"Let your conscience be your guide." But what is conscience?

Reply Tue 26 Jan, 2021 11:31 pm
Neologist, Conscience is self-interest, it is identifying the self which you are, with the self of another, an expanded definition of the self. Only with this identification does compassion arise, and compassion is the basis of morality, a biological extension as a system concerning the life and well-being of its given subjects/citizens. All meaning, all values are the property of a biological subject, so, the source of all systems and creations which are not found in nature are biological extensions. This identification, this compassion, this morality can be found in other biological creatures, so, it is rather a continuum, biology defines all.
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Reply Mon 25 Jul, 2022 05:06 pm
Conscience, is the Llandudno index machine allowing its metaphors of sunlight database to be rendered null and void, so that the said index machine can be a socialist infrastructure that helps to create theology's own index machine ingenuity:

namely, that whenever theology projects name-calling via the art of psychology's inability to share itself, the name-calling physics/physics of the name-calling itself spreads as a Click on the hospital device.

What can accommodate, this type of creation, by the Llandudno index machine society:

in general, the menu screen varieties (the outer space sex machine variety, the red/brown wall of Transformers variety, the Canadian scandal hotel variety etc), that live across the UK, whether it be in pubs, shops, supermarkets, conferences, houses etc, can be the helper.

In general, why should Llandudno's index machine be considered to be a relevance, of shutting down the sunlight-metaphors alliance infrastructure?

Because of the pavements, that permeate Llandudno, especially the pavement area around the church, that exists in the near-centre of the town.

Llandudno's town areas: indeed, they are spiritual. Very spiritual - spiritual, to the degree that I would want to use Llandudno's areas and pavements to help other people use left-wing politics, especially as a way to protect their minds from theology's rivalry with bureaucracy

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