bobsal u1553115
Wed 6 Apr, 2022 09:17 am
The bottom line is that there is very, very little to discuss with the defender of a criminal sex pervert who preys on young children.

Flat earth ain't one of them.
Wed 6 Apr, 2022 09:18 am
@bobsal u1553115,
That's why I pay them no notice.
0 Replies
Wed 6 Apr, 2022 10:10 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
Tao te Ching wrote:
True straightness seems crooked. True wisdom seems foolish.

Which is more noble? A person who defends those accused? Or yet another person who jumps on the bandwagon to say that what everyone knows is bad is bad (duh) and that they should feel bad for believing that the most noble American value is defense of the underdog. That a person who has no friends, and has no reason to have friends can still have an advocate to loudly call "Objection!" to the charges. One of these stands for what is just, even if everyone calls them a sick person for it. The other is just another stooge in a lynch mob. Nice job there.

So defense attorneys are bad people because they believe that their client is better than people accuse? Nathan might not be much better than accused, but I'm actually proud to have known him. Why? Because thanks to him, I know what wretched people you actually are.

You believe in guilt by association. Hell, you believe that a person's entire worth can be judged by one or two points. That they can be dismissed based on stupid reasons. Very well, I have judged you on one or two points, and found you wanting.
How do you plead?
Why should I put any worth in you? You are a tool. By your own words, you are a worthless person. I declare you worthless, because reasons, so you are. There is no trial, there is no forgiveness. Any admission you have made about your friends or interests proves there is nothing good about you. Look there, he likes Wilhelm Reich, a pervert who put people inside boxes in order to administer a sort of sex therapy, and a crackpot that thought a series of aluminum tubes could make weather. I find you guilty. Guilty! Guilty!!!

(I'm trying to teach you something about yourself, but one thing you are actually guilty of is being incredibly dense. I fully expect you to learn nothing from this post that is obviously totally serious)
bobsal u1553115
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 08:09 am
I do not know who you are arguing with.

It's one thing to defend someone caught in a badly run sting with some dirty mags.

It's another to defend a guy who has been found guilty and imprisoned over child porn. And then kidnaps a 12 year old from another state for sexual purposes once out of prison, and runs for office over lowering the age of consent to adolescence. As well has been running a child rape website.

It's one thing to pray and witness over a brother who is trapped in sin, and another to celebrate him. Love the sinner, hate the sin is the right attitude but forgiveness without asking for it or changing one's heart and getting right with the Father is nowhere on the menu.

So what's your 12 year old doing this weekend?

There is no point carrying this any further. You are wrong and I am done, done, done with it. Child sex perverts are criminal as well as pathological and I have extreme doubts about anyone who celebrates them or defends them.
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 09:25 am
@bobsal u1553115,
I found that party to be pretty disgusting long before they boasted about hanging out with child rapists.

Guess I was right all along.
bobsal u1553115
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 09:40 am
I found sympathy for some of his problems, but I can separate that from the truly jaw dropping.

The going on about the perversion as being somehow OK and just a bridge too far.
0 Replies
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 05:21 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
You know, I have looked at elf porn. Am I gonna molest elves? Probably not.

Maybe other people are different from me, maybe not. But there are plenty of people who have rape fetishes or BDSM fetishes or polygamy fetishes that nonetheless go their entire lives while never acting on them.

Would you wish to be arrested for your fetishes? Would you especially like to be arrested for life for only attempting them?

I was involved in prostitution. I was desperate for money, so I adverted, and got calls from men. I got to an apartment, and you know what? I couldn't go through with it. I sat in the bathroom crying, then he nudged me out of the apartment. Should I be arrested for "attempted" prostitution?

I know Nathan well enough to know that he is more interested in political activism than following through on his urges. He's a strange dude, yes. But he's pathetic enough that I am convinced this is his first actual crime, and it sounds like a largely attempted one. Well, first pedo crime. He's threatened the president and has done alot of other crazy stuff. But as far as getting a child to have sex with him, I would think that he wouldn't need to fly all the way to Colorado if he were actually serious. If he was a serious molester, I imagine he could go to a local school and pick one up. But there's nothing on him doing that. What he did's a better way to get arrested than get sex.

