Why does sunlight make me tired?

Reply Tue 28 Apr, 2009 06:45 pm
I have the same problem as everyone in here!

I'm a high schooler so I constantly find myself awake at night doing homework projects and stuff, so I KNOW my sleep schedule is off. But even before high school, going out in sunlight just took it right outta me. Like today, for example, I stepped out into the sun (I live in Florida) and I just got soo tired. It was 85 and humid. I even had trouble breathing more than everyone else. Then I got home and slept for 5 hours straight. I am in really good shape too, so it has nothing to do with being overweight. I moved from Oregon to Florida a few months ago and I even had this problem in Oregon on rare super sunny/kinda humid day. I know my dad was anemic at one point so I'm starting to worry. My parents also never take me seriously when I say something is wrong. I also just feel so much better at night. I stay up till 5 in the morning on weekends, so is this just how I am or is there something wrong?
Reply Fri 15 May, 2009 01:59 pm
I also get tired on sun and my reasoning is that blood presure drops down because heat expands those things that carry blood Smile, brain gets less oxegen and goes into stand by mode triggering emotion "of being tired" in order to motivate you to reduce your brain activity by laying down.
For instance I play tennis and if it is Sunny I can bearly move but if I play at the evening I am unstopable, I can play for hours. Smile
Reply Fri 15 May, 2009 02:22 pm
It's evolution. We are not evolved to live in these latitudes. That's why they have siestas in hot countries and only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun. Exposure to the sun is also known to cause a marked degeneration in moral rectitude.

One only need compare Italian operas to those written in the cold north to see that.
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Reply Sun 31 May, 2009 06:37 am
i have the same problem.
the sun drains me, the moon gives me energy.
i figure it's just because i'm a cancer.
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Reply Sat 11 Jul, 2009 11:34 am
If anyone finds personally makes progress on the subject, please do post!

I'm 53, male, live in New Mexico, and just want to sleep all day in this summer sun. Very odd, since when clouds come in late afternoon this time of year (mid- June through August) I get my energy back. Still hot, just no direct sunlight. Been like this since I moved here 19 years ago.

I also get infused with energy after the sun goes down, I can walk for miles or do lawn work for hours, all the while getting hot and sweaty, no worries.

If I'm inside working, it's not too noticeable. I do a lot of wiring in my job behind computer servers and sunlight is not present, I have tons of energy. Also, it is quite cool in there.

When I go back to PA for vacation, the sun does not bother me near as much as here. There is much higher UV here, but even so, it's not near as bad there as it is here.

Even working in my home office, with the shades drawn and a desklight on, I get far more done than looking out my kitchen window with the curtains open and working on a laptop.

Reading previous suggestions, I find the vampire thing quite funny- I never seen vamp's working outside under cloud cover!

I stay well hydrated but that alone is not the answer.

I lived in Germany for many years and never got this tired but there are more cloud covered days there then here, also generally, much cooler summers.

I don't have the luxury of sleeping all day and night just cause I have no energy.

Any and all answers & guesses would be greatly appreciated!

Such a thing as "Depression from Sunlight"??
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Reply Mon 10 Aug, 2009 01:49 am
Tiredness is found to be caused due to sun only..

1. If you have slept for very long (more than 12 hours) or very short (less than 2-3 hours)
2. If you drink less water and sweat under sun.
3. If your eyes suffer through a condition wherein the pupil cant be adjusted in sync with the intensity of light. Causing headaches and eye strain and thus leading to mental tiredness.
4. When its tropically humid
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Reply Sat 15 Aug, 2009 10:45 am
Hi my name is cathy, hope you get this. Just wanted to let you know that everyone in arizona has this problem, i have met countless people of all ages having this same problem. Its the UV rays, they are making you feel like a magnifing glass is burning your skin here in arizona and the higher the altitude and the closer to the equator the worse it is. Our ozone layer is getter thinner and making us sick because the rays are more potent making everything more active like pollution, ozone, smoke which by the way has gotten out of controll especially out west where all the fires are buring and so called control burns,they are even doing this burning thing in the ozarks , the govt. gave the forest people a big stimulous and now its all about money and they are burning like mad men and people are really getting sick from it, mixing smoke humidity and pollution and high UV rays then it settles at night choking you. search it out on google and you will find alot of stuff about all of this. The stronger the sun the more active the what ever is out there is going to be. I cant even drive in my car anymore when the sun is out and that makes me sick and this year has been far worse than last year. living where there is less burning and less sun is the best option if you have this problem, stay out of the sun in the summer until it goes down, that is what i do. dont feel alone there are alot of us out there, sorry you have to go through this at such a young age and i know parents can be non attentive to there children.

