Religion and Spirituality

Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2022 06:24 pm
Do you have a religion? Which one? If not, is there something you call 'spirituality' in your life? Or is there really nothing at all? I'm not asking for proselytism; keep it short.

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bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2022 06:32 pm
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Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2022 06:51 pm
Religion and spirituality mean nothing to me. Souls or whatever living beyond this life is just wishful thinking.
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The Anointed
Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2022 07:18 pm
Do you have a religion?


Which one?

I am true to my God, "WHO I AM."
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Frank Apisa
Reply Wed 27 Apr, 2022 12:48 pm
Yalow wrote:

Do you have a religion?


Which one? If not, is there something you call 'spirituality' in your life? Or is there really nothing at all? I'm not asking for proselytism; keep it short.

My position on the issue is:

I do not know if any GOD (or gods) exist or not;
I see no reason to suspect that gods cannot exist…that the existence of a GOD or gods is impossible;
I see no reason to suspect that at least one GOD must exist...that the existence of at least one GOD is needed to explain existence;
I do not see enough unambiguous evidence upon which to base a meaningful guess in either direction on whether any gods exist or not...so I don't.

(When I use the word "GOD or gods" here, I mean "The entity (or entities) responsible for the creation of what we humans call 'the physical universe'...IF SUCH AN ENTITY OR ENTITIES ACTUALLY EXIST.)
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Reply Sun 24 Jul, 2022 04:22 pm
(Apologies for the repeat, but I had to attend to matters elsewhere)

My religion, is that the CNN-outer space map isn't to be used; it doesn't need to be used, as the electric directions map of everyday sociology (domestic living, apartment living, whether the apartment is a skyscraper or not) is good enough.

The electric directions map: what is it? And what is it for, of course?

Ostensibly, the electric directions map is the alternative to the ultimate revelation about religion, which is that the management of chronology frames is a corruption of working with the other ultimate revelation, about theology and God, which is that physics terror only comes from sociology presumption.

To clarify:
The management of chronology frames, is a system in which the images that when combined make up the moving scenario, are the ideological corruption of sex aristocracy/Hollywood nationalism bias, combined with the aforementioned physics terror.

The physics terror, essentially, is the discovery that the 2D 3D reality (the Earth reality anti-cinema) was always Heaven's alternative, or better yet, prototype.

So in essence, Heaven, as a cartoon show, is working with the sex aristocracy cartoon show (this relating to heel sex, stiletto sex, etc), because of the real ultimate revelation:
origin, projection, reception
origin, projection, reception
origin, projection, reception

What is it?
It's the truth, of the theology cartoon show that surrounds me. Which is basically that theology's inherent possession, its projection to me of that possession (its character traits, performances etc) and finally, its ability by myself to see that trait/performance is the routine manipulation, by The End To End entity.

The End To End entity: who are they?

They are an individual, who is preoccupied with the left-wing politics of the Earth universe being respected, so that once respected, metamorphosis of left-wing politics can take shape.

Left-Right. Directions, and politics. And thus, back to square one.

The End To End entity, who isn't the octopus called taking the piss (but still leaves room for taking the piss to be moral), can be the generator, of the electric directions meta, so that a very curious sociology universe can take shape:

The Llandudno-Rhyl-Neve Campbell triangle, which is rooted in the colour red/orange being a magic.

The operation, of the creation of the universe, can be about the anti-gravity mechanism being safe, using the direction scheme of diagonal.

The red, of the Llandudno-Rhyl-Neve Campbell system, Campbell's inclusion being from 54 and the arcades of Rhyl being one and the same, can exterminate the Heaven cartoon show problem, in the context of the verification that all right-wing identities (The White House, the Pentagon, the United Nations etc) being cartoon friendly animals revelations can be safe, and accommodate Heaven's history of torment via wave.

For Dermot Kennedy

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Reply Thu 7 Dec, 2023 11:32 pm
no religion. but spiritual as I believe in a Creator God.
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