Which is perhaps the point of his stunt. People in Hollywood routinely molest children (not just "attempt"), and absolutely nothing is done by any law enforcement agencies.
Hunter Biden? Got a judge who is tolerant of child porn.
Nathan? This guy gonna get put away for life. The law is only enforced for chumps, who pay the full penalty. The power elites? They get to drink children's blood in their posh mansions, and nobody is around to find out.

If I am wrong as you say, then every dark thought you have had, you should be arrested merely for thinking them. But if I am right, you should only be arrested if you cause actual harm to people.
Now, I am sorry if my loving the sinner hating the sin sounds like celebrating them. But you simply do not get it, until it is shoved down your throat. When there are two legal standards and it's okay for leftist elites to engage in child pornography but you're gonna tell me that you're appalled when a regular person does it... yeah, you'd better believe that I'm not gonna take you seriously.

If you're appalled by Nathan Larson... why aren't you appalled by Hunter Biden's laptop? Or for that matter, Biden Senior's actual groping of children well below the age of 12. I outright told people about this in another thread and they made excuse after excuse for it.

Either child pornography is okay, and we should celebrate it, both for the Bidens and for Larson. Or when I tell people there are pictures of Biden doing creepy groping of children, they take it damned seriously.

An actual video if you think I'm just imagining things.

You cannot have it both ways.

Which is it gonna be?

Arrest Biden too? Or give Nathan Larson a pass?
bobsal u1553115
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 05:54 pm
Could not take any more after the first sentence.

How many psychopaths stopped after pulling the wings off their first fly?

Pornography is what it is. And even IF child pornography was some sort of magic "safety release", how do children make any sort of informed consent when they as children are being traded as chattel? Who looks out for their interests, at least a fair financial share? at least that? And in an industry that isn't known for either nice or fair.

Maybe you can cite the "safety release" booshwa from a reputable source. Of course you can't. It's a rationalization that perverts use when say they can control their impulses. Parole officers hear that all the time when they find kiddy porn on a parole violator's phone.

Do not bother to respond to me anymore, You are either in need of some counseling or are someone pulling my chain.
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 06:51 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
Have some damned consistency. Again, I show you this video. Watch it!

But I did so you don't have to.

Is it okay for Biden to be inappropriately touching scores of children to the point where it is uncomfortable to watch children? But it's not okay for a man to get consent (and he did get consent, or he would not have been able to meet a person in another state entirely) simply because she was young? Biden petting a girl and you can literally not see both of his hands. Here he is whispering something creepy to her. Dude, she's at least a head shorter than you! A girl literally getting dragged towards him, then he proceeds to pet her for nearly 3 minutes. She is literally dragged in, and her useless parents enable Biden.
Then he's got an arm around her waist. Asks women's ages. When most of them say around 18 to 22, he instead says to a six year old, "You get right in the middle of us." Grabs one of the women around the waist (the SAME way he held a child earlier) and has a girl at around crotch level in front of him. Leans in and grabs the girl in front where her undeveloped breasts are, while again basically his crotch is grinding into her. She actually pulls away slightly. Won't stop touching this little girl. "I like kids better than people." Both hands on children's shoulders. They finish shooting that finally, he's still touching her. Yet another shot, this time a girl with brown hair. Hands on both shoulders. Touches her hair. Grabs her shoulders again, and sniffs her. Mumbles something in her ear. "Could I have a picture of her just alone?" (These bastards all go along with this, until the dad finally grabs her). Grabs another girl's hair, this one about half the age of that other. Pawing her. Asian twins, same deal. Sniff kissing one of them and touching hair. "Let you girls stand right in front." This time a couple of blond kids in purply dresses. One of Biden's hands is around a girl's arm, but the other is held by her dad around where one of his wandering hands is probably under her. "The kids can stay right in the front." So I can jab my dick at them without the parents noticing... And grabbing them around the arms. "Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did." Smile

The little girl is always at the center of these photos.
(Here's a body language analysis on the whole scene)
Scarred for life is scarred for life, whether you use creepy touching, talk to people in ways that make them uncomfortable, or actually have sex with them. Molesting is molesting.

Either you accept it all or reject it all. But you don't, do you? It's okay for one to do it, because they're rich, politically the right party, and golly he's just posing for the camera with them. But when they're poor and not aligned with the government, suddenly they're a villain. I don't expect you to hail my friend as a hero, because he's not, but he's a better person than you. That's right, a convicted sex offender is more of a real person than you. Some intellectual honesty on your part would be nice. You're too busy sympathizing with a sick **** while calling me a sick **** for defending a sick ****.

