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"The Iraq war is over. Buried by the news from Libya, Barack Obama announced late on Friday that all US troops will leave Iraq by 31 December.
The final troop withdrawal marks a complete defeat for Bush's Iraq project. The neocons' grand plan to use the 2003 invasion to turn the country into a secure pro-western democracy and a garrison for US bases that could put pressure on Syria and Iran lies in tatters.

Their hopes of making Iraq a democratic model for the Middle East have been tipped on their head. The instability and bloodshed which the US unleashed in Iraq were the example that Arabs sought to avoid, not emulate.

The Iraq war is finally over. And it marks a complete neocon defeat."


cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 30 Oct, 2011 10:39 am
Most, if not.all conservatives are silent when it's about Iraq. It's funny how they remember democratic presidents before GW Bush, but can't remember what happened from 2000 to 2008.
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Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2012 12:58 pm

Shock horror. US Marines urinate on fallen Taliban.

So now we know, judging by the reaction to the video, you can shoot your enemy dead, or just partly maim him, or blow him up, or gas him, garrotte or knife or starve or burn him to death, or shoot at him with a remote-control machine gun, or poison unborn generations with radioactive shells, or poison his land with Agent Orange, or scatter clusterbombs to indiscriminately kill anyone who ventures near where your enemy once was...

but you can't piss on him.
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