotter from office. After state election officials found the "duplicate and triplicate" copies of petitions, they told McCotter that he would not qualify for the 2012 ballot. He has decided not launch a write-in campaign.

Michigan's Republican attorney general deserves credit for handling this case professionally. You might think that the state's highly partisan Secretary of State, Republican Ruth Brown--whose subordinates found the forgeries and reported it to the AG--would take notice. However, she is one of a handful of ideological state election officials who believe that non-citizens are voting in her state.

This past Tuesday, Johnson forced all voters in the state's primary election to declare that they were citizens before getting a ballot.

That step is completely redundent because any person who registers to vote must declare, under penalty of perjury, that they are a citizen. Johnson's gambit has been severely criticized in the Michigan media as needlessly complicating the voting process, and in some cases, prompting people to leave the polls and not vote.

"Like a 5-year-old, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is still insisting the bogeyman of voter fraud lurks somewhere in the shadows of Michigan’s elections apparatus, even though wiser folks have told her to back off from her battle against this imaginary foe," Detroit Free Press editorial page writer Stephen Henderson wrote."

It is more than ironic that while one Michigan constitutional officer, Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, is prosecuting election fraud, that another Michigan constitutional officer, Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, is imposing insulting hurdles on the state's voters under the guise of fighting the imaginary epidemic of illegal voting.

It is good to see that Michigan Republicans are not of one mind on what constitutes election fraud. Michigan's Republican governor recently vetoed a new voter ID bill, another laudable move.

A Republican congressman and his "dysfunctional" staffers are now Exhibit A for election fraud in Michigan. There is not a single Democrat involved.
AlterNet / By Steven Rosenfeld
Posted at August 9, 2012, 3:58pm

Congressman McHenry's Campaign Aide Indicted

By Laura Strickler and Michael Rey
The CBS News Investigative Unit has learned a man who was a field coordinator in Congressman Patrick McHenry's (R-NC) 2004 campaign has been indicted for voter fraud in North Carolina.

The indictment charges that Michael Aaron Lay, 26, illegally cast his ballot in two 2004 Congressional primary run-offs in which McHenry was a candidate. The charges indicate that Lay voted in a district where it was not legal for him to vote.

At the time Lay was listed as a resident in a home owned by 32-year-old McHenry but campaign records indicate Lay's paychecks were sent to an address in Tennessee. McHenry won the primary by only 86 votes. According to Gaston County, North Carolina District Attorney Locke Bell, Lay was indicted on Monday, May 7 by a local grand jury.

CBS News has learned that these charges were first investigated by the North Carolina State Board of Elections up to two years ago. The results were forwarded to the previous Gaston County District Attorney Mike Lands. In January, Bell was elected the new district attorney for the county and pursued the indictment.

© 2007 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Two Ex-Alaska Republican legislators indicted for bribery, extortion
May 4, 2007

Anchorage, Alaska - Two former Alaska state Republican legislators, Bruce Weyhrauch and Pete Kott, were arrested Friday and accused of soliciting and accepting bribes from VECO Corp., a private oil services company, extortion, wire fraud and mail fraud.
Two former Alaska state Republican legislators, Bruce Weyhrauch and Pete Kott, were arrested Friday and accused of soliciting and accepting bribes from VECO Corp., a private oil services company, extortion, wire fraud and mail fraud.

A federal grand jury has indicted the two for allegedly taking bribes from oil companies trying to win the state's natural gas pipeline.

Indictment (Kott & Weyhrauch)

Kott of Eagle River and former state Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch of Juneau, were among six legislators whose offices were raided and searched by the FBI last August.

Former Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, is expected to be indicted shortly.

Count one is - Conspiracy to Commit Extortion under Color of Official Right, Bribery, and Honest Services Mail and Wire Fraud.

© AlaskaReport News

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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 22 Jun, 2014 11:24 pm
Hey coldjoint! Need more crooked Teapublicans??????????

Cuz I got more!
Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2014 07:08 am
@bobsal u1553115,
Need more crooked Teapublicans

Considering they are not running things, what is the difference? This administration is the most corrupt in history. If Tea Party people are learning their tricks, that is the way it goes.http://www.acidpulse.net/images/smilies/cheer.gif
Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2014 07:26 am
@bobsal u1553115,
Banana Republicans? How about these guys?
Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2014 07:37 am

Hillary’s Hometown Reminds Her of Benghazi


New Castle police are investigating an apparent act of vandalism in which a banner promoting Hillary Rodham Clinton’s appearance at the Chappaqua Library this month was defaced.

Clinton, a local resident and potential presidential candidate, is scheduled to sign copies of her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” on June 29.

Police said a banner promoting her appearance in front of the library at 195 S. Greeley Ave. was defaced this weekend before being removed. The message reportedly included a reference to the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Reportedly? Isn’t this enough evidence?


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bobsal u1553115
Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2014 08:27 am
Considering they are not running things, what is the difference?

They aren't running it because they got arrested, dingbat.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2014 08:30 am
That's some racist ******* ****. You slandering son of a bitch.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2014 08:35 am

Another Teapublican

Danny Hafley is a TEApublican racist who says of his racist effigy of President Obama, “That’s my buddy. He don’t talk. Don’t make no smart comments.”

If I had a dollar for everyone who stopped and took a picture of it, I’d be a millionaire.

The watermelon made its first appearance after Obama was reelected. Prior to that the mannequin held up a sign that read, “In another 4 years, this will destroy us.” Asked about the watermelon Hafley responded, “[I thought he] might get hungry standing out here.”

Two things, Hafley: Nice trailer home and you suck at math.
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