You are a goddamned hypocrite.
Thu 7 Apr, 2022 10:19 pm
I don't know when or where you were lulled to a state of idiocy, but if you want to be loathed like a pustule on an over-ripe boil, please continue. I suppose you can't find something to talk about because you are too interested in pissing people off. One of the drawbacks for you is the ages of most of the people here......we've all heard all of this crap before, and we don't care if you are fascinated by 'upright' pedophiles. There are thousands of people who abuse children, most of us remember being abused by one of these foul persons in our own lifetime.

It's not fascinating to me that you claim to admire pedophiles.......maybe you are still trying to 'find' yourself, maybe you are just a calm and complaisant monster who enjoys the suffering of others. Whatever your illness is, it's yours alone. Perhaps you might be happier on a child abuse website with like thinkers. Just pursue your own maladjusted ideas and avoid taking to adults.....your views of normal are lower than low.
Fri 8 Apr, 2022 06:23 am
Oh shut up.

Another member of the mob here.

Look. You all give Biden a pass, yet at the same time given Nathan total condemnation and my by guilt by association (but you know, even though Nathan did the same crime, his girl had to willingly give him her address since he lived in Virginia). I watched that video last night do you don't have to, then I watched a psychologist deconstruct the body language of the situation. She says that there are three sorts of touch (well four, but we're including "two people who love each other" in category one): family touch, friendly touch, and power touch. Family touch is the sort of touch that family gives, where it makes you feel safe, comforted, protected. It is also by extension the sort of touch you give when you love someone enough to make a family (but lest you then talk about incest, we're going to loosely separate that back into a fourth category). The point is, family and friendly touch are appropriate. People you've just met, you are shaking hands to say that you have no weapons (that was traditionally why they did that), you really as a friend only use more intimate touch as you become more intinate. With me so far? Well, this little girl's mom gets creepy clammy handed Biden touch her, and immediately she's like "There's something off about this man." The mom and dad submit to him. Normally, when you introduce someone, you stay upright ( assertion) and then you pat their shoulder and say, "This my son/daughter/lab experiment." This is family touch, the shoulder indicates ownership (you saw him do this should touching alot to little children) . That you are responsible and you will protect the child. Now sometimes my parents were too busy, and I felt uncomfortable in a crowd, but I never remember this display.

Mom leans her head forward (submission/deference) and then dad does too (actually he bends to the waist). The girl understands that her parents will NOT protect her so she backs off with all she has, the old man drags her in but she manages to let go. She looks to her younger brother for help, but he's autistic and just kinda walks off without noticing any social cues. Then Biden asks her to stand next to them while he reads the Bible (at that point I was incensed, at the Bible being used as a pretext), so both parents are dragging her towards Biden. Power touch. Then we see an orgy of touch. The girl has just been raped! Completely against her will, she got molested because her own parents worshiped Biden's authority and fed her to the wolves! She is literally a tribute, offered to him to be molested. And all of this is child pornography as well, as it's all molestation on tape. If you think a legit child molester wouldn't be turned on as hell, go ahead spend your money and call up one in the state pen, and ask them to analyze this tape.

And you have no problem with this. So shut up, I don't wanna hear it.

This is the sort of power worship that North Korea's Kim family gets. But you were not okay with Trump, who never pulled this crap. You were not okay with Nathan Larson who told everyone as part of his campaign what to expect and his wife wisely backed off with her child. You know what? Nobody asked their children to meet him. Nathan at the end of the day is a mostly harmless creep, while Biden just gave me that queasy feeling like when you see something repulsive and there is nothing you can do about it. And it just kept going on and on...

And I don't care about the rest you have to say, unless it's an apology. I was not defending his actions, I was defending only the right of him to be treated like a real person instead of a monster. I don't "defend pedophiles", I respect people who have decency to them. Nathan is a walking mass of flaws, but he is also one of the kindest least filtered humans I have ever met. Telling you that the important part of grace is that we forgive people their past deeds, even those we wish they hadn't done. You wouldn't give him that dignity, but you're all like "no big deal" to this. Sorry, but if Nathan is a monster, that man is a demon.

