Palin's is the Pick

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Research some history and the reason is quite apparent. Alaska resources were the main reason we purchased the territory from Russia. Keeping it away from the English was also a factor.

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You said the reason it became a state was because of the resources. Now you say we purchased it from Russia because of the resources.

The reason we purchased it is not the same reason it became a state. It was purchased in 1867. It became a state in 1956. The resources were available for use before it became a state. Becoming a state didn't eliminate Federal lands in the state. You have provided nothing to support your earlier claim that Thomas asked you about.
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Care to debate?

It was purchased for it's resources. The same reason it became a State. There were other benefits such as keeping it away from the Brits as well as for defense purposes.

Yet, the main reason was for it's natural resources. Hence, that is why it became a State.
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The woman cringes every time she has to hug that old goat. Not surprising. He looks like her grandfather !
I've been following the Baby Lies. Get's more interesting by the day.

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nice to see you again maggy. keep up the good fight
Finn dAbuzz
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"The Baby Lies" = "The Good Fight"

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