The Communist Origin of the Modern Conservative Movement VI

Reply Mon 14 Sep, 2020 08:53 pm
The law-breaking law and order president. How can the president go across America breaking laws in every state and proclaim that he is even for law and order? In Nevada all gatherings are limited to 50 people and Trump was turned down at other public locations and he held his rally in a warehouse whose owner is suing the state over regulations. Trump thumbed his nose at the state law and had a hundred times as many people as state law allows. Five thousand people crammed into a warehouse with little ventilation is going to spread the Trump virus far and wide.

Trump made the remark today that the shooter of the LA Sheriff Deputies should be put to death even though both deputies are going to live. But if Trump believes that than he should face the death penalty for killing Herm Cain with the Trump virus at his Tulsa political rally? There will be many more who die from Trump breaking the law and spreading the Trump virus. Let’s face it dead is dead whether from a bullet or the Trump virus. Trump’s political rallies will spread the Trump virus so much that the whole country will have to go back into lock down because Trump spreading the Trump virus.

Today we have 6,645,046 cases of coronavirus, yesterday we had 6,610,453 cases of coronavirus. That means that another 34,593 Americans were diagnosed with the Trump virus today.

The death toll stands at 197,464 today, yesterday the death toll stood at 197,067. That means the Trump virus killed another 387 Americans today.
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Reply Mon 14 Sep, 2020 09:00 pm
When you live on a diet of lies and conspiracy theories the truth is hard to stomach. When you support a known criminal for president, one who swindles people and sexually women, it must be hard to sleep at night. Lies bind but the truth will set you free.
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Reply Tue 15 Sep, 2020 08:58 pm
We know that in any contract one side gets something and the other side gets something. You can bet the countries in the middle east were promised something from Trump. What we do know is the Russians wanted the American sanctions ended because they have contracts to build nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. This would give them the ability to produce material for atomic weapons.

We also know that Jared Kushner was going broke but after his first trip to Saudi Araba after Trump was elected, Kushner talked Trump into supporting a Saudi blockade of another Arab country. Kushner was able to extort two “loans” from the country that the Saudi had blockade one for $770 million and another for $196 million to bail his company out of the red. Trump is busy selling the middle east to the Russians but he is getting more than a few beads.

Today we have 6,686,203 cases of coronavirus, yesterday we had 6,645,046 cases of coronavirus. That means that another 41,157 Americans were diagnosed with Trump virus today.

The death toll now stands at 198,646, yesterday the death toll stood at 197,464. That means that another 1,182 Americans died today from the Trump virus.
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Reply Wed 16 Sep, 2020 09:05 pm
ABC held a Town Hall Meeting from Pennsylvania with Trump and Trump did what he does best he lied his ass off. As always, he belly ached about how hard the questions were. When Trump was asked why he down played the Trump virus? Trump denied that he ever down played the Trump virus despite the fact that there are recording of him saying exactly that. Trump said he up played the Trump virus actions. Every American is entitled to know the dangers they and their family are facing. Trump said he did not want to start panic. Where would we go to in a world pandemic? Trump was only worried about a panic in the stock market.

Today we have 6,704,125 cases of Trump virus, yesterday we had 6,686,203 cases of the Trump virus. That means another 17,922 Americans were diagnosed with the Trump virus today.

The death toll stands at 199,297 today, yesterday the death toll stood at 198,646. That means another 651 Americans died today from the Trump virus.

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Reply Thu 17 Sep, 2020 09:03 pm
Trump was being groomed by the Russian to president for 15 years. The Russian occupy many of Trump’ properties. The Russians have over payed millions for Trump owned properties. After Trump had bankrupted his casinos and airline and no American bank would touch him all of sudden Trump was flush with all kinds of cash to buy golf courses, when asked where all Trump’s cash was coming from? Jared Kushner stated all that cash was coming from Russia. Trump says nobody has been rougher on Russia him. That is easy to say but actions speak much louder than the words.

We know what Trump got out of the deal with Russia but what did Russia hope to get out of Trump? Number one Russia wanted an end to the US sanctions. In December 2016 before Trump even takes office General Flynn starts discussions with the Russians ambassador on how Trump plans to end the sanctions in violation of the Logan act. The calls with the Russian ambassador are recorded by the US intelligence agencies.

But that is not all Russia hoped to gain. They had a far more important agenda. Russia was able to get Trump to refuse to reaffirm “NATO’s article 5 the mutual defense clause.” Which means that if NATO country is invaded the United States would not come to their aid. Putin has ambitions of putting the Soviet Union back together but several countries that were part of the Soviet Union have joined NATO. Putin wants to make sure Trump will not come to their defense when they are overrun by Russia.

Today we have 6,758,858 cases of the Trump virus, yesterday we had 6,704,125 cases of the Trump virus. That means another 54,733 Americans was diagnosed with the Trump virus today.

The death toll topped 200,000 today. The death toll now stands at 200,552, yesterday the death toll stood at 199,297. That means another 1,255 Americans died from the Trump virus today. That is nearly half as many Americans who were killed in WWII. Only in Trump’s America could this happen.
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