This is the problem of atheism right here. The people don't have real grace or kindness, they have hypocrisy and wishy-washy moral standards. You're completely appalled if I or a Mormon were to do polygamy, but one of Muslims, even though it was clear it was not only a child marriage but a dysfunctional one? "Ohhh, it's just part of their culture..." Mohammed marries a 9 year old and tries for younger before God finally kills him? Totally acceptable! Nathan takes a 12 year old on a plane flight? Guilty! Guilty!!! When you admit your flaws to a theist, they act like a real person and give you a hug, you're part of humanity, and they know you've got baggage to deal with. They want to cheer you up, and tell you things will work out. You admit your flaws to an atheist, they have spent so long trying to be morally perfect, that they immediately jump on them and use them as weapons against you. One of these groups is filled with broken people who despite great sins, are wonderful to have known. The other group saps the life of anyone who they ever meet and cannot be trusted with secrets, because they spend all of their energy trying to be "normal." This type will literally kill anyone who finds and expose a chink in their perfect facade. But that behavior itself is the chink. We are not meant to be perfect at the exclusion of other people.
Region Philbis
Fri 8 Apr, 2022 07:22 am

bobsal u1553115
Fri 8 Apr, 2022 07:26 am
@Region Philbis,
It's a one note symphony. If you found reason to read it, you'd have reason to not read another.
Fri 8 Apr, 2022 11:20 am
@bobsal u1553115,
TLDR would still be the case if it was a one word answer.
0 Replies
Fri 8 Apr, 2022 02:28 pm
@bobsal u1553115,
It's not a one note symphony. I have a number of pet topics that I can pull out to talk about.

On the other hand, "Don't listen to bulma, they're crazy" has been izzy's go-to lazy copout to avoid writing anything resembling a response for his last 50 comments. Talk about one note.

When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.

Your problem? You weren't educated. Oh sure, you went to some university (maybe) and learned how to be woke. But you didn't learn how a basic persuasive essay is written. If it sounds like I'm writing an essay, it's because I am.

And I will continue to write longer and longer essays until I am sure you agree with me.

0 Replies
Sat 9 Apr, 2022 01:06 am
rocket scientist wrote:
Oh shut up.

Oh good comeback.
Sat 9 Apr, 2022 06:54 am
I wasn't trying for a "comeback".

I was legit pissed off at all this hypocrisy.

I'm trying to point out that this man literally gropes 5 or 6 girls in a row during his inauguration (in fact it's kinda like some creepy tribute, the way these kid's parents feed their kiddos to this guy), and y'all keep harping on my small time friend who didn't even get to do what he wanted. Yes attempted something or other (let's say rape or murder) is of a way less degree than someone who does a minor less noticeable version to scores of people.

You might object to mass rape or mass murder, but say one guy tries to murder his wife. Before he even starts, the wife finds the plans, and he is put away for life. But a big shot Hollywood producer brutally beats up people in a soft snuff movie. It's not killing people, but since he is punching them in the gut could leave many of them dead (internal organ damage is a fatal thing). But because we see it on film with credits and everything, we conclude it's a movie and those people aren't really being punched for real. It doesn't sell, though, cuz yeah there is no plot.

But he brutally punched people and didn't even get charged for assault. Yet these people are permanently scarred and will wind up dead in some cases.

In the same way, because this looks like an inauguration photoshoot and not a bunch of kids lined up to be pawed and sniffed and hair touched and felt up by an old man, you don't object for the same "It's just a film" mentality. It's just news on CSPAN, it's not like it means anything. You can be damned sure that some of these children it means something. Some will be traumatized for the better part of their lives. Worse, they can't trust their parents, who literally betrayed them to this man.

