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Opulent Mensan Special Interest GroupDAVID:

A white Anglo-Saxon Protestant

A retired trial attorney
and constitutional lawyer

A supporter of the US Constitution,
particularly its first 1O amendments,
in its genuine, Original Intendment.

which is the heart of Americanism
(knowing that freedom consists of limits
on the power of government)

A supporter of rugged INDIVIDUALISM
and of citizens' freedom of self defense
from the violence of criminals or animals

A supporter of the logic & efficiency of
fonetic spelling

A supporter of inquiry into whether
conscious life is finite or perpetual

A supporter of the advance of science;
fascinated by Vertebrate Paleontology, Astrophysics,
Cosmology and the reconciliation of Quantum Mechanics
with Einstein 's Relativity found in Membrane Theory
in 11 dimensions
LOVE the Space Program; the Earth was Man 's cradle.
It shud not be his grave.

A collector of guns and gold coins

Founder of my local Mensa Fine Dining SIG,
the Opulent Mensan Special Interest Group,
whose goal is to have as much FUN as possible

" Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein
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