By the way, i cannot breathe good either in the sun, and humidtiy like that is a killer on me to, with that kind of a mix, that goes with it as well, oregon was probably a better place for you than florida.

God Bless you Smile


Reply Sat 15 Aug, 2009 05:41 pm
I presume people live there because property prices are low and you can get 50 acres and a swimming pool for the price of a broom cupboard in Manchester.
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Reply Fri 9 Oct, 2009 09:40 pm
Fluorescents are NOT the same as the sun! Fluorescents make one tired because they suck the life out of you! They flicker constantly, even when you can't tell-your eyes can. I have removed every fluorescent in my house and can't stand to be in them for very long when I'm out. I too almost always wanted to fall asleep in school-now I know why.
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Leilani blues
Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2009 02:32 pm
Driving in the car with the ac on or off during the day, sitting outside watching my kids play, in the summer during my kids nap time i like to go outside and chat on the phone but after i come inside from sun exposure, i am just wiped out, litterally feels like I took a tylenol pm or something. Last spring i started taking vit d supplements, i tried 3 different varieties, ( I was trying some natural approches to dealing with depression). Every time Took any kind or any amount even a super small dose (half a childrens chewable 200ui) I would get extreamly sleepy and have to lay down. When i first started i started around 2,000 ui and fell asleep in middle of the day for 4 hours unable to wake myself up. I eventually dropped the dosage down to 100ui and it still made me sleepy but i wasn't needing a nap. I also tried to test this and would wait 2-3 weeks and try a low dosage of a different kind or form of the vitamin d -didn't matter same result. So I was trying to figure out how to obsorb more vitamin D with out substitues. I started going to tanning beds, 1 or 2 times a week for 8 min. It's wasn't enough to develop any kind of tan but i could feel the depression lift for a about 2 days after then it would set back in. CONCLUSION: Sunlight both natual and artifical, vitamin d supplements from fish, wheat and natural, made me groggy and in moderate dosages made me pass out and coma type naps!!! Does anyone have similar symptoms, or have a clue what going on?
Also I have always "came alive at night", since i was a child my mother would always joke about how i got my second wind at night. But even so now im 25 I thrive and do my best thinking, and have tons of energy starting about 8pm ( no matter how much sleep I got the night before or what i do during the day).
Reply Fri 8 Jan, 2010 06:13 am
I'm a cook and Work in a Hot Kitchen, so I know it not the Heat that wears me out. I too have the Same symptoms you Discribe. When the Sun is out, I can't seem to get out of bed and continue to Sleep in the Day. When the Sun Sets I too Thrive in the Night.
As far as that Theory is Concerned, I was born at 10 AM, and am not a morning person, but Used to be all my life til just 5 yrs ago. Though I've been affected by the Sun all my life, it seems to affect me more now then ever before.
I could Remember when I was only 5 or 6 yrs old, all my brothers & sisters could go out and play and get very dark Sun Tan, while I remained inside in the Shadows. The Shadows became my home inside my home. But when the Sun Sets, the home of my shadows Extended far beyond my house.
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Reply Fri 8 Jan, 2010 06:18 am
I can Relate to this issue 100%. I too am in good shape. I am here trying to find others who have the same problem, right now as I write this reply it's after 4 am.
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Reply Fri 8 Jan, 2010 06:25 am
At the Time of all this, I was living in Alaska.

Many years ago when I was very young, in the early 80's, even before then, my Brothers & Sisters would go to school running. After school they would run back, eat quickly and run out the door again, I remained at home. While looking out the window and stepping out on the porch I could see how bright & hot it was outside and just wanting to join my brothers & sisters, but couldn't step out into the sun for some reason. At that time I was completely drained of energy, stepped back inside and layed down on the bed in my Moms bedroom. Later in the evening my family would return and I was always happy to see them. After eating dinner together I was ready for the night since the sun was begining to set.

Through the many years of playing in the sun, my brothers & sisters would get a very dark sun tan, but I never got as dark as them but I didn't since I stayed inside. My Brother was always the darkest, while I remained the lightest.

I can also remember many bright sunny days in my childhood, and only a few days in which I was able to play in the sun.