Oh yes, as a former Trump supporter I know that it's easy to ger swept up in the cult of personality of a president. But we must get a grip. Trump is an ordinary man who failed to deliver the wall (he gets an A for effort, but no) he promised, who failed to reverse NATO's expansion in the Ukraine which landed us in this mess, who failed to stop the COVID overreaction that led us to this burned down economy. Had he had a little more backbone, he might have taken personal risk to show everyone the economic truth of COVID. Instead, Biden takes credit for temporary jobs growth while our country continues to plod toward inflation and collapse. But Trump had feet of clay. And that day, I decided to stop placing trust in leaders and stop worshiping them. I decided to focus on my life and to believe in Jesus, even though Anointed thinks this is a heresy. Biden is not a god or a demon. He is just a pathetic man abusing his power. But when we stop believing in God, we don't automatically believe in nothing. We as humans are easily distracted, we worship objects, the natural world, even people. This is the real flaw of atheism. You don't have a fallback to return to worship of. You say you don't have religion, but that is some self-delusion. When people worship, parts of their brain switch on. I assume I would not be giving you too much credit to say you have a brain, so yeah you are capable of worship. Ask North Korea how easy it was for them to become totally loyal to their state leader and see him as a god.

When we stop seeing the man as anything but a man, we have to apply the penal code to mortals. Mortals should be tried under the law.

Here is the Washington DC penal code on crimes against minors. It was like a library, very easy to click to links to find what you needed. (I thought)
8A Crimes Against Minors.

The first is contributing to delinquency, so maybe we gotta go down a ways.
Nope, that was the wrong section due to bad organization. Typical of Washington.

Oh gosh, yeah the law is screwed up. Unlike even California (288a) and most of the country, I can't find child molestation as a crime directly. There was pornography of minors (defined very loosely as under 18), there was sexual abuse of minors (to which they listed failure to report sexual abuse as a crime, shifting the burden from the abuser to the reporter), they have indecent acts with children (oooh look, REPEALED, I clicked on further convictions under this section and they give me something about furloughs), crimes committed against minors (turns out to be violence here), cruelty to children (same), and ultimately I had to go to section II under generalized sex offenses where I find out that child molestation in Washington doesn't seem to be a crime. Oh sure they have first and second degree sexual abuse of a minor, they have defenses to sexual abuse of a minor (what the ****, they have protection for assaulting a minor as long as you are married to them), and they have enticing a minor (which is about the closest thing to this, but still seems to be about getting a child to go to some place an have sex). The most I was able to find was this.

§ 22–3001 (9) Sexual Contact. And even that only applies to overtly sex areas like the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks.

Compare even to California law.
Elements of the Crime of Child Molestation Under Penal Code Section 288(a)
Child molestation charges are normally filed as Lewd Acts with a Child. To be charged with child molestation the prosecutor will have to establish that:
Defendant touched or fondled the alleged victim with the purpose of achieving sexual arousal or gratification.
It is not necessary to prove you actually touched the child’s sexual organs; the contact may have been through clothing. All that is necessary is that the contact was intentional and that it was sexual in nature.


Specific Intent to Sexually Arouse The Defendant or The Child
Unless the touching is made by the defendant with the specific intent to sexually arouse the defendant or the child, touching a child, even in a child’s private area, is not a lewd and lascivious act. If the defendant’s touching is for the purpose of sexual arousal, then the touching is a lewd and lascivious act regardless of where touching occurs.

Regardless of where the touching occurs. Yes, even loony leftist California got it right.

So basically? DC has fucked up their own laws so groping little kids is perfectly fine as long as you do it in the nation's capital. You could go to a playground in DC and feel up little kids and as long as you didn't have sex with them or touch certain areas, maybe maybe it would be enticing a minor, not child molestation. But yet someone watching it could be arrested for failing to speak up.

God Bless America. Sigh... I'm out. This country sucks way too much.

Sat 9 Apr, 2022 06:59 am
Does anybody bother reading that drivel?
Sat 9 Apr, 2022 07:01 am
You should bother.

Because what you are doing by not reading is saying, "Yes I am okay with Joe Biden touching my little brother or sister."

Good to know that you're such a willing sex abuse enabler.
0 Replies
Frank Apisa
Sat 9 Apr, 2022 07:20 am
izzythepush wrote:

Does anybody bother reading that drivel?

He offers up word salads, Izzy, lots of sense, no intelligence, nothing truly worthy of consideration and, for the most part, no reason for the words other than to pretend having made a contribution.

In psychiatric parlance, Bulma, is totally nuts.

One thing I have noticed, though, is the difference between his posts of several months ago...and his posts today. Either someone else has taken control of his account...or his posts of earlier days were more than just bullshit. They were bullshit bullshit. A double whammy. Perhaps, just perhaps, there are two different people(or a second personality) writing those posts.

We'll never know for sure. I would not trust a word that comes off his keyboard.

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