Joe Lieberman's Speech

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Small world!

I drive up and down Hwy 29 often.
When did you move away?
Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 02:44 pm
Woiyo9 wrote:
You people bore me.

I really do not have time for you morons anny longer.

Aww... we hurt little woiyo's feelings by pointing out facts and stuff.
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This past spring. I lived off of GA 82 (the corner where the subway shop is ) in Arcade.. SPEED TRAP OF THE UNIVERSE!

In early February I received an email from a high school girl I dated after my freshman year in college. She was two years behind me. We broke up in August of '73 because a guy she had met earlier that year in Germany came over to the States. I was too hurt to call her again even though I was crazy about her looks and brains. I asked my younger sister who was in thes same graduating class to find out about her in the fall of '73 and my sister told me that she was no longer at the high school so I figured that she must have gone back to Germany.

Evelyn was "the girl who got away," and I always used her as the benchmark for the amalgam of beauty and brains I hoped to find in a girl. Funny with that too since we never "did it."

Anyway, she emails me to say hello and within a week of emails it became clear that the embers of love were still hot between us. After another week we decided to get her down to my place during the fourth week to see each other and one trip turned into three and a decision to try living together. I could go anywhere with the royalties coming in. Evelyn skipped her senior year of high school, went to Temple U in Philly, then eventually graduated from Cooley Law School in Lansing, practiced at the appellate level for a decade, then became a law professor in Lansing. She is licensed to practice at the Supreme Court too. ... smart as a whip, good looking.... and is surely capable of handling my craziness.

So now here I sit with my four dogs in a spacious house looking out on the woods we now own after moving into our new house we bought three days after we married in July.

I miss the South. I knew everybody in Jefferson and substitute taught in the Jackson country public schools there as a lark. with the lack of teachers i taught everything from kindergaten to 12grade phyics to animal husbandry to flower arranging, to honors english and history. Even five years later kids would walk up to me and say hello at the food lion. now i am bored and started to return to a2k.

So now forgive my insults, please, and start our friendship from mutual respect.
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What a great story, congratulations!
No worries on the earlier postings Cool

I remember the rip cord lounge in Arcade Laughing
And yes, that area is a very active speed trap.

Will this be your 1st Lansing, MI winter?
Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 03:26 pm
Re: kuvasz (Post 3387267)
What a great story, congratulations!
No worries on the earlier postings

I remember the rip cord lounge in Arcade
And yes, that area is a very active speed trap.

Will this be your 1st Lansing, MI winter?

AH THE RIP CORD! there is something oddly stimulating about seeing strippers with gun shot and stab wound scars!

they turned it into sheila's biscuit barn then ronny's place, both morning eateries... and no one up here ever heard of a "meat and three" restaurant.

and man-o-man i just had my 9 year old kuvasz in to the vet yesterday to winterize the boy. he has never lived in a place where the mercury falls below 20F so i had to check his legs for any type of arthrithis in case he needs some extra attention.

one thing about our marriage contract i do not have to shovel any snow and simply can pour gasoline down the driveway and lite it to clear it.
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My Joe Lieberman
Last night I had an awful dream
That woke me from my sleep,
There in my dream Joe Lieberman
Became this country’s Veep.
It happened after John McCain
His party’s top line got,
And sought to look bipartisan
Gave Joe the second spot.

The prospects for team John and Joe
Seemed to bode a losing end,
George Bush’s messy legacy
Too weighty to transcend.
But then Bin Laden once again
Our election badly skews,
With just a stunt before the vote
He caused the Dems to lose.

Now John McCain’s a tough old bird
That view’s not oversold,
But it is also true, alas
The guy is kind of old.
When in my dream for some reason
He could not carry on,
Then Joe, that quirky nobody
Took up the post from John.

Awake now from this nightmare
Though still awash in sweat,
I looked around and cried with joy
"This dream ain’t real yet."
And so I prayed no matter who
Ends with the victor’s cup,
This leader well perceives the need
For a world class backer up.


©2008 Michael Silverstein
Reply Tue 16 Sep, 2008 01:12 pm
Karl marx is a jew
Jesus is a Jew.
Liberman is a better Jew.
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