Can't Eat; Won't/Don't Eat

Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 04:59 pm
There are three things I can't eat. Nothing I can do about it except to avoid them. They make me sick.

Duck/goose. Love these. I nearly died the last time I ate roast goose.

Indian food. I get sick every time I eat Indian cuisine. There is probably just one ingredient that makes me sick. But I don't know which one.

Mexican food: Same problem as with Indian food, except it doesn't happen all the time. I gave up eating this. Why take the chance?

Then we get to the vast assortment of things many people eat and love that I don't like. I was called a picky eater as a child. Guess I still am one. I don't know why this is. There's nothing I can do about it. I try things again and again hoping that I've acquired a taste. So far, I've changed on very few.

A sampling of things I don't like:

Berries (I've acquired a taste for strawberries. Otherwise I don't like the texture and/or the taste.)
Nuts (I eat a couple of kinds. But mostly I don't like these at all.)
Sausage (Can't tell you how many times I've tried sausage--many kinds of sausage. Can't find one I like if you don't count hotdogs.)
Most fruit pies

Why is it that we like some things and not others? What message is our mouth sending to our brains? Why are some people "picky eaters" and other are not?

Anybody know?
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 05:53 pm
Sometimes the like or dislike is under the conscious level. You may have a slight or even moderate allergy and they may upset your stomach.

Goose and duck are pretty fatty..and some people feel they are a little gamey-tasting.

Sausage can be very fatty, too. However, I've tried and loved ones with a natural casing and I had a good experience with them after not liking them for years.

Berries..could be that you might want to try organically raised ones as the non-organic ones are often sprayed with insecticides that may cause you some gastric upset.

Just offering some suggestions that could help be you with more inclusive choices.

Eggplant is a nightshade and often people who atre known to have 'delicate' stomachs and/or food allergies have problems with nightshades (potatoes peppers, eggplant)
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 05:56 pm
Tequila and beets. I avoid those two like the plague -- tequila because I am allergic to it and beets because of the horrible taste.

Everything else is fine.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 06:03 pm
I could live on goose/duck and sausages Cool

Yet, I do think that our taste buds are manipulated by our parents/environment, with the exception of allergies, and foreign food
we're not accustomed to.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 06:42 pm
I've never had goose, but am open to try it. Like crispy duck...
Alternately, I'm sort of fond of live geese and ducks.

On food and my discontent, one thing in common re my food distastes - I hated wiggly food as a child. Some of these distastes I've retained, but I've gotten over most of them. I still haven't had any tapioca pudding, which not only wiggled, it had eyes....

I still don't eat cooked egg white, as in fried eggs or hard boiled eggs, retch...

I still would shun a raw sea urchin.

But I will eat spaghetti, hah, and lemon pudding, and whipped cream, and aspic...

On whatever has made me sick - extra greasy chinese food will send me running to the restaurant bathroom.... to the extent that I'm pretty careful about the chinese restaurants I frequent now.

Root beer made me throw up in first grade and fourth grade, so I avoided it for decades. Had some again as an adult, no problemo, except that now I find most 'pop' too sweet.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 06:55 pm
My #1 hate is okra.

I will not even try eggplant, simply because it seems malevolent in its purple demeanor.

I can't eat crawfish, because they seem dirty.

I am not a lover of cheese, of any kind, but will eat some of it in Mexican food or in a burger.

I avoid some foods, because I try to keep the ph level on the non acid side.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 06:58 pm
I'm allergic to crustaceans.

Everything else is fair game for testing/trying/enjoying.

Well, maybe not live monkey brain. Someone once gave me a 'cookbook' that featured that. I was never even tempted to consider that one.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 06:58 pm
Didja know there is white eggplant?

And, CJ, I remember you cook goose at holiday time. I might like to try cooking a small one. Well, maybe not in July...
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 07:02 pm
I'm sure I've had some kind of brain, sometime in the past, if only just a taste, but now, the first thing I think of is....boing!!! prions.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 07:02 pm
gustavratzenhofer wrote:
-- tequila because I am allergic to it.

Oh poor, poor Gustav Ratzenhofer!
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 09:44 pm
Ragman, Thanks for all the suggestions. I love the taste of goose and duck and would eat them if I could. I have no problem with other fatty foods.

The foods I don't like don't make me sick at all. I just don't like 'em. My first encounter with berries was not with cultivated berries. We went berrypicking in the woods when I was a kid. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. No insecticides. I didn't like the taste and the texture. Not even after my grandmother did some fancy baking.

I just don't like the taste of sausage.

I've had some eggplant in a salad. I believe it was marinated. I liked it. No problem with digesting it.

