Odd/small things that reassure you you're home.

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Roberta wrote:

chai2 wrote:

It's kind of how Jane Goodall felt when the gorillas accepted her....honored.

Jane Goodall was a chimp expert. Dian Fosse was the gorilla lady.

Picky me. Yes, I am a pain in the ass.

Yes, but a lovable one. Smile

Anyway, some of them was awful big chimps.
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George wrote:

The lousy job I did fixing the brickwork on my front steps many years ago.
I keep saying I'm going to get a pro in to do it right, but I never have.

Ah, home again.
(Watch your step.)

Good one.

The imperfections.
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Going up the California Incline off of Pacific Coast Highway to get to Ocean Avenue. The incline up the cliffs was named for the street, California Avenue, that is perpendicular to Ocean, the avenue and the water. At Ocean, it's just a couple of miles south through very familiar streets to our Venice bungalow. Or was.
I consider it my home of homes, though it's now been remodeled twice by newer owners (how to ruin a hundred year old cottage).

My ex, still friend, doesn't like Venice any more, since its change to upscale Trendville in the last bunch of years. I do. It's mine.
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Stepping on to a Qantas plane, when I'm returning from overseas, and hearing someone say g'day who sounds just like me!

Mind you, a couple of years back on KLM from Italy to Amsterdam, and a few months ago on Cathay Pacific out of Hong Kong, the pilots were Australian. It seems odd to hear that accent, when all the crew you see are not Australian.

I think we export pilots.
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When I moved to Florida from NY last year, I sold most of my real estate
and came to live with friends of long-standing in their gated,
nudist, trailer park community. My guide and assistant drove me
to an RV vender in the area and I got the best trailer that was available.
I like its looks. Its comfortable. I am happier here than I was in NY.
I decided to cheer the place up.
I had my assistant (her name is Devorah) get me some ornamental wooden fences
and arbors for the perimeter of the property. She had them installed with several
generous strands of amber-colored rope lites, matching the natural color of the wood
along with a large orange road lamp by the gated arbor.

As I return to my place at nite from the restaurant, or the hot tub
or the swimming pool, going around the curve in the road, the area
is not illuminated as well as it might be, but my amber rope lites and road lamp
lead me home. I feel that I am home when I enter in thru the golden-amber lites
of my fence and arbor

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OK, I couldn't get past "nudist".
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DNA Thumbs drive
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Jane Goodall did not work with gorillas, she worked with chimps. Dianne Fossey worked with Gorillas.

Keep farming
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@DNA Thumbs drive,
If you are going to nudge someone, pick the one who said it.
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One odd/small things that reassures me I'm home is when my key fits in the lock of my front door.
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Well, yeah. . . .
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Fried catfish. Fried okra. Cathead biscuits. 1gazillion% humidity. Cashiers that call me "honey," "sugar" and/or "darlin'." Crawfish boils (not a medical condition, a food event). Fly fishing. Slow internet connection. I could go on.
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Ok, this next one is not something that reassures me that I'm home. It does however, bring back great nostalgia for where I lived the first 20 years of my life.

The character the guy is doing in this video is a composite of every single mother I knew growing up.

I sometimes look up this video just to remember my teenage years in particular.

Note: The phone cord that reaches to the moon, that suddenly is 2 feet long at the end. Plus, a portable phone is right next to the wall phone.

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@DNA Thumbs drive,
Well, you would know. Give her my regards when she next comes calling.
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Reply Tue 12 May, 2015 01:23 am
Yeah.....good post you have made on this forum, thanks for sharing here.........Smile
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