You can go back in time and prevent a great catastrophe. Which one would you prevent?

Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 02:57 pm
It would involve heading back to the 1940s and keeping old orange skin from being conceived....

Of course, that alteration of history might mean that the U.S.A. would now be under the direction of some guy named Boris Johnson....

...Americans are strangely fascinated by wild hair.
Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 03:01 pm
Can you imagine Mr Goldman suddenly transported back to the summer of 2019? How will he stop the outbreak? How will he get to China even?
Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 03:20 pm
One of his street fighters will fly him there on a flying dragon... A Dragon named Puffy.

...or was it a saucer? You're right. Saucers are evil as they sound too much like sorcery.

Can Cristians time travel? Ride on dragons?
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Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 03:23 pm
BumbleBeeBoogie wrote:

Yes, but have humans caused more damage to the planet than other life forms?


Hell it was single cell cyanobacteria that in adding oxygen to the atmosphere resulted in the died out of most life on the planet at the time due to the majority not being able to handed O2.

Scientists thought the first time oxygen suffused the atmosphere for any major length of time was about 2.3 billion years ago in what is called the Great Oxidation Event. This jump in oxygen levels was almost certainly due to cyanobacteria — microbes that, like plants, photosynthesize and exhale oxygen.Sep 25, 2013
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Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 03:40 pm
OmSigDAVID wrote:

You can go back in time and prevent a great catastrophe.
Which one would you prevent?

I 'd prevent slavery, leaving the blacks undisturbed in Africa.

How the hell could Washington and Jefferson and Madison become wealthy without their slave work forces or for that matter the south being an economic powerhouse due to the slaves.

Given that Washington was such a slaveholder he once used the man power of the new federal government track down and to try to get his wife black maid back from a non-slave holding state we should consider renaming Washington DC back to Federal city.

Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 05:26 pm
Id make Fred Trump Sr sterile at birth. OH, sorry. I see sTURGIS already had the idea. Oh well, a good idea cannot b repeated too often
Reply Sun 16 Aug, 2020 05:27 pm
No argument there.
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