Presidents and others who were members of the KKK

Lustig Andrei
Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2012 08:41 pm
I just clicked on BBB's link for the first time. It took me to a site called easysearchworld.com. No mention of KKK. What's up with that?
Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2012 10:31 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
Maybe I should start clicking them, but time is limited.
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Reply Wed 12 Dec, 2012 04:48 am
Entirely possible you are hearing a voice or voices.

The Nation of Islam and many Other Black Leaders in Christ are corrupt or have been corrupted and made False Social Leaders. Maya Angelo herself was emotional crushed and led away from a productive life, so that they could pair her with black gays and destroy African society. Because there are such toys at the disposal of men, who claim to serve the greater good. And try to lead Blacks and Muslims away from true power, until they have dirt on them enough to control them.

Leaders of the Ku Klux Klan and the Nation of Islam may both have gone through Rituals which train segregation socially and politically. I've noticed that Jewish Business men helped create the Scottish Rite Masonry, which coincidentally is not identified as Masons even if the rituals are something many masons are encouraged to go through. I know from personal contact with a 33rd degree mason, that their interests are not altruistic. The Motto was, "Don't Get Caught". A 33rd Degree mason sought for Council and he encouraged the idea with, Don't Get Caught, even though he was a supervisor being sought for right council. It would have been better if he had pointed out it was not allowed and would be severely looked down upon. What was a smiling and warm worded don't get caught supposed to mean? That's a blessing isn't it? Yet as later learned, it made the entire company look bad.

I'm not sure. But I begin to suspect that Jews are acting as go between in a grab of increasing power, leading all men of any difference to war amongst themselves, as Israel a nation invented in 1948, collects Billions every Year claiming a sympathetic ear to Christians, Blacks, and Clansmen like Harry S Truman. You benefit us and we will use our wisdom to benefit you. Never mind that were are tricking you into spending other peoples money and wielding power in a way you were not meant to. We helped you, so emotionally we will lead you into helping us.

All Famous men who tried to End Segregation, and were sacrificed as Jesus:
Malcolm X
Thomas Jefferson
Martin Luther King
Abraham Lincoln
Jim Jones
John F Kennedy

Malcolm X (Nation of Islam, had an agreement with the KKK to keep segregation)
Thomas Jefferson (Authored our Bill of Rights, A signed a Billed ending the Import ot Slavery)
Martin Luther King (Was a well meaning man, used as a magnet to draw from NOI)
Abraham Lincoln (Wife was driven insane, and Himself Killed for Winning.)
Jim Jones (Started out preaching non Segregation White & Black church, driven insane)
John F Kennedy (Forced the Integration of Blacks in White Schools Alabama)

However Israel was Given US Navy Aircraft on June 5th 1967 to Segregate Africa and Africans from Mecca; and Israel has prospered by Billion$ Yearly since. Committing endless human rights violations, and state funding religion, as they train every male citizen as soldier in the cause of a Jewish Israel. ~ Where do you think those labeled as Al-Quaida got the idea to train religiously faithful civilians to defend and protect when under attack? Oh yeah, the Billions we send Israel pays for that sort of Training, they just have cleaner uniforms and better pay thanks to the US Military Aide to a foreign country. It would have been cheaper to Buy the Sinai Peninsula, than to create a fake country to fill the absence of Britain in the Middle East.

Why do Christians mindlessly follow Jews? Our Bible is the Septuagint Canon of Alexandria, Egypt. Jesus was born in Egypt. Moses Was Born in Egypt. Islam Prospered in Egypt. What does this place falsely called Israel have to do with religiousness, other than being a place from which historic wars have been launched and targets ambushed at night?

David slew a Giant enemy with a 5 sided stone. A Pyramid is a Five sided stone. Why not have Israel do their own dirty work?

If so many in powerful circles are so set on segregation enough to Kill and Embarrass our Own Presidents & National Leaders, then why are Jewish Terrorist who bombed British Peace troops in Palestine, and Disrupt American Society with World Trade Center Insurance Scams & Conspiracies, any Different? Segregate those who segregate us from our own Canon. Septuagint Canon of Alexandria, Egypt. Aramaic Christ for Arab Peace and American Prosperity.

Neil E. Sandage
Pray I at least get to Discover a life of Sin, before they try to kill me.
Blind Man’s Bluff, may have done this game some damage.
So pray to God on my behalf, that I am protected from being tempted to do anything I feel disagrees with God.
Lord knows there had been False Slander, False Arrest, Murdered my Brother, & FBI deafness.
These Days some of us have it much harder than the 40 Days Jesus was tested Matthew ch4.
Hell he had three women with him at the end of Matthew 27:55. Two of them gave birth & one he ordered to pour him drinks.
All three tended to Jesus in the same sense, what they meant for the Virgin Tended King David to warm him on his bed.
King David just couldn't get it up (consider this my divine punishment to enemies).

