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Fri 2 Jul, 2021 05:49 pm - It's up to the democrats to point out to the populace that the Republicans are are trying to keep them from voting and they should make the extra effort to screw them by (view)
Fri 2 Jul, 2021 05:44 pm - Do you actually pay attention to fox News? You are indeed an Ollie clone. That's not a complement . (view)
Thu 1 Jul, 2021 03:07 pm - Once again the "justice system?" proves that with enough money one can get justice from judges who don't know the meaning of justice. The prosecutor who gave him this get out of... (view)
Mon 28 Jun, 2021 11:23 am - I liked Goldberg lots more when he came here to ask questions than the obnoxious stuffed shirt no nothing he has become. (view)
Mon 28 Jun, 2021 11:16 am - Forgive me for asking but I sent the second amendment a S C question. (view)
Mon 28 Jun, 2021 11:13 am - That would answer a bunch of questions I have about Ollie. (view)
Fri 25 Jun, 2021 01:29 pm - He is what he has always been and will always be. (view)
Fri 25 Jun, 2021 01:26 pm - lie not live. (view)
Fri 25 Jun, 2021 01:24 pm - Good post. I can't figure out why anyone would listen to the Trump living station of america. (view)
Wed 16 Jun, 2021 08:55 pm - Wasn't jack the ripper a little before AK 15? (view)
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