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Sun 28 Aug, 2022 06:32 am - The formula, of my experience in the house where I live, is that any solution I find is the meaning of me being attacked; I am attacked by Denzel Washington's technology ghost, Michael... (view)
Mon 8 Aug, 2022 11:26 am - I would have the power, to turn the universal people of Mexico (not the traditional nominal 'people of Mexico') into the society, of browsing on Kapow Toys. Browsing on Kapow, so that... (view)
Wed 27 Jul, 2022 04:30 pm - If the 1980s is text, on a screen, what is the analysis of pre-1980s: of course, this includes the dinosaur age, as well as the nineteenth century. For Al Pacino's Burke (view)
Wed 27 Jul, 2022 07:21 am - The political liberal extramarital affair political conservative Lego White House set, is a non-self, to the degree that it can be rearranged using the pornography of the TH-Outer Space sex machine (view)
Mon 25 Jul, 2022 05:06 pm - Conscience, is the Llandudno index machine allowing its metaphors of sunlight database to be rendered null and void, so that the said index machine can be a socialist infrastructure that helps to... (view)
Mon 25 Jul, 2022 11:47 am - I like your philosophy, on spirituality being a technology that can be literally used; I have these ideas, to accommodate your outlook The political liberal database infrastructure, of the... (view)
Sun 24 Jul, 2022 04:22 pm - (Apologies for the repeat, but I had to attend to matters elsewhere) My religion, is that the CNN-outer space map isn't to be used; it doesn't need to be used, as the electric... (view)
Sat 23 Jul, 2022 10:22 am - I would meet Keanu Reeves, from the late 90's: Conservatism and liberalism, can dream together of the out of place. The out of place, means the jump forward magic. Between the late... (view)
Fri 22 Jul, 2022 02:06 pm - The greatest bluff, to theology accommodates the homosexual origin. In name, the greatest bluff is that relaxation can be a socialist. This doesn't mean, that socialism and relaxation... (view)
Fri 22 Jul, 2022 07:34 am - The sociology voice (my mother Mary), maintains the culture of manual labour (just now, the work of rebooting the area). Because of the accomplishment, of inversion to do with sociology voice using... (view)
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