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Majored in Commercial and Fine Art with English as a Minor in college. My taste and opinions are eclectic as not having an open mind is anathema to me. You can always elicit an opinion out of me but I do not carve them in stone. Lived in Hollywood when I went to UCLA and knew a lot of the people who made movies. Walter Strom was one of my friends and a neighbor and he was the head of production at MGM at the time. I learned a lot from him and others about Hollywood history and the business of making movies.

I have specialized in lighting, commercial, residential, aeronautical and industrial for over twenty years. I have extensive experience in aircraft instrument lighting including research and development and all applications of fiber optics. I also have over thirty years experience in interior design and fine art marketing.

Currently I am in audio/video design and sales which has always been one of my interests and now turned into a profession for the last year. I still do residential and commercial lighting projects, more in the remodeling and improvement of home lighting, especially illuminating fine art.
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