Gus, You're allergic to tequila. Bummer. As for beets, my mother told me that it was the first food I demonstrated a strong and active dislike for when I was an infant. Watch out for the flying beets. I've tried them every so often. No flying beets. But not something I care to eat.

CJ, You might be right about being influenced by our parents or environment, except that I don't like things my parents loved. And I like things they wouldn't touch.

osso, The goose that nearly killed me was positively delicious. Not significantly different from duck, just bigger. Tres rich and delish. When I ate the meal in question, I hadn't had duck for years. Thought it would be ok. I was wrong. Root beer? Interesting. I'm not averse to some raw foods. But I don't like the texture of sushi. Never tried raw sea urchin. Osso were the brains you tried sweetbreads?

edgar, I'm not a fan of okra, but if I'm served it, I'll eat it without complaining or making a face. I'm willing to try anything, but if you don't wanna try, you don't wanna. Cheese is something I didn't much like growing up. Now I'm a fan. I've tried lots of different cheeses. Found a few I love.

beth, Bummer about the allergy to crustaceans. The are my favorite kind of seafood. Live monkey brain???? Are you telling me that the monkey is alive and kicking while somebody is eating its brains? Uhhhhh. Sorry I asked.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 02:41 am
BTW, I have yet to taste any alcoholic beverage that I like. They all taste awful to me. The closest I've come to liking something is a mixed drink--a pina colada. With any luck, I can't taste the rum.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 03:35 am
They call me garbage disposal. If there's is something left on the table my wife says put it in the garbage disposal.

I can eat ANYTHING.

oh! I prefer not to eat peas, my mother made me eat peas as a small child I ate them... then promptly gave them back to her.

I guess some things I prefer not to eat but would if (say) I was served them at a friends home or something.

There is so much waste of food in this world, so many starving children who would give an arm (and sometimes do) or leg for just a tiny portion of the things we throw away as unusable.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 08:22 am
Basil. I want to like it -- it's in so many good foods. But I can't.

Anise, licorice (the real stuff, not the candy). Ditto to above.

Anything with artificial sweetener in it.

Tapioca! Definitely blech. Nor rice pudding. We had many arguments about this when I was a child. I'd prefer to take the punishment than eat it. I'd sit there grumbling about being served a bowlful of maggots and flies (the raisins).

Thinking about Roberta's aversion to Indian and Mexican foods -- wondering if the problem is cumin, which is common to both.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 08:27 am
I was brought up in a home where you were expected to eat everything ... & I still can & do, mostly. But I draw the line on brains or tripe. That's just asking too much! Ugh.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 08:28 am
Halvah & black olives..................Cab't stand either of them. Problem is, I like everything else. Sad

Love chocolate, although I recently found that eating too much of it gives me a splitting headache. It is probably because of the caffeine in chocolate. The older that I get, the less that I can tolerate.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 08:31 am
Same here msolga. We were expected to eat everything.
I don't care for liver or beets. yucky yuck. Don't like lima beans alone but I'll take them in a succatash or a soup.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 08:32 am
roberta: sometimes the reaction to a food allergy (when not intense) is a mild reaction...one where we aren't really conscious of it ..but it's an irritation. This can result in an aversion but not the runs or vomiting or gas. This irritation just makes us avoid the food, while other times it might be more irritating and unpleasant. So, unconsciously we cross that food off the list of edible for us. Even more insidious is when we like the food but it doesn't like us. For example, I like most nuts (common food allergy), but they don't like me. When I eat certain types of nuts, my stomach grumbles every time....for hours.
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Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 08:38 am
eoe wrote:
Same here msolga. We were expected to eat everything.

I'm trying to imagine the parental reaction if I refused to eat my greens, or something like that, eoe. Nah, that wouldn't be tolerated for a minute!
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Joe Nation
Reply Fri 6 Jul, 2007 09:03 am
I eat everything but one thing.

I've learned to like, actually like, carrots, I hated them as a child.

We were force fed scalloped potatos during Lent
and I detested them for years until I made myself have a taste and learned to like them again too.

I have never had a dish of cole slaw that I enjoyed. I don't understand it's appeal but I can eat it.

What I cannot eat is Jello.


Not any kind or flavor or color or pouffed with whipped cream. I can't eat it.
I couldn't stand to be at the same table with it as a child and each and every time I've tried to eat some as an adult I've been repulsed and revolted.

Why? No clue.

Joe(everybody in my family thinks I'm nuts)Nation.

PS : Adding nuts to Jello---- I still won't eat it.

PPS: If I was being held prisoner until I told them your name and they threatened to force feed me jello, you should prepare for immediate pick-up.
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