I'm jealous of my friend (not yet my girlfriend) for her ex-girlfriend, need your advice

Reply Sun 12 May, 2024 01:54 pm
so that you understand the whole situation: I have a friend, let's call her Nana. Nana and I have an over-friendship-under-relationship, but recently we had a successful conversation where I realized that everything was serious. but my Nana has an ex-girlfriend with whom she remains in very close contact. Nana's ex-girlfriend just hates me, and even though Nana doesn't tell her much about me, it's enough to make me feel insulted from head to toe. in turn, I’m also not very pleased to listen to Nana’s stories about her ex, even the most harmless ones. I think that Nana and I will start dating soon, but I am very jealous of her for her ex. I don't even know how to tell her about this. “Well, listen, you and I are not in a relationship, but I really don’t like that you sometimes mention your ex in our conversation.” I understand that I have nothing to worry about, because Nana pays a lot of attention to me. but somewhere deep down in my soul I want to cry from helplessness. what should I do?
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How do you even know the ex hates you?

But even if you've got a sworn, signed affidavit that the ex hates you, so what?

I repeat: so what?

They're an ex. That's for a reason. You will need to let this go because if there's one thing you shouldn't do in relationships of any sort, it's trying to dictate to others who they can and cannot be friends with.

So! Next time Nana mentions the ex, change the subject.

She does it again? Change the subject again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2024 01:40 am
You need to focus on your relationships and be attentive to what you need to do to succeed. Faith is successive, in engagement.
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