Luckily we in the United States & Ireland have Viagra Cialis Levitra and Asia has Soap Women (?). I've never gone to a Strip Club. Though last Saturday I unexpectedly encountered a stripper on an aisle in a Library while reading a book on Israeli Food in the cooking section (She wondered around and said she was looking for poetry books, but took my phone number and left without selecting one book). So there is some fun yet to be had, Wonder if they have dance cards, for places Christians think are sinful? I want to love women for at least as long as Hugh Hefner, technically longer, I respect you, though I might be less open minded. ~ Personally I really just want to get married and start a family. Raise and Adopt a bunch of kids, be a little less comical or sarcastic about what other people see as serious serious stuff. God made it so that even animals can laugh and smile. There is no illusion to the eye where you see a face happy to see you or serve a sugar cube to a horse clicking its teeth. ~ We can only pray that those who serve us care. One of my Adopted Families was really good, even if the choirs really weeded on my patience. They raised and cared for us. And blessed us with life on a 1,000 acre Farm. 500 woods & cattle / 500 farm & crops ~ If they ever dressed as KKK, they seem to have loved children equally.

Women me a favor: Ring on second right means dating; ring on second left means marriage or engaged. Not too difficult is it? I'd prefer more rings stayed on when I was around, you can take them off later. A man has a reputation to preserve, I'd rather be guilty, than falsely accused as an innocent misled (who's going to believe, "Honest she was naked and then I stepped on the ring in her bra"). At least country side farm people up north figured out this much. This entire state seems to have no idea about couples trading rings or indicators of dating on the hands. Still appreciate those women who show it off, I'm less modest about looking away these days. Tough I don't touch strange birds (Oktoberfest in Daytona etc), but golly there are some lucky bastards out there. Would you believe the hottest girl I have ever met went by the last name Hogan? She's a image I wish I had looked at. ~ God cursed me with Good Character. Maybe he'll fix that when I learn to lie like everyone else.
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Reply Tue 23 Jul, 2013 11:48 am
There is no evidence - NONE - the Calvin Coolidge was a member of the KKK. Check out the Liberal Wikipedia article. I wish he were alive to sue your ass for vicious defamation.
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Phuck the KKK
Reply Sun 28 Jul, 2013 04:27 pm
You hate mongers are obsolete...Liberals ALWAYS win.!!!
Reply Sun 28 Jul, 2013 05:03 pm
@Phuck the KKK,
Ya might just want to check out some of BBB's other threads/posts before calling her a conservative hate monger.
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Lustig Andrei
Reply Sun 28 Jul, 2013 07:52 pm
@Phuck the KKK,
You are Sooooo wrong about BBB and most of the other posters on these threads that it makes me wonder about your cognitive abilities. Almost every posters who has participated on this thread is a so-called Liberal.

And, btw, how is it being a "hate monger" to out some public figures as being racist?
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Callum Jon
Reply Thu 15 Aug, 2013 10:45 am
I Calllum Jon am hoping to join the KKK so that i can contribute to group activities.
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Reply Sat 22 Jun, 2019 12:55 pm
@Merry Andrew,
Just reading your response regarding Truman, questions about the KKK, and think you may be interested in some of the historical works by Eric Foner, and any Dinesh Desouza’s thoroughly sourced and footnoted works, for starters. The Republican Party sought equal rights for all races, sexes with bills and amendments introduced starting in 1898. Democrats fought those efforts every year and tied up legislation. Republicans finally succeeded in getting women’s suffrage rights in 1918 and law in 1920, after 4 decades of Democrat obstruction. Teddy Roosevelt, Rep. President, had first African American to dinner at White House, for which Dem’s vowed it should never happen again. Dozens of blacks were sent to Congress and became judges as Republicans , while there were zero Democrats. Democrat Woodrow Wilson was a staunch segregationist, as was the Democrat Party and Segregated the previously integrated military. Democrat President Woodrow Wilson screened the racist and pro-KKK film of his Hollywood buddy at the White House, “The Birth of A Nation,” reawakening the rise of a dormant KKK. It was screened a 2nd night for the Supremem Court justices after KKK Justice White was assured it was authentic. The KKK was the “domestic terror arm”of the Democrat Party, terrorizing whites initially, as well as blacks who supported Republicans. And the majority of blacks were Republican until after “The Great Depression” and Truman/ Franklin Roosevelt’s economic policies which entrapped African Americans into dependency on government, through no fault of their own as much as deliberateDemocrat schemes to secure their votes. The mythical “switch” between party identities is proved false. The Democrats Sen. Robert Byrd(Grand Cyclops of the KKK), Sen. Al Gore, Sr, Sen. Strom Thurmond, etc., Wilson, Roosevelt- all fought to keep segregation, fillabuster Voting Rights Act, etc. It were black Republicans who founded all black colleges, not Democrats: Tuskegee Institute, Republicans Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King. It was Ronald Reagan that started the NAACP and named MLK a national holiday. It was Democrat Party KKK members who committed the genocide in Tulsa, Ok in 1921, called “Black Wall Street,” who burned to the ground, 65 city blocks of the wealthiest district of blacks in America, killing hundreds and terpentine bombing all homes, buildings, 6 private planes, bus system, school, churches and more, and kept America in the dark about it for decades because Democrats also controlled the national newspapers, media and journalist editorial boards. Reading Wikipedia or Britanuca today, is reading the propaganda and revisionist history being inculcated throughout public/private schools and academia.
Democrats enacted the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws and
Democrats fought to prevent the passage of every piece of civil rights legislation from the 1860’s to the 1960's.
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