History/Origin of Chess

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You tell me, sir. It's been ages since Craven and I played. I do remember it being on a Yahoo site, but I'm not a member of Yahoo. Tell me what I need to do.
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I'm not a member of yahoo either, but we can play at pogo.com.

I'm Miolnir51, when you registered there tell me your screen name & I'll tell you where to play
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origin of chess
A new book may explain the origin of chess in a better way:

Inspired and guided by Egbert Meissenburg, a new book has appeared discussing the origins of chess. Jean-Louis Cazaux (France), Gerhard Josten (Germany) and Myron Samsin (Canada) have compiled into one volume a series of essays presenting the "structural approach" to origins research. In addition to their own contributions, the editorial team has reprinted important and difficult to obtain papers by Hans Holländer, Yuri Averbakh, Pavle Bidev and others. No one with a serious interest in the origins and early history of chess should be unfamiliar with these currents in modern thought. The Anatomy of Chess collects them into one convenient reference. It is published as Volume 8 of the series "Tübinger Beiträge zum Thema Schach", and is available starting in May, 2003.

Jean-Louis Cazaux, Gerhard Josten, Myron Samsin

THE ANATOMY OF CHESS - Überlegungen zur Herkunft des Schachspiels

Editor : Ellinger, Dr. Hans, Tübinger Beiträge zum Thema Schach, Band 8

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