Through much of my early years I was alway sick, and even got held back a grade during Elementry school. Much of my family never understood why I was alway sick, even I didn't know why.

While the shadows became my home inside my home, I grew acostumed to living in the dark.

In the evening when the sun set behind those beautiful mountains, my spirits were lifted while the home of my shadows had extended far beyond my house.
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Reply Tue 2 Mar, 2010 05:22 am
Vitamin D, although necessary, impedes the immune system, so that if it has a lot to deal with already, then the added Vit D causes a immune exhaustion. This is my recent understanding anyhoo!
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Reply Sun 7 Mar, 2010 03:06 pm
You should probably read up on the rare genetic condition Porphyria, of which there are four or five types - several are sensitive to sunlight, some cannot tolerate it at all. Good luck.
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Reply Wed 10 Mar, 2010 01:00 pm
I'm pretty sure that you being tired has little to do with sunlight. It could be many factors but I doubt it's sunlight.
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Reply Tue 23 Mar, 2010 12:53 pm
I came across this blog, looking for the same answer. I get very sleepy when it is sunny outside. I also do not drink often, work out daily, eat very heathly and go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 7 am. If is was cloudy today, I would not be tired. WEIRD
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Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 03:59 pm
@Leilani blues,

I'm a person in my mid 40's and like you, I "come alive" at around 7 pm. After all these sleepless years of trying to live a "normal" life (and only getting an average of 4 hours of sleep a night since the age of 9), I still haven't figured out what the deal is with sunlight and fatigue. Now, I just work a night shift and sleep during the day. Seems to work the best and I actually get 8 hours of sleep. Would love to know why the sun makes us all sleepy. In fact--not only does the sunlight (even artificial) make me sleepy, it also makes me nauseous. I've read that there is a disorder that makes it difficult for the body to use vitamin D and the symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I'm talking to my Dr. this week. I'll post another reply and let you know what she says.
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 04:55 pm
I think sunlight makes us sleepy because it is comforting and sleep is the natural outcome of being comfortable. Difficulty with sleeping is caused by discomfort.

In that great masterpiece of literature, Tristram Shandy, the abbess of Quedlingberg, accompanied by her prioress, her deaness, her sub-chantress and senior canoness, who had journeyed from their cloisters to the university to consult the experts there upon a case of conscience relating to their placket holes, were up all night, tumbling and tossing, and tossing and tumbling, from vespers to matins, because the dimensions of the courteous stranger's nose had "got perched upon the top of the pineal gland" of their brains. This scene is laid in Strasburg where decent sunshine is not all that common.

The same effect can be acheived by under and over electric blankets. I don't think it is anything to worry about. I would be worried if sunshine and warmth made me jumpy and ready for action.

Maybe the problem is due to taking the Protestant work ethic too seriously.
Cindy Murray
Reply Mon 31 May, 2010 06:14 am
My name is Cindy. I moved to Florida 7 years ago when this same problem started for me. My arthritis and fibromylgia pain has really gotten better but the fatigue is out of control in the summer. So one thing that is a given, being closer to the sun does make it worse. I also have severe sleep apnea, use the CPAP machine and I am getting enough good sleep that this is not the cause of the problem. I have been so frustrated trying to figure this out. I am having blood pressure problems so my doctor wants me to start monitoring my blood pressure. Well I thought if I have to start monitoring my blood pressure I may as well start monitoing everything like what I eat, time I wake up and go to bed or even if I get out of bed all day, activity and symptoms. It has only been one week of monitoring this and I know it is the sun or maybe the humidity. Anytime I had any kind of activity in the sun and broke a sweat I have had terrible reactions such as all I can do is sleep. The longer I allowed myself to stay outside sweating the longer the consequences were too. It is not the daylight for me. I am a morning person, generally. Very frustrating to me to end up sleeping all day, I will continue the sleep all night also. When I first moved down here everyone thought I was just a stick in the mud. I wouldn't attend B.B.Q's, pool parties, etc. because I knew I couldn't or I would be very sick from it. Thank GOD my husband has witnessed this and knows to be a fact!! Have you ever noticed you will never get any sympathy from people, they just act as if it is all in your mind. I have gotten very good at telling myself "GOD forgive them for they know not what they do" lol

Anyway, I go back to my doctor in another week. I am giving my all to find out more about this. Wouldn't it be great to find out there is a way to offset this!!!! Also, checking into immune system disorder. Got to find the cause (besides the heat) before we can go on and find a way to offset this. I will